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Introduction Post

Hello everyone! I don’t know much about having a studyblr but I have seen a lot of studying posts around Tumblr and I’ve checked out a lot of blogs and I think I’d love to make my own as it will likely motivate me to actually do some revision and hopefully do great at the end of the academic year with help from other blog and my own hard work. 

I’ll get started by introducing myself. I’m Kayleigh, I’m 15 and I am currently living in South England and like most other teens my age, I’m trying to tackle GCSE’s. Unlike most other secondary schools in England who start GCSE’s in year 10, my school starts in year 9 and I have regretted taking a lot of my subjects which is why I’m needing more help with getting through it. Here’s the subjects I’m taking:

English Maths Double Science History Spanish Textiles Drama

I’ll probably be doing 100 days of productivity starting from next week and just reblogging resources and ranting about school so follow if you like what you see i guess but this is kind of just a little cute self improvement project so this blog may be a mess and this post is likely a bad introduction because i rushed it. Anyway, hi everybody!! 😁