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Part 6 of Lance Bonding w/ Lions!!

The team already knew about Lance’s bond with Blue. It was one of, if not the strongest bonds in team Voltron. They were on their way to Blue’s hangar because Lance was late for dinner, which wasn’t too unusual. What was unusual, however, was the soft singing that continued to grow louder as they approached the hangar. Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, and Keith eased closer, hoping to catch the culprit in the act. They slowly entered the hangar and was shocked in what they found: Lance was lightly stroking Blue’s head (who was curled around Lance like an over grown cat), softly singing what sounded like a Spanish lullaby. But what surprised them the most…all the other lions were lying down, listening to Lance sing. “I suspected that Lance bonded with Red, but..he bonded with all the other lions?” Keith questioned. Hunk shrugged his shoulders while Shiro’s eyes were widened. “One Paladin bonding with all the Lions of that possible?” Pidge shook her head in wonder. “I’m not sure; I mean, I sure haven’t bonded with any other lion.” Shiro nodded. “It’s decided then. We’ll ask the princess; surely she’ll know the answers.”

{ cry for help }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt(s): “You should do a poly!hamilsquad fic where its reader waking up in the middle of the noght due to nightmares or PTSD and all th boys trying to calm her down.”

“could you maybe do one where the reader has a bad dream and one of the boys (or all) comfort her and its really fluffy?”

trigger warnings: reader has a bad dream that leads to a (short!) ptsd episode. don’t worry though! the boys got you!

“Duérmete mi amor" - sleep my love
“Duérmete pedazo de mi corazón" - sleep a piece of my heart.

“D'accord?” - “okay?”

You were driving in the dream. Your hands were on the wheel, gripping it tightly as you prepared to turn. You were driving with your best friend, going to pick up something from the store. 

You were getting ready to make a left turn, signaling, inching out forward just like you were supposed to. The light changed yellow. You figured the cars on the opposite end would obey the light and slow down, so you started to turn. Your breath hitched quickly as you moved your foot to find the brakes. Unfortunately, you found them too late. One last silver car decided to try to run the red light. 

You weren’t completely in front of that lane but your car was out forward, maybe taking up a fourth of the lane and you couldn’t reverse. The driver didn’t slow down in time. He hit the front side of your car, crashing into your head lights on the right hand side and pushing it back down the road by a couple feet. 

The airbags flew out and you held back a scream.

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Part 5 of Lance Bonding with the Lions!!!!

Shiro discovered Black’s bond with Lance while he was visiting the Lion’s astral plane. Shiro enters the plane, expecting a quiet garden filled with blooming Japanese cherry blossom trees, a gentle breeze tangling through the petals, just the way he left it last time. To his surprise, however, he was met with an unknown beach. The sand was smooth and slightly crunched under his feet. The water was so clear and blue, he could see every living creature in it. The sea salt air gently passed through his hair. It was beautiful. Had Black created this? When questioned, Black then sent Shiro a mental imagine: Lance standing in the sand, the water lazily lapping around his ankles. His head was slightly turned toward the sky, eyes slightly glistening as he quietly sang what Shiro assumed was a Spanish lullaby. “Veradera…so you let Lance bring you both here.” his realizes. Black let out a pleased rumble, and Shiro smiled softly. He then sat down, doodling in the warm sand, letting the sun warm his face, and letting the gentle sounds of waves crashing send him peace and calm.

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How about cat boy Shiro & shance?

It got away from me….
Lance yawned as he opened to door to his house, tired after a full day of work. Allura was a slave driver, having him work the clearance floor of the fashion building. There had been a huge sale today, customers having flooded the shop and nearly cleaning it out, and not all of them were nice to him.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, shutting the door behind him. After getting changed into some sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he flopped on the couch, shutting his eyes. He got about what felt like ten minutes of blessed sleep before a crash and a yowl of pain woke him up, the lanky 25 year old man bolting upright in surprise. He got up and looked at the clock. What the fuck? Who was even awake at 4am?

With a groan, he got up and decided to investigate the sound. He shrugged on a light jacket and stepped out onto the porch, bare feet cold against the concrete. He glanced around and walked over to where a soft whimpering was coming from, the alleyway with all the trash cans.

