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France NT during the international break: a million of HQ photos, behind the scenes videos, complete interviews, daily videos of the trainings, a quite updated youtube channel…

Spain NT during the international break: “oh yeah, we took some photos with our phones, hold on… here. We’re also going to add an ugly watermark on them. By the way, we’re going to upload one minute of every training but we’re going to film it from the other side of the pitch because we think the perspective is better. But don’t forget to suscribe to all our social media sites because we’re not going to keep you updated, but at least we’ll pretend we’re going to do it.” 



Thank you for years and years of your dedication and devotion. Thank you for being an amazing leader on and off the pitch. Thank you for being the best captain you could be and always being there for the club. Thank you for being the heart of Real Madrid. You’re irreplaceable and will always be our #1. Good luck with what your future has to offer you. Remember that once a madridista, always a madridista  ♥


Leo Messi: 30 years old, 30 records
  • All-time scorer for goals scored in a calendar year (91 goals in 2012 for club and country)
  • Most Ballon d’Or award, all time (5)
  • All-time leading scorer for the Argentina National Team (58 goals)
  • Most titles won with a Spanish club, all-time (30, tied with Andrés Iniesta)
  • All-time leading scorer for FC Barcelona (507 goals)
  • All-time assist leader in the Spanish First Division (137 assists)
  • First player to ever score at least one goal against each team in the Spanish First Division in a single season (2012-13)
  • All-time leading scorer in El Clasico history (23 goals)
  • All-time record for goals scored in a calendar year in the Spanish First Division (59 goals in 2012)
  • Only player in history to have scored in six different competitions in the same year more than once (2011 and 2015)
  • Most Golden Shoe awards, all-time (4, tied with CR7)
  • Most top-three finishes in the history of the Ballon d’Or award (10, from 2007 to 2016)
  • Most goals scored in a single season in club football history (73 goals in 2011-12)
  • Highest ever goal total for a Golden Shoe winner (50 goals in the 2011-12 season)
  • Only player in Spanish football history to score 40 or more goals in eight consecutive seasons
  • All-time leading scorer in Barcelona derby history vs Espanyol (17 goals)
  • All-time leader in game-opening goals for a player’s own team in the history of the Spanish First Division (78 goals)
  • Most titles won with FC Barcelona, all-time (30, tied with Andrés Iniesta)
  • All-time leading scorer in the Spanish First Division (349 goals)
  • All-time leading scorer in El Clasico history in games played at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid (16 goals)
  • Most trebles won, all-time (2, tied with Piqué, Iniesta, Xavi, Dani Alves, Busquets, Pedro and Eto’o)
  • Longest ever consecutive game goal streak in La Liga (34 goals scored over 21 straight games in the 2012-13 season)
  • All-time leading scorer in Spanish Super Cup history (12 goals)
  • All-time leading scorer in games played at Camp Nou (290 goals)
  • Most Champions League titles won, all-time (tied with Seedorf, Eto’o, Iniesta, Xavi, CR7 and Piqué)
  • Only player in the Spanish First Divison history to have scored in 13 consecutive games away from home in the same season (2012-13)
  • Only player in the history of the Spanish First Division to have scored at least 20 goals in 9 consecutive seasons (2008-17)
  • Youngest player in history to win three Ballon d’Or awards (24 years, six months, and 17 days old)
  • Most two-goal games in the history of Spanish First Division (101)
  • Most direct free-kick goals in FC Barcelona history (27)



23 Attractive Men Who Aren’t White

 Buzzfeed’s post made me mad so I made a proper list with lazy captions

1. Bob Morley - you can see him as Bellamy Blake on CW’s The 100 he’s everything (he has like no photoshoots so I used a gif)

2. Oscar Isaac - you probably know him as Poe Dameron (the best damn pilot in the resistance) by now. You can also see him in Ex Machina, A Most Violent Year, Inside Llewyn Davis, etc.

