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My favorite memory of high school was in Spanish class when a few boys started clapping for no reason, and eventually the whole class started doing it. The teacher was so annoyed that she started writing names on the board of people “to keep after class” so every time she turned around to see who was clapping everyone would stop. She’d turn around again to write a name and they would clap again. This went on for the entire class period, and that’s the time we wasted a whole class period clapping

Literature Versus Traffic. A site intervention of 800 illuminated books was installed under the Brooklyn bridge in water street, New York. Armed with the intention that literature should seize the streets and overtake public spaces, spanish designers [luzinterruptus] randomly placed these literary objects in such a way so that people were able to walk among them easily, stop to look at them and even read them. © gustavo sanabria

I have an idea.

Instead of the gross “Lance saying explicit things to Keith in public in Spanish” thing we got going on in this fandom, may I suggest:

Lance teaching Keith Spanish.

Lance and Keith bonding over this.

Keith staying up late to learn the language so he can surprise Lance with saying long sentences in Spanish the next morning.

The two being ‘study buddies’ and Lance helping him work through the challenge of learning a new language.

Lance being excited when Keith starts catching on and can understand and respond to him when he talks in Spanish.

Keith confessing to Lance in Spanish!!! Lance crying because it’s so cute and sweet and they were able to bond over learning about Spanish & culture.


At the same time, Keith teaching Lance Korean (or another Asian language, if you don’t headcanon him to be Korean).

Lance having so much trouble with learning the new characters.

Keith holding!!! Lance’s hand!!! And helping him write the characters!!!

Lance giving up. That is, until Keith ONLY speaks Korean in front of him, forcing him to start learning again just so that he could understand.

When Lance tells Keith he wants to start learning again, Keith’s face lighting up.

Laughing at the person who is learning when they say something stupid/funny on accident, but correcting them so they could learn.

I just…. Please… there are so many better ways to do this, guys.

Best teacher ever

hell yeah my Spanish teacher is ranting about how terrible my school is and omg she just said that our principal sent out a note that was talking about not letting students leave for any reason because it’s telling them the class is unimportant and this is the best thing I’ve ever heard okay MY TEACHER SAID “WELL IF YOU HAVE TO PEE AND I DON’T LET YOU GO THEN THAT’S TELLING YOU THAT YOU’RE UNIMPORTANT!” and that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard and then she was also mad bc the note was talking about working from bell to bell and staying on task and then the next line was about how we have a magic show next week

At the end of a long uneducated rant from curvesincolor I saw this point here. Now I’m going to educate her ass and make her listen to us for once.

After the destruction of the second temple in biblical Israel, the Jews were kicked out of their own country. This became known as the Jewish diaspora because we went anywhere and everywhere that could take us. Many Jews settled in the Middle East or Africa (although they were the minority) and many ended up at some point or another, in Europe. THEN we began our long history of being systematically oppressed and exiled from every country we ever tried to settle in. England, Spain, Russia, Poland, Germany, you name a country and at some point or another they tried to kill us out.
But at the end of the day, these countries were the only ones that would take us, however terribly they did it. So we adjusted, left behind our middle eastern roots and our heritage there, and over the centuries we became the white European Jews that you hate so much.
Isn’t that fun?

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Lionel Messi contract extension: FC Barcelona star's renewal already done?

If Catalan daily Sport are to be believed, Lionel Messi’s current contract with FC Barcelona could well be exceeding beyond the summer of 2018. It’s because, apparently, the Argentine football legend has already signed an extension with the La Liga side, former Barca star Hristo Stoichkov has claimed.

Miss Bumbum Suzy Cortez going topless now for Messi’s contract extension?

“Messi renewed six months ago,” Stoichkov, 51, who won five Spanish league titles with the club between 1990 and 1998, has told the Spanish publication on Tuesday.

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If that is the case, fresh questions arise as to why the club has not officially confirmed Messi’s contract extension or even termed Stoichkov’s statement on Messi as false.

Is it also another ploy by FC Barcelona to dampen the hopes of Messi’s suitors – which include Manchester City – in the most embarrassing manner? Questions we need to find an answer to.

According to Transfermarkt, the most genuine place on the internet to find details on the contracts of footballers, Lionel Messi, whose has been a part of the FC Barcelona senior team since July 1, 2014, last signed a contract extension on May 17, 2014.

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And as mentioned, his present contract with the club expires on June 30, 2018.

Interestingly, FC Barcelona, late on Tuesday, published excerpts from Stoichkov’s media interaction on their website, but has mentioned nothing about the former player’s comments regarding Lionel Messi’s contract.

A rare photo of Messi’s first professional contract with Barca:


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The presumption of Innocence is respected for De Gea by the media, the public, the spanish federaton of football, the spanish team, the politicians, everyone, but it wasn’t for Benzema- De Gea can play the Euros and he is even starting, but Benz was slaughtered by the media/poltics/FFF what a difference of treatment. 

sophisticatedlychee  asked:

NO PLEASE can the Spanish public do something to revoke the jury's decision? I really hoped Mirela could be the representant :'(

I think they can’t. But my point is that people spent money to vote for Mirela (who won the televote) and just 2 people decided that the winner was Manel. I can’t believe this. 😂  I mean, what’s the point of having a televoting if they have no voice? 😂

Spanish Procession. The original purpose of the capirotes was to allow people to take part in Holy Week processions without coating themselves in glory for having been given the privilege. The Capirote not only hides the face and other defining physical features but also masks the true height of the person. With devotions such as Public Flagellation the zeal of the Spanish had become dangerous and began to border on something of a Self-Mutilation Olympics. To combat this the Church began to introduce austere and modest changes to Spanish public devotion. Thus, the capirote became an iconic symbol of Spanish Faith, and damn the WASPs who have stolen it for their tribalistic hate-group. I intend to crucify them to their burning crosses, tied against them with their own nooses.