spanish moth

When people tell me they think moths are gross and creepy but are perfectly alright with butterflies, I’m just like… what?

like, are we looking at the same bug here?






Also, I really don’t think you’ve seen a butterfly up close before. Like, they’re really cool too, but moths are cute as fuck and butterflies are kinda creepy up close

Butterfly = 

Moth = 

There’s also just a lot of really cool facts about moths and butterflies, that make them both ten times cooler. 

This is Elena’s Madama, Madama Isabellae.

 After talking with tdino a bit about Spain and all the shit going on from the 1300-1500s (reconquista, spanish inquisition, civil war, etc), we briefly talked about Queen Isabella. Queen Isabella and her husband, King Ferdinand, led the final leg of the Reconquista and sponsored Columbus’ voyage to the New World. (led to the deaths of lots of innocent people)(souls for the Madama?


Finally got my cover up and I couldn’t be happier with the result! Still needs some highlighting and the feelers but I absolutely love it!

The African Moon moth has a very similar appearance to the Madagascar Moon moth, but smaller, measuring up to 5.5 inches from head to tail. There are many different species of ‘Moon moth’ from the genus Actias in the Americas and Asia, Argema a genus native to Africa, and Graellsia isabellae, more commonly known as the Spanish Moon moth, from Spain and France.