3. Daniel Wu - if you think he’s fine now you should see what he can do with a sword in AMC’s Into the Badlands.

4. Idris Elba - Ok everyone knows Idris. (Luther, Pacific Rim, The Wire. Thor..)

5. Jussie Smollett - Jamal “my favorite” Lyon in Empire

6. Trai Byers - Andre “my second favorite” Lyon in Empire

7. John Boyega - FINNamon roll in Star Wars and an actual precious angel in real life

8. Pedro Pascal - you can see everyone’s favorite Chileno as Oberyn Martell in season 3 of Game of Thrones and as Javier in Narcos on Netflix

9. Rami Malek - USA’s Mr. Robot


11. MecHad Brooks - Supergirl, True Blood and Desperate Housewives

12. Jesse Williams - arguably the most beautiful surgeon in Grey’s Anatomy and more importantly a wonderful black rights activist

13. David Ramsey - John Diggle in CW’s Arrow enough said 

14. Elliot Knight - He played Merlin in Once Upon A Time and y’all he’s GORGEOUS this photo doesn’t do him justice I swear

15. Keiynan Lonsdale - He was in the Divergent series but you can now see him as WALLY WEST in CW’s The Flash

16. Ricky Whittle - Lincoln from The 100 and he’s shirtless a lot so yea you should seriously watch that show just sayin

17. Carlos Vela - Mexican football player for Spanish club Real Sociedad, good job Mexico

18. James Rodriguez - Colombian player for Spanish club Real Madrid. I tried really hard not to use shirtless pics but I… couldn’t… resist. 

19. Thiago Alcantara - He makes poor choices regarding football teams but at least he has a nice face 

20. Alfred Enoch - Wow. A Man. Everyone knows him from the Harry Potter movies and How to Get Away with Murder (If you don’t like Wes you’re wrong)


21. Marcelo Vieira - the most important Brazilian in all the land and he’s literally made of sunshine (also plays for Real Madrid are you sensing a bias here) 

22. Phillippe Coutinho - Another very important Brazilian made of sunshine who plays for Liverpool FC. 

23. Steven Yeun - Glenn from the Walking Dead. If you don’t think he deserves to be on here, you can fight me. 

I’m probably eventually going to make this list longer but here are your 23 attractive men of color. Hope you enjoyed.


Manly Monday: Spanish Aqua Horse

Openly Gay Spanish Water Polo Player Victor Gutierrez Is Ready For Rio!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

But she was gone.

Note 1: this was supposed to be a Hector Bellerin imagine but It can be read also as with any player you want, since no names are mentioned! Hope you like it :) if you want to, leave a feedback on how you found it! Thank you:) xx

She was an average girl or may I say, an average 23 year old woman. He was a 26 year old man. A man that could have any other female but yet he stuck with her. Or she stuck with him? She had the chance to let go, but she didn’t. He believed him when he said he was sorry when in reality she could let go and find someone else. Someone new. Someone better. People would laugh at her though. She had the Spanish international football player and she would want to let go?

“She must be insane if she let him go” that’s what her aunt said three years ago on Christmas dinner when she was helping her other aunt to clean the plates. Then her other aunt would say something like “If she thinks no one else is going to cheat on her then yes she is insane. He is the best she can ever have. No one will ever be able to provide her all the stuff he does. With all the money he gets, he can save his family, her, her family and he can even help us as well.”

This is how it was. Her family members would always see pounds pictured across his face. They even believed that she only wanted him for his money. And they were fine with it. They also were fine with the fact that he cheated on her. See, money in their lives were much more important than her happiness. She did go back to him though, a year later. Not because they told her to, or because she agreed with their opinion, but because she saw the regret in his eyes. She saw how sorry he was. She saw how he changed through a whole year they were separated.

The day she left him was Christmas eve. The end of the year was near and he wanted to be honest. He believed that she would forgive him. He didn’t think she would be okay with it, but that she would appreciate his honesty. Three weeks ago he visited Spain on a weekend getaway where he slept with one of his old school friends. He was drunk yes, but not drunk enough to not be able to control himself. He was driving her to the airport that day. She was going home for Christmas. She would take the bus back home but him being the perfect boyfriend, he wouldn’t let her take an endless bus journey when she could be back home in a matter of a few hours. He felt the need to talk to her about his actions killing him.

He turned the volume down of the Christmas song that was playing. She stopped her singing and looked at him wondering why he would turn the volume down. He said he wanted to let her know about something before it was too late. She listened to him trying to figure out what it was that had to ruing their so movie-like journey. He said what it was. He said he was sorry. All she could say was “just drive”. She wanted to get to the airport as soon as possible. She was about to burst in tears and she fought it until the moment they got to the airport.

He made a move to hug her, if not kiss her, goodbye. She took a step back and shacked her head in disbelief, hot tears running down her face and an ironic smile placed on her face. What did he expect anyway, him, she just found out that her boyfriend of a whole year, cheated on her, at the age of 20. His last words were “At least text me that you are safe back home.”