“Hello?” He called, padding inside the alleyway, hand against the wall of his house. His eyes caught a hunched shape next to the dumpster, something big with a twitching tail and curled in on itself. Oh.

Now that he was closer, he could see it was a Hybrid, creatures that were a common pet in this city. This one was a Cat Hybrid, with long, messy and dirty black hair and ears and a white forelock and a white tipped black tail. It was making soft, pained sounds, gripping at its right arm.

“Here kitty kitty, what’s wrong?” Lance crooned, attempting to appear as non-threatening as possible. Which wasn’t hard, he could see the muscles through the tattered shirt on the Cat Hybrid’s body, even though it looked very malnourished. He walked a little closer, trying to recall everything Hunk had told him about Cat Hybrids since the big guy worked at a shelter for all kinds of Hybrids, like Keith, a mixed breed of a Cat and a Wolf Hybrid.

The Hybrid’s head shot up, staring at him with wide, panicked silver eyes that were admittedly quite pretty. Now that he could see its face, Lance could tell the Cat Hybrid was male, and hurt too by the bloody cut across his nose. The Hybrid growled warningly, ears flattened back and tail puffed up in fear.

Lance held up his hands, palms outwards, staying calm like Hunk had taught him when handling scared Hybrids. “Woah there, Kitty, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m just trying to help. Can you let me do that?” He soothed, focus entirely on the terrified Hybrid.

The growling paused for a moment, wavering, and an almost curious look flashed through those gray eyes before being replaced with more caution. Lance took a small step forward, encouraged.

“You don’t look too good there, Kitty. Want me to get you some food and a bandage for that cut on your pretty face?” He cooed, shuffling a little closer and crouching low to appear smaller, less dangerous. The Hybrid’s ears flicked, indecision flickering across his face. Lance was now close enough to reach forward with one hand, carefully.

The Hybrid leaned forward, uncurling a little to sniff at Lance’s fingers, before cautiously turning his cheek against the Cuban man’s palm before pulling back a little with a soft whine. Lance smiled gently, keeping his teeth hidden, and ran his hand over the Hybrid’s hair and ears, a small purr startling both males.

Lance spoke up again. “Hey, let’s get you into my place so we can fix you up, okay?” The Hybrid blinked, confused, but allowed Lance to pull him up and suddenly Lance had to reevaluate this because the Cat Hybrid was taller than him by a head and a lot wider than skinny little Twig Lance. Not to mention heavy! For someone so emaciated, he sure packed a lot of weight!

Lance carefully led the Cat Hybrid out of the alleyway and into his house, shutting the door quietly and tugging him into the bathroom. “Okay, I know cats hate water, but we need to get you washed and cleaned before we bandage you up.” Lance explained to the startled Cat, who was staring at his reflection in the mirror with something akin to horror.

Lance filled the bathtub with hot but not scalding soapy water, and guided the Hybrid in. The water seemed to relax the dirty kitty, and Lance easily pulled off the ragged and soon to be burned old shirt and boxers the Hybrid had been wearing, finally able to assess the damages.

The Cat was covered in old scars and new injuries, like he’d been in a fighting ring. His right arm was missing, obviously recently because the stump hadn’t healed completely and was an angry reddish purple, blotchy and clearly infected. The poor Cat was going to need a Vet, and Lance hoped Hunk would cover this. But first he had to do what he could to help, since he’d never been one to turn down a creature in need.

He set to work, using safe shampoos and soaps to clean the dirt and blood away, having to drain and refill the tub several times until the water stayed mostly clear and bubbly. The Cat Hybrid flinched with every wound wiped down, but seemed to recognize that Lance was helping him and didn’t fight back. Lance hummed to fill the silence, a soothing Spanish lullaby his Mama loved singing.

Once he finished, he rinsed the Cat one last time before leaving to grab some overly large clothes that would probably fit the huge Hybrid, which he was guessing was of the Maine Coon variety. He came back and drained the tub, tugging the relaxed kitty out and drying him off, bandaging every wound with a bandaid or gauze before helping him into soft, clean clothes that actually fit the Cat just right, if not only slightly tight.

