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Why you should watch ‘The Long Long Holiday’ as a way to improve your second language:
  • It’s available on Netflix in Spanish, French, German and English (and probably more languages depending on the region)
  • It’s a kids’ show so it’s easy to follow but at the same time the story revolves around WWII which makes it engaging to adults/teenagers too
  • The animation is beautiful
  • I’ve cried four times already (and I’m only on episode 3)
All foreign policy decisions by the United States come down to one word, all choices boiled down to one word, and it is intervention. Where are we going to intervene in the world? How, with what tools? How long will we stay? How do we make the decisions about where, how and why to do it? Trump is going to face these very same questions, and he’s facing them maybe in different areas of the world than his predecessors, but the issues remain the same.
—  Stephen Kinzer, speaking to Terry Gross about the history of U.S. intervention
Books and Reading in Spanish and French

Heyy :) So it’s been ages since I did a vocab list, and I’m so sorry :( Here are some book term to make up for my absence!

Book – El libro – Le livre

Story – La historia – L’histoire (f.)

Literature – La literatura – La littérature

To read – Leer – Lire

To learn – Aprender – Apprendre

To write – Escribir – Écrire

To publish – Publicar – Publier

Fiction – La ficción – La fiction

Historical fiction – La ficción historica – La fiction historique

Romance – El romance – L’amour

Science fiction – La ciencia ficción – La science-fiction

Adventure – La aventura – L’aventure (f.)

Fantasy – La fantasía – La fantaisie

Comic – El comic – La bande dessinée

Magazine – La revista – Un magazine

Newspaper – El periódico – Le journal

Biography – La bibliografía – La bibliographie

Article – El articulo – L’article (m.)

Imagination – La imaginación – L’imagination (f.)

Encyclopedia – La enciclopedia – L’encyclopédie (f.)

Colouring book – El libro para colorear – Le libre de coloriage

Novel – La novela – Le roman

Author – El/ la autor/a – L’auteur/e

Publisher – El/ la editor/a – L’éditeur/e

word of the day #3

▪English - forgiveness

▪Portuguese - perdão
▪Swedish - förlåtelse
▪Welsh - maddeuant
▪Icelandic - fyrirgefning
▪Faroese - fyrigeving
▪Afrikaas - vergifnis
▪Dutch - vergiffenis
▪Bulgarian - прошка {proshka}
▪Frisian - ferjouwing
▪Galician - perdón
▪German - vergebung
▪Hawaiian - kala
▪Irish - maithiúnas
▪Greek - συγχώρεση {synchóresi}
▪Italian - perdono
▪Latvian - piedošana
▪Luxembourgish - verzeiung
▪Maltese - maħfra
▪Romanian - iertare
▪Russian - прощение {proshcheniye}
▪Spanish - perdón
▪Swahili - msamaha
▪Xhosa - uxolelo
▪Yoruba - idariji
▪Zulu - ukuthethelelwa, intethelelo, isiyekelo
▪Catalan - perdó
▪Polish - przebaczenie

ID #50692

Name: Caleb
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hi! I’m an artist and writer from the Midwest. I’m interested in visual art, filmmaking, writing fiction and poetry, and making music! I love the outdoors and experiencing the world through travel and adventure. About me personally, I’m queer, and that’s a huge part of my identity. I love the gray areas of gender and sexuality where human nature can thrive. I speak English and a little bit of Spanish, and I would be open to conversing with someone totally in Spanish!

Preferences: My preference is that I write to someone 15-30. I’m looking for someone queer-friendly and open to discussing that kind of thing! I would love to talk to a free-thinker and spirit, who appreciates creativity and spirituality. No racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic people, and not to stereotype, but anyone who considers themself to be conservative.

Things I wish they’d teach you in foreign language classes, especially first year ones:

Car words. How to ask “where’s the nearest gas station,” how to say “my car broke down,” how to say “can you help me jump start my car,” how to ask “do you have jumper cables?” (luckily my car hasn’t broken down yet, but I’ve used Spanish in helping people with stalled cars way more than I have in discussing clothing or history or whatever other useless topics they teach us)

More on how to shop, and not just for clothes (which was the entire ‘shopping’ section in Spanish I), and reinforce it later. What are the words for food? Not just the most common fast foods, but everything you’d likely be getting at the grocery store? 

Words to discuss pets, not just the species name. Really common conversation topic, here, and “can I pet your dog” is surprisingly hard to communicate with charades.

Exercises using actual published media (especially in later years), not the fake constructed sentences.

Like. Just things based on what people actually talk about



Spanish Midterm notes. We haven't covered a lot but the grammar points are killing me! And those weird random words in the chapter too. I remember none of imperfect vs preterite :(

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Ok you HAVE to listen to somos sur by Ana tijoux and yo aprendí by Danae Suarez (I think that's her name but I might be wrong) they're amazing female rappers that rap in Spanish and those are great songs

somos sur

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

yo aprendi

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library