spanish royal jewels


La Corona del Virgen de los Reyes and La Corona del Niño Jesús inside the Cathedral in Seville, Spain.

They were made in 1904, on the occasion of the canonical coronation of the Virgen de los Reyes. The Virgen de los Reyes crown has 11,960 precious stones and it’s made of 22 carat gold and the world’s largest pearl as the body of the torso of the angel in front  


Favorite Tiaras Spam

The Mellerio Shell: A wedding gift to Isabella, Princess of Asturias from her mother, Isabella II in 1868. Worn by her Queen Victoria Eugenia and her daughter-in-law The Countess of Barcelona. Sofia received it as a wedding gift. The tiara has also been worn by Infanta Cristina and the now Queen Letizia. The tiara was made by Mellerio.


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Spanish Royal Jewels - The Fleur de Lys Tiara

Made in 1906 by Ansorena with over 500 diamonds and platinum, it features the Fleur de Lys, the heraldic emblem of the House of Bourbon. The tiara was a wedding gift  from King Alfonso XIII of Spain to his bride Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg (later knows as Queen Ena) The tiara worn only by the Queen of Spain (at present Queen Sofia).