“Okay, just a haircut and then some food, sound good?” Lance soothed, sitting the other male on the closed toilet and holding up a pair of scissors and a hair razor. The Cat eyed the items warily, but merely made a soft noise of agreement before letting his eyes fall shut.

Lance pulled a towel over the Cat’s neck and shoulders, before setting to work snipping the long, tangled black locks of hair. He shaved away the worst of it, giving the Hybrid an undercut and leaving the top alone, trimming around the ears to a short, fluffy length and even grooming the ears and tail to get rid of the matting. The white forelock was left a little longer than the rest, since Lance found it kind of cute.

He cleared away the mess and once again tugged the Cat Hybrid by the wrist along with him to the kitchen, the poor kitty making a soft mew, a wordless question. “Food then! You look pretty hungry, kitty, and I think I still have a package of turkey somewhere.” Lance clarified, gesturing for the Hybrid to sit on the couch while he entered the kitchen to rummage around his fridge.

He came back to see the Cat Hybrid looking around curiously, tail flicking and ears up, which was definitely a good sign if he was showing interest in his surroundings. Lance gave himself a mental high five and cleared his throat lightly, gathering the kitty cat’s attention. He held up the package of turkey and had to stop himself from giggling at the way the Hybrid’s eyes lit up and ears perked, staring at the wrapped meat hungrily. His stomach let out a demanding growl too, and Lance definitely laughed then.

“Haha, okay, here you go then.” Lance chuckled, opening the plastic package and unwrapping the seal around the meat, plopping it back into the container and handing it to the Cat Hybrid.

While the cat scarfed down the meat, Lance dug his phone out of his jacket.

He had a few calls to make.
This….. got waaaaaaaayyy out of control…… it was supposed to be a small fluffy fic and I turned it into some angst? And yes, Shiro is the nameless Hybrid. I don’t suppose you’d want more, maybe? I mean I wouldn’t mind making more? Gah- I need to stop making all these AU’S, my brain is out of control ;0;
Hope you enjoyed!

(edit- here’s chapter 2- )

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Headcanons for singing with the VLD characters?

Of course, tried to include both general singing hcs plus singing with their s/o. Hopefully this is alright :3 ~Mod Red Lion


  • Dad is a great singer
  • You’ll hear him sing in the shower all…the time
  • Please sing duets together not only will it be hella cute but he loves to hear you sing
  • Absolutely loves Karaoke too
  • Will dance around with you if y’all get really into the song


  • Doesn’t think he can sing but he is very wrong
  • He sings like an angel
  • He doesn’t like to sing in front of others but if he hears you singing he’ll probably join in
  • Quit at first but he’ll get more confident
  • Keith loves your singing voice tbh, even if you just were humming he finds it so calming
  • Not to mention hearing you sing is comforting as hell to him


  • A good singer and knows it
  • Will serenade you and if you sing back he becomes a flustered mess
  • But he looooves it
  • Will sing you a lot of spanish lullabies his mom sang him
  • If you aren’t confident in your voice he will hella cheer you on
  • Lance is a musical guy who loves singing with you, what can I say


  • He can sing sure, but he’d be bomb at beatboxing
  • That boy is around electronic stuff all the time he can make hella cool noises
  • Started singing any song and he’s got a back beat for ya
  • Of course he can sing really nicely
  • Like literally a prince from a disney movie kinda voice
  • Please sing cheesy love songs cause he will dance around and sing with you
  • Literal fairy tale or epic soundcloud mix


  • Ok, hear me out, Pidge rapping
  • Nothing too mind blowing but she’s still pretty good
  • Can probably decently beat box as well
  • She’ll rarely sing, she feels like her voice is too high and squeaky so she doesn’t sing often
  • She’s willing to accept help from you of course
  • Try rap battling her
  • She’ll get all red if you rap about how much adorable she is and how much you love
  • I love the idea of Pidge and her s/o rapping lololol

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How would America, Prussia, England, and Spain react if their s/o randomly fell asleep on them and started to cuddle with them

S/O Falling Asleep 


The normally loud and somewhat obnoxious American would find find it utterly adorable if his s/o fell asleep on him and began to cuddle him. He loves the attention he receives from his s/o, so this would be heaven to him. He would try his best not to disturb their slumber by maybe playing some video games with headphones in or taking a nap with his s/o


Similar to America, Prussia would try his best not to wake up his sleeping s/o. The poor Prussian would be a flustered mess and try to stay still. He won’t admit it, but he actually likes the attention from his s/o because not many people pay much attention to him other than the BTT and West. 


