So you’d like to stan ASTRO

A Little List of Performances for Baby AROHA!!


  1. [COVER] View - SHINee
  2. [COVER]  Dope - BTS
  3. [COVER] The Chaser - Infinite
  4. [COVER] Just A Feeling - SES
  5. [COVER] Boy In Luv - BTS & Good Boy - Taeyang and GD
  6. [COVER] Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang
  7. [VCR] Puss in Boots (Cat’s Eye)
  8. [MUSIC VIDEO] Puss in Boots (Cat’s Eye)

1ST MINI ALBUM - SPRING UP (February 23, 2016)

  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Hide&Seek
  2. [PERFORMANCE] OK! Ready
  3. [PERFORMANCE]  Hide&Seek
  4. [DANCE PRACTICE] Hide&Seek
  5. [PERFORMANCE] Morning Call
  6. [PERFORMANCE] Innocent Love
  7. [PERFORMANCE] Puss in Boots
  8. [COVER] Cherry Blossom Ending
  9. [COVER] Baloons - TVXQ
  10. [COVER] Couple - Sechskies


  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Breathless
  2. [DANCE PRACTICE] Breathless
  3. [PERFORMANCE] Fireworks
  4. [PERFORMANCE] Breathless
  5. [COVER] Goodbye Yesterday - Turbo
  6. [COVER] Hatenai Sora - Arashi (Japanese)
  7. [COVER] Kesempurnaan Cinta - Rizky Febian (Indonesian)

3RD MINI ALBUM - AUTUMN STORY (November 10, 2016)

  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Confession
  2. [PERFORMANCE] Confession
  3. [COVER] Replay - Shinee
  4. [COVER] Don’t Look Back (Immortal Songs 2 Performance)
  5. [PERFORMANCE] ISAC Aerobic Gymnastics Gold Medal Routine 
  6. [VARIETY] Girl Group Medley 
  7. [PERFORMANCE] Polaris
  8. [DANCE PRACTICE] Unofficial - Confession 
  9. [COVER] The Night the Stars Filled the Sky - Pramote Wilepana (Thai)

SPECIAL ALBUM - WINTER DREAM (February 22, 2017)

  2. [PERFORMANCE] Again
  3. [PERFORMANCE] You & Me (Thanks AROHA)
  4. [COVER] Love Confession - Jay Chou (Mandarin)
  5. [COVER] Para Bailar La Bamba - (Spanish)
MASTERLIST (PART 1/2) [back-up]


I figured out Tumblr was being a problem when I was trying to make this post the first time ‘cause our masterlist is too damn long, so I split it up. WARNING: THESE POSTS ARE REALLY LONG

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Rap Monster

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Completed Scenarios: 
Dinner w/ Your Friend 
Threesome w/ Namjoon (smut) 
Dry Series; Jin (smut) 
Synesthesia (smut) 
Dominant Jin (smut) 
An Unexpected Visit (smut) 
The Past 
Doctor AU w/ Jimin 
It’s The Thought That Counts w/ V 
Worth It 
Ideal Boy AU 
The Disaster w/ Jimin 
Our Piece of 24/7
I Didn’t Plan This w/ Jungkook (smut)
Teacher’s Pride
Bangtan’s Eighth Member
How We Met
Toes In The Sand w/ Jungkook