That was the last time they saw each other for a year. The next day, Christmas day, after she heard her aunts made her make her biggest decision. She disappeared. For a year, no one knew where she was and what she was doing. She only kept contact with her parents and a few of her friends, to let them know she is okay. Of course, they would all ask for information for where she was or even when she was coming back, but she would never say anything. Until next Christmas, when she went back home. At the airport? She met him. He was coming back to London after a weekend in spain again. It was strange, exactly a year ago it was the last time he saw her. 

He did look for her. But how can you find someone who doesn’t want to be found? When he saw her again it felt like the universe was giving him another chance. Even if he still didn’t know that SHE would give him another chance. He asked how she was, she said she was fine. She looked different but so did he. He looked more mature, she looked more broken, more empty than even before. He smiled at him though so he took the courage to ask her to meet him sometime so they can talk. He didn’t expect her to agree but to his surprise she did. And here they are, two years later they are still together.

She moved in with him, he took care of her and he never ever laid his eyes on another woman. Everything was fine until the past few weeks. He seemed distant. He would come home more late than ever before. And without an explanation. She wouldn’t say anything though. She was never the person who would complain. She kept everything to herself. When he would come home, he wouldn’t say much. He did talk to her, it’s not like he ignored her but it wasn’t the same as before. Not to mention the constant secret texting and email sending. She didn’t want to believe that he is cheating again but yet again he didn’t give her any option.

One day she came home from work, another day her boss had been rude to her, another day where he humiliated her in front of every other coworker. All she needed was her boyfriend’s comfort. She got home when he was on his phone, as soon as he noticed that he wasn’t alone anymore, he ended the call.

“How was your day?” he said and walked to the kitchen, no hugs, no kisses.

“As always.” She said and followed him to make herself a tea. He said that he was glad. If only he knew what she meant with “as always” and was going on at her work place. She could have told him before but he never gave her the chance as he was barely around her the past few weeks.

He sat on a stool and she took a seat for herself in front of him. His eyes were locked on his phone typing as always. She didn’t want to believe that he would be such an ass to sit here, in front of her while texting someone else. She decided to talk about how her days at work have been lately.

“Hey, can we talk?” She looked at him and waited for his answer, he asked her to give him a minute, without even looking at her. Eyes still on the iphone screen.

Five minutes passed. Six. On the seventh, she got up, threw her tea cup in the sink – might have broken it as well – and made her way out of the kitchen.

“What was that for?”

“What was that for? Seriously I don’t even know. The fact that for weeks now you barely talk to me? The fact that you come home as late as possible only for you to eat and if not play same stupid game you go straight to bed? Or maybe that you keep being on your phone talking to god knows who while I’m here literally begging for a word to come out of your mouth, even that would be “Shut up”.” She threw her hands up in the air while she felt her eyes watering up.

“It’s not what it looks like. I promise it’s not.” He said and walked close to her.

“Then what is it? I’m losing my mind! I’m losing my patience.”

“I can’t talk about it.” He can’t talk about it. The perfect answer to make her pick her jacket and make her way out. “Babe don’t do that please I promise you it’s not what you think it its! Trust me. A few days and I can explain. Please.”

“Just leave me alone. I just want to be alone.” She walked out of the door. He didn’t follow her. He knows better than that. She needed her time alone. Him following her would make things worse.

He didn’t follow her until he heard it. The annoying sound of car brakes. He didn’t know what made him look out of the window but he did. And what he saw was enough for him to run as fast as possible. He wrapped his arms around her passed out body. He let pointless sounds leave his mouth. He was screaming. The driver had already called an ambulance but it seemed it was already too late. Her breathless body covered in blood was being shaken by her boyfriend, as if his screams and his arms shaking her, would bring her back to life. As if he could love her back to life. As if she was just playing a game trying to scare him off and she would soon open her eyes.

But she didn’t. You can’t love someone back to life. You can’t turn back time. If he knew what was coming, he would have explained that exact moment she asked him. Because he was right. It’s not what she thought. It was far from what she thought.

But now she was gone. He lost her. She asked him to leave her alone, and it turns out he is the one left alone. What she never found out, was that all this time, he was planning his proposal along with a surprise wedding. If only he was more careful and if only she was more patient and if only she trusted him, she would have been here. She would have been here and married to him in three days. But she was gone.

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Are we sure Héctor Bellerín is fr a spanish football player playing for Arsenal and he ain't an actor in Narcos season 3 or a latin trap singer? Seems fake...

arsenal players live in england but bellerin lives in the moment