He would be muttering words saying how improper this is and how rude to suddenly fall asleep on him. However, his anger would melt away once he saw his s/o sleeping face. He wouldn’t know what to do other than watch his s/o sleep with a blush on his face, until he decides to carry them back to the bed to rest.


Not many people would cuddle with Spain, especially Romano, so he would be extremely happy about this! He would run his fingers through his s/o hair while singing a Spanish lullaby. While he does this, he would take this moment to drink in all his s/o sleeping features and might even take a picture!  

imagine Max, grown into a handsome, confident man, over a century old, powerful as his father, sitting somewhere in faraway Europe in front of a desk, gazing at the blue flame of a candle and thinking that it is the exact hue of color as his dad’s eyes once were. imagine Magnus next to him, absently humming a Spanish lullaby even after all these years, when there is long no Rafe who’d listen and ask for more.

imagine these two immortal souls, remembering their husband and son, their father and brother, with all but love in their hearts. imagine the silent relief and unspoken feeling of gratitude because they still have each other.

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Could you do some headcanons about Soldier, Reaper, Lena and Sombra walking in on their s/o singing a lullaby to their newborn child? Thanks in advance 👍

thank you for the request anon! :) enjoy! -KC


•Hears you humming from a room away and decides to investigate.
•When he sees you rocking and singing a soft lullaby to the baby, he melts.
•Watches you fondly for a while, just enjoying the sight in front of him.
•When you get the baby to sleep and start to get up, he walks over and helps you put her to bed.


•Walks in to put some blankets in the newborns room when he sees you singing a Spanish lullaby to your baby.
•Immediately freezes, and tries not to make a sound.
•You eventually saw him and smiled before going back to singing.
•He slowly crept behind you and played with your hair while singing the lullaby as well.


•Comes home from the grocery store when she hears a faint noise coming from upstairs.
•When she opens the door, she smiles at what she sees.
•Instantly joins you in singing the baby to sleep.
•Afterwards, she’d hug you and tell you what an amazing mom you are.


•Heard you on the baby monitor from downstairs.
•She listens to your beautiful voice for a minute before going to hear it in person.
•Secretly records it so she can listen to it again later.
•Helps you put the baby in the crib after you get her to sleep.
•She then tells you how great of a mom and singer you are, and kisses you.

Sea, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 2

June 5th: Sea/Stars

Lance hummed quietly to himself as he sat on the beach of the alien planet, idly watching the planet’s moon rising over the peaceful lapping waves of the blue gray ocean. Another diplomatic mission, another break to relax after fighting the Galra.

They’d lucked out on this planet, with breathable air and similarities to Earth, like the foliage, the inhabitants and most importantly to the Blue Paladin, bodies of water, a teal colored ocean. Though Lance liked socializing, he had really missed seeing waves lap against the sand, Varadero beach or an alien planet.

Which was why he’d snuck out of the Castle that night, taking Blue down to the edge where the water met the beige sand. He was now currently sitting with his feet in the water, legs drawn up against his chest, chin resting on his knees and not caring that his robe was getting wet from the sea spray.

His humming faded into an old Spanish lullaby his Mamá used to sing to him as a child, the tune both comforting him yet bolstering his homesickness. Blue rumbled worriedly behind him, and he tilted his head with a slight smile.

“I’m okay, Beautiful. Just missing a pretty lady who reminds me of you.” Lance murmured, still staring at the water, now shining with the stars reflecting as if from a glass mirror.

He got so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice when the Black Lion landed silently a few yards behind Blue, the pilot clambering out and jogging over to Lance’s location with an air of concern.

“Lance? What are you doing out here so late?” Lance looked up, a startled blush rippling across his cheeks as he took in a moonlit Shiro. It made the bigger man look almost ethereal, soft pale silver highlighting his features and shadows dramatizing his face and body as he stepped closer.