Post Argument (smut) 
Dry Series; Suga (smut) 
Mr. Jelly Belly 
Body Switch 
Threesome w/ Tae (smut) 
Jealousy w/ Jimin 
Shower (smut) 
Ideal Type AU 
Shopping for Baby Clothes 
Colors: Part One | Part Two 
Yoongi’s Tongue (smut) 
Work Song 
A Night Off (smut) 
All To Ourselves 
I Hate Your Job (w/ J-Hope) (smut) 
Don’t Think (smut) 
Black Hair (smut) 
yoongi drabbles: 1.0: a gaze2.0: a touch3.0: a class4.0: a word5.0: a visit6.0: a kiss7.0: a night8.0: a wound9.0 a life10.0: a tear 
Just Do (smut) 
What Did You Call Me? (smut) 
The Void 
Nothing Is Forever w/ Jimin 
The Evillest Hyung 
The First: Part 1, Part 2 (smut) 
Seven Minutes (smut) 
Sure You Can 
Ideal Boy AU 
First Kiss 
Maybe w/ Jungkook 
Silent Treatment 
Welcome Home 
You Do 
Red Stained 
Did You Think This Through? w/ Jimin 
Deus Ex Machina w/ Jimin 
(1) Diphylleia Grayi 
Your Eyes (smut) 
Fairy! Yoonmin AU
4 Gold Coins For Your Trust w/ Jimin
The Storm
Worst Case Scenario w/ J-Hope
Truth or Dare w/ Rapmon & J-hope (smut)
Together in the Rain
Freak at Night
water, fire, earth, air
Because I Love Her
Drifting Hands
Under The Stars
Werewolves Aren’t Real: Part 1 | Part 2
Sweet Love (smut)
Don’t Tell Them
Hide & Seek
War Zone (smut)
Forever w/ Rapmon (For Now; Part 2)
In The Morning (smut)
perfect blue | perfect blue; zero

Requited Crush 
Can I have this dance? 
The Meaning of Love 
The Artist (smut) 
Birthday @ N Seoul Tower 
remember me 
Dry Series; Hoseok (smut) 
This Isn’t The End 
I Hate Your Job (w/ Suga) (smut) 
A Secret (smut) 
Well This is Embarrassing 
It Has to be Perfect 
No Shame 
It Was an Accident! w/ V 
The First Snow
Worst Case Scenario w/ Suga
Truth or Dare w/ Rapmon & Suga (smut)
Thirty Six Degrees
In The Studio (smut)
Bulwark w/ Namjoon
You And Your Two Left Feet
The Way They Do
A Lover’s Warmth
Watch Us w/ V (smut)
City Stars
“Where’s My Boyfriend?” w/ Suga
Celestial Being AU

Threesome w/ Jin  (smut) 
Santa Baby 
The Difference Between Heat and Warmth 
Hip-Hop Lover 
and we long to be free one day 
Dry Series; Namjoon (smut) 
Only Friends 
An Experiment 
Until It’s Gone 
Painted Memories 
the days of you and I 
7 Days
0.1 Friends
Truth or Dare w/ Suga & J-Hope (smut)
Cherry Wine
彼岸花 [bǐ àn huā]
Secret Love
For Now w/ Suga 
The Hypocrite 

tiny-klancer  asked:

Headcanons of lance with his family?

Alright talking about the McClain Clan! (God I want canon last names already. It would make tagging…sooooo much easier.) 

Lance is cannonly the youngest in his family! So keeping that in mind!

