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Award-winning matador dies after being gored in bullfight

A famous Spanish matador has died after being gored by a bull in the ring.

Ivan Fandiño tripped on his cape during a routine at the Corrida des Fetes in southwestern Aire-sur-l’Adour in France.

After he fell, the Baltasar Iban bull – bred especially for such fights – rushed in and impaled his chest with its horn. The animal also suffered wounds in the ring.

The 36-year-old, originally from Orduña in the Basque Country, had been a professional matador for 12 years, and won a number of awards.

He was rushed out of the arena and although a doctor performed an emergency procedure in the bullring’s surgery, he was pronounced dead upon arriving at hospital.

Juan del Alamo, the matador who killed the bull which gored Mr Fandiño, told cameras at the scene: “I have no words; I can’t believe it.

“He was in a lot of pain from the goring, but nobody expected it to end up like this. None of us understand how it could have happened; it was all so fast. The bull knocked him down with its hindquarters and he fell face down.”

Last year matador Victor Barrio died after being fatally wounded in the ring, prompting reactions across animal rights supporters.

The controversial contest requires humans to publicly subdue – either by maiming or killing – a bull.


SALAZAR:         The sun is up, and so is your time

BARBOSSA:     Not to disagree but the precision of our                                          accord ends at sunrise, this be but first light,
                                far from a fully rising sun,and I know you to
                               be a man of honour-

SALAZAR:         -Oh, no, you know nothing of me 

BARBOSSA:     I know what it’s like to be bested by Jack
                              Sparrow, he’s an enemy to his-

*Salazar turns around and starts walking over to Barbossa*

SALAZAR:       You don’t know who-

*Falls over, Lesaro throws his hands in the air like “I give up”*

SALAZAR:     - I am

BARBOSSA:   *Trying to not focus on the fact Salazar is                                   now lying in a heap on the deck* I have                                       heard stories of a mighty Spanish captain, El
                                Matador Del Mar, a man who scoured the
                                 seas and killed thousands of men-

SALAZAR:        No-no-no-no- men?! No! No-no-no-no …


BARBOSSA:    Ok, I’m sorry, I HAVE to ask; how do you
                              FUNCTION without falling over?!

LESARO:         *Mutters under breath* Who would                                               know?!  

Dear Jim,

Can you please paint Usain Bolt having a nightmare in which he is a Spanish matador taking part in a bullfight. For some reason the fight is taking place on the Facing Worlds level from Unreal Tournament and, much to his horror, the bull is riding a Segway.


Jack Irving

is it just me or does go all out!! sound a lot like some spanish matador song

here have some alternate transparent versions