Lance said nothing, merely patted the sand next to him and resumed staring at the ocean, still humming the lullaby. Shiro seemed to get the hint and settled down cross legged on the beach, scooting a little closer to his teammate. Lance struggled to hide his blush, grateful it was dark out.

He’d had a crush on the older man since the Garrison days, after all.

“Lance? Are you okay?” Shiro asked again, bless his bleeding heart. Lance merely sighed and carefully moved a little closer, tilting his head and resting it against Shiro’s shoulder.

“I’m good. Just… stay with me for a little while, yeah?” Lance murmured, and he felt Shiro shift a little to get more comfortable.

“Of course, as long as you need.”
I kinda struggled on this? Does this count as fluffy enough? I don’t really see it as sad or angsty, more like solemn? I tried though!!!!!! Happy Shance Fluff Week!


Headcanon of Rafael with a new born. @yourtropegirl

·         When you first bring your baby home, Rafael is hesitant at first but soon falls into a pattern.

·         He takes the nightshift since he’s usually already awake working.

·         Sings Spanish lullabies to soothe your screaming child.

o   “How do you even know that will help?”

o   “Because I change the song after three times.”

o   “Yes, I know but how do you know it will help?”

o   “Because it’s what my mami used to do.”

·         Taking time off work to take care of the baby, so you can ease back into working.

·         Taking him/her to his office and having Carmen help him so you can relax and have mommy time alone.

·         Refusing to hire a nanny, even after you go back to work.

o   “Why can’t we just hire a nanny?”

o   “Because we don’t need one.”

o   “Rafael Barba, are you worried about becoming one of those rich, workaholic dads that don’t spend time with their kids?”

o   “… That’s beside the point Y/N.”

·         Rafael falling asleep on the couch with the baby fast asleep on his chest.

·         The SVU team being momentarily shocked by the baby then Carisi making funny faces, breaking the tension.

o   “Carisi, stop making me believe you have a lower IQ then you actually have.”

o   “Come on Barba, the giggling of your child doesn’t warm you?”

o   “Not when my wife does the same thing for 2 hours.”

·         Olivia and Amanda baby talking to him/her.

o   “Ok, that’s it, I draw the line at baby talk. Out of my office now.”

o   Sonny trying to sneak the baby out.

o   “Sonny leave the child.”

·         Rafael watching while he/she sleeps, wishing for their innocence to last forever.  

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#29 Trini x Kim (you're very talented btw ❤️)

29. “I thought you were dead.” (for this writing exercise) - thank you for the kind words, anon!

Trini wakes to the sound of soft breathing out of sync with her lungs and the heartbeat of someone else beneath her fingertips. It takes her a moment - a moment of sea water, wondering if the darkness around her will once again spit out something to throw her away - and if her first reaction is to flinch, well, she isn’t quite awake enough to hide it.

Her second flinch though is an entirely conscious one. There’s a sliver of moonlight slipping between half-pulled drapes that traces across Trini’s floor. Trini follows it up her sheets, along the curved back of a sleeping figure just to her right.

(The last time someone had stayed at her bedside while she slept had been when she was six, shivering and damp from a particularly vicious cold. Her mother’s hand had been gentle on her forehead, keeping the chills away. Trini remembers the Spanish lullaby her mother had sung, the lilt of her mother’s voice.

She can’t remember the last time her mother has stepped foot past her doorway since.)

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also for @thenerdbeast & @justpidgance who also sent me plance <3