  • A lot of Lance’s obnoxious behaviour/need to prove himself stems from the fact that he is the youngest. He feels like he has to be just as good… no… better than his older siblings to stand out. He just doesn’t want to let his family down.
  • Lance is a little bit spoilt. Whenever he comes home with a scratch or bruise his mother always holds him close and squeezes his cheeks, murmuring in Spanish “My baby, who has hurt my tiny baby?”
  • His grandmother is constantly trying to feed him.
  • He finally feels like an asset to his family when he becomes babysitter extraordinaire to his nieces and nephews. He is by far their favourite, and they all request him. When he is busy and they have to be babysat by one of his older siblings, they get very sad and mopey.
  • His oldest brother gave him the name “Lancey Lance”
  • His oldest brother is a carpenter and his oldest sister is a nurse. His second oldest brother is studying to be an electrician. Lance is the first member of the family to get into the Galaxy Garrison and everyone is immensely proud.
  • Any of his hand-to-hand combat abilities he learnt from wrestling with his older siblings. Lance is the weakest of his siblings, but he’s very slippery.
  • His dad is the one that taught him how to knit. He sends Lance care packages with oreos, mittens and socks frequently. 
  • They like to go on road trips. Because Lance was the youngest, he always had the middle back seat. Even when he got such taller than his sister, so it would make sense for her to go in the middle, she would explain that Lance has no ass so he should stay in the middle, as it would not accomodate her curvy figure.
  • “My legs are longer!” “My ass demands a seat, Lance!”
  • Beach days are sacred. 
  • Someone called his sister fat and he tried to fight them. They were 16… Lance was 8.
  • Lance actually loves his Garrison uniform because it’s the first piece of clothing that has been 100% his. He envies his sister. The boys all shared clothes. 
  • Lance is surprisingly close to his oldest brother, who basically took on a Dad 2.0 role.
  • His dad tried to give him the sex talk, but it just left Lance really confused and scared. His brothers got the job of clarifying everything.
  • “Don’t stick your dick anywhere unless it’s wrapped up.” “oh….okay…” “And always ask permission before sticking it anywhere.” “Okaaaaaaaaay.” “Don’t get anyone pregnant. Ma would cry, then kill you, then cry again.”
  • His sister beats him up the most.
  • She heard him tell a sexist joke when he was 13 and she kicked the shit out of him. She lectured him for a full 2 hours, and gave him a quiz on respecting women before he was allowed to go. His mother found out about it and approved.
  • All the siblings watch the Fast and the Furious movies like they are Citizen Cane.
  • The middle brother tried to convince Lance he was adopted for 5 years. It was never successful because, even at a young age, he knew he looked too much like his siblings to POSSIBLY be adopted.
  • Lance and his second oldest brother are almost identical. They look like their grandfather (on their mother’s side). 
  • Dinners are a contact sport. 

My majestic baby, Enano (Spanish for Midget/Dwarf)

My boyfriend’s dad found him on a construction site and could not keep him, so he’s ours now ^.^ He has almost all his shots and once he does, we plan to train him to go on walks and love the outdoors. He also knows how to use the doggy door and goes out onto the enclosed back porch all the time! He doesn’t hate his harness, just the process of putting it on and taking off, haha.

(submitted by @happymunchqueen)


Misha is praticing his spanish. HIS SPANISH. OUR BABY HAS GROWN UP 😭😭

Cassian Andor with Hutt Youngling

AU where Cassian Andor accidentally rescues and adopts a Huttlet named Babosa (”slug” in Spanish), but nicknames it Babi (”baby” in Spanish).

Background pattern is by gingerhaole!

Based of course on the meme-worthy nonsense of Diego Luna expressing enthusiasm over Jabba the Hutt, truly we are blessed as Star Wars fans.

{ five's company // ch. 6 }

a/n: idk how long this story is gonna be now that i think abt it lol

i know i updated like 3x now. being sick means being in bed all day and i wrote a ton! this is one of the requests i have officially fulfilled. if you have any requests to see in this fic, my inbox is always open!

spanish used (whoa!!!)

¿qué tal? - what’s up?

- yes

princesa - princess 


Lafayette left the hospital tired and shaken up. He said goodbye to everyone on his floor, and as soon as he reached the elevators, he sighed. Thankfully, he was alone in the elevator. No one would have to see him like this.

He headed to the parking lot with his messenger bag on his shoulder and searched for the car.

It took slightly longer than expected, only because Lafayette had totally blanked on where he had parked, but he hit the clicker a few times and followed the sound. This wasn’t like him.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do some headcanons about Soldier, Reaper, Lena and Sombra walking in on their s/o singing a lullaby to their newborn child? Thanks in advance 👍

thank you for the request anon! :) enjoy! -KC


•Hears you humming from a room away and decides to investigate.
•When he sees you rocking and singing a soft lullaby to the baby, he melts.
•Watches you fondly for a while, just enjoying the sight in front of him.
•When you get the baby to sleep and start to get up, he walks over and helps you put her to bed.


