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Penning Ideas and Sketches in One Commonplace Book with @ellbrt

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Sure, all a writer needs is a pen and some paper, but Ellina T. (@ellbrt), a student living in France, finds far more joy in the writing process when she has one of her beloved fountain pens in hand. “A fountain pen really becomes a part of you the more you use it and take care of it. That’s why I’m so attached to my collection,” she says. Ellina pulls out one of her 20 fountain pens to take notes in class, but where the ink really pours is in her “commonplace book.” “Historically, a commonplace book is a way to record what a person learns and reads throughout their life,” she says. “My notebook contains all the things I find interesting in life or online — quotes from books, recipes, interviews with people, Spanish words, programming language syntax, anything. It’s my personal reference book.” She also writes down ideas that pop into her head and paints or sketches the things that surround her. “I put no limitations on things that can go into my notebook. It’s an ‘anything and everything’ notebook for me.”

So many exciting things happened today!

Firstly, I had my BEDA interview & I think it went extremely well! I am really looking forward to teaching English in Spain because I really have N O idea what I’m going back to Trinidad & Tobago to do in June. Fingers crossed that I get chosen!!!

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Ever since I started learning Portuguese what feels like eons ago I have wanted to go to Brazil. That dream is becoming a reality this June!! As soon as my contract finished at the end of May I am off to visit a high school friend in Bahia! 

I got bit by the travel bug! Let’s have some fun while practicing languages!!!

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The raven cycle except they all take Spanish so instead of all that pinning and drama and whatever in latin, they r watching videos for five year olds and those weird songs and play all the vocabulary games and can't translate jack shit in those woods bc the last four chapters have been traveling vocab n all they did in class last week was watch señor wooley

i’d think they’d hopefully have a better spanish program then in public school, but no i am reimagining the entire trc universe with spanish instead of latin, and i think o’d prefer this new version 

(side note i didn’t kno what señor wooley was till now and asdfghjkl i dont kno how to feel abt it)

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Does your area have any dual-immersion programs? My son was also reading and doing math at a higher level than most kindergarteners, and we enrolled him in a Spanish dual-immersion program at one of the local public schools. He was being challenged enough so he wasn't bored in school!

I wish! We don’t have any other options for public schools where we are - no special school he could test into, no language Emersion schools. The public school is well-rated and walkable from our house, I’m just not sure if it’s a good fit. His preschool teacher, who I highly respect and is a veteran teacher, was the first to mention it may not be a good fit for him.

The city we are hoping to move to in a few years does have several language emersion public schools that would be an option for him though!

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Rupert, Oliver and James trying to explain what happens in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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Rupert, James and Oliver talking about how was the last day of filming and what kind of presents they receive from the fans

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Rupert ‘is chosen’ to perform a stunt on him

(Ok, I don’t really know how to explain this in english so you just have to see the video LOL)