•Walks in to put some blankets in the newborns room when he sees you singing a Spanish lullaby to your baby.
•Immediately freezes, and tries not to make a sound.
•You eventually saw him and smiled before going back to singing.
•He slowly crept behind you and played with your hair while singing the lullaby as well.


•Comes home from the grocery store when she hears a faint noise coming from upstairs.
•When she opens the door, she smiles at what she sees.
•Instantly joins you in singing the baby to sleep.
•Afterwards, she’d hug you and tell you what an amazing mom you are.


•Heard you on the baby monitor from downstairs.
•She listens to your beautiful voice for a minute before going to hear it in person.
•Secretly records it so she can listen to it again later.
•Helps you put the baby in the crib after you get her to sleep.
•She then tells you how great of a mom and singer you are, and kisses you.

tagetess  asked:

Hey, I was wondering how spanish baby-talk works? like the babble that you say to your cat? Me gusta llamar mi gato un frijol y él es forma de un huevo.

It’s mostly the same as English except there’s more use of diminutives so instead of frijol you might say frijolito “little bean” so things like gatito/a “kitten” or “kitty” instead of gato or things like that.

It’s harder to say how you’d do it without more words/examples but baby talk sounds the same in Spanish, so you might have better luck on youtube looking for people baby-talking.

Otherwise maybe the native speakers can help?

Mexican7 as your Boyfriend

Hey guys! The first part of Mexican 7 was a huge success and we are SOOO proud . With that I decided to do this as a add on. I hope you guys enjoy it! Please remember requests are open and we would love feedback.  - Admin Sam

If you would like to see the original Mexican7 posts here they are:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Warning: Once again, this isn’t meant to offend anyone. It’s just for fun. Please do not read if you think this might trigger you.


Mark: ~Marco~

-Papi Af

-Lip bites

-Always making out in the back at parties

-Even in class you’re on his lap

-Teachers are used to it. They don’t even try anymore.

-Doesn’t give a shit if family is present. You’re all over each other.

-“Te miras sexy, mami.”

-“Como está mi princesa?”

Originally posted by markjestic

Jaebum: ~Julio~

-“Mi chula”

-Sings Luis Coronel songs to you

-dirty talks in Spanish

-Always has the littest parties

-respectful around his family

-“No más es tú y yo. Ninguno lo puedo cambiar.”

-loves going out for elotes

Originally posted by defsouljb

Jackson: ~Juan~

-always en el Gym

-“Ni me la me la mires, wey. Es mía, baboso”

-Ya’ll get nasty when dancing at parties

-Pittbull is what you guys grind the most to

-Your name in his contacts is “Mi Vida ️”

-Always flexing

-Blushed the first time you called him “Papi”.

Originally posted by markjin

Bambam: ~Romeo~

-First kiss was at your quinceañera

-he leaned in, moved your hair to the side, and said, “Bésame, Mi Reina.”

-His Tia ruined it though

-He laughed and went home

-Boi didn’t want to get hit by la chancla

-“Mi Reina, vamos a él baile.”

-his lips always taste like tamarindo

-asks you to prom by rapping along to mariachis  

Originally posted by markjin

Yugyeom: ~Ricky~

-“vamos a mi casa, chiquita?”

-his mom loves you

-blushes when you sit on his lap

-gets teased for it.

-LOVES dancing to bachata with you

-he leads you

-“All in your hips, Chiquita.”

Originally posted by yugyeomism

Jinyoung: ~Frankie~

-“Como amaneció, Mi Princesa?”

-H A T E S when you call him “Pancho”

-“No muñeca. Mi nombre es Frankie.”

-Thinks it’s funny when you get angry

-“No se enoje, Mi muñeca.” *laughs*

-his mom plans you a big ass Mexican wedding

Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae: ~Jaime~

-whitewashed boyfriend

-but let’s you call him Jaime instead of “James”

-lowkey likes it when you call him “Bebe”

-hates his Spanish

-“No please don’t make me sing that, Baby. My Spanish is gross.”

-sings it after you beg

-sounded beautiful

Originally posted by mjbm