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who

  • accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night: Pidge, poor thing. She’s such a restless sleeper. She moves here, there, everywhere and she eventually lands herself on the floor much to Lance’s concern and amusement. 
  • gives the other piggy back rides: Lance used to give her piggy backs a lot more often but one time his arms gave out and he dropped her. She doesn’t trust him as much now with carrying her but he still does give her piggy backs from time to time.
  • tries to act tough but is really a giant sap: Pidge!!!!! Honestly Lance is a sap but he doesn’t feel the need to hide it. Pidge is still a sap but she’s a lowkey sap, a subtle sap. 
  • almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake: pidge. oh god help her. don’t let her bake. 
  • sings lullabies to their kids: lance !!! he’d sing spanish lullabies that his mom used to sing to him as a kid. honestly he’d probably teach the kids lots of spanish songs he grew up learning. 
  • morning person vs dead until they get their coffee: none of them are really morning people really. though lance is more likely to be in a pleasant mood if he’s up in the morning. if someone wakes pidge before she gets her eight hours in + her cup of coffee she will murder you bring you back to life and murder you again.
  • cries during sappy movies: lance, bless his heart. he’s super in tune with his feelings so he’s bound to cry in those sappy movies. pidge is always ready with tissues though.
  • wears a billion layers because they get cold easily: honestly they’re both prone to being sensitive to cold weather so in the winter time they’re both two snowmen bundled up together.
  • initiates cuddling: lance. he’s very handsy and he likes to cuddle a lot especially when pidge is busy working on her tech. she pretends to be annoyed at him for distracting her but she secretly likes the attention. 
  • hogs the covers: they fight over them actually. pidge always wins though.
  • would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other: both! honestly they can never be smooth no matter how hard they try god help them. lance comes closest to looking smooth but pidge always ruins it by laughing at something he says or does.

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1, 12, 30, 40 for Blaytz/Marmora and/or Klance c: up to you~

Um hell yeah I’mma do both

1- How do they fall asleep? Wake up? Any daily rituals?
Blaymora: Blaytz. Is. A. Big. Spoon. Marmora is a tiny galra and he lives for being spooned by his giant sharky boyfriend. Blaytz’ favorite thing is having Marmora tucked securely against his chest with Marmora’s head snuggled up under his chin. Marmora’s only complaint is that Blaytz tends to flop onto his back at some point during the night without fail so he always ends up cold and having to aggressively tuck himself back against Blaytz in the middle of the night.
If Blaytz wakes up first, he likes to wake Marmora by giving him little kisses across his cheeks and on his ears. If Marmora wakes up first, he tends to just snuggle in close and trace patterns and swirls on Blaytz’ chest until the tickling sensation wakes him.
Their only daily ritual is that for some reason they tend to brush their teeth together, Blaytz behind Marmora at the sink, usually half asleep as he brushes and simultaneously snuggles Marmora.
Klance: They tend to switch positions regularly as far as who is the big spoon or little spoon, but Keith’s favorite way to fall asleep is lying practically on top of Lance, who prefers to sleep on his back. Lance doesn’t mind at all because he can wrap his arms around Keith and reach his face for sleepy kisses. When Lance is the big spoon he tends to fall asleep with his face pressed into Keith’s hair and one hand under Keith’s shirt, resting against his tummy. Lance is a very stationary sleeper, so he doesn’t move around really at all, but he does snore. This is problematic for Keith, who is a very, very light sleeper. Often times Keith will wake Lance up solely to shut him up. This usually involves hitting him in the face with a pillow. They’re too busy saving the universe for daily rituals–every day is a new adventure!

12- Is there a wedding? What was the proposal like? Any kind of honeymoon?
Blaymora: Blaytz was actually drunk when he proposed. They were celebrating a big victory in the name of Voltron, and there was a huge feast held in the Castle of Lions in the Paladins’ honor. Blaytz had too much to drink and actually kind of forgot who Marmora even was, because he started flirting with him like it was the first time they’d met. “Hey, you,” he’d slurred, making bedroom eyes at the pretty galra with the faint, alcohol-induced flush coloring his cheeks. “You’re pretty damn cute. You and me should go out sometime.” Buzzed but not at all drunk, Marmora laughed and casually informed his trashed boyfriend that they were, in fact, already an item. Blaytz was, in a word, baffled by this. He spent a good few minutes freaking out via impromptu monologue about how lucky he was, how he’d scored the prettiest galra in the entire galaxy, etc., then suddenly and loudly asked, “dude, are we married?!” Upon learning that no, they weren’t, Blaytz scrambled down on both knees (he attempted one, but very nearly faceplanted) and took Marmora’s hands, declared his undying and eternal love for Marmora and asked for his hand in marriage. Marmora, cheekily, replied, “If you remember proposing in the morning, then sure–I’d love to marry you.” Meanwhile, Zarkon was having a “right in front of my salad?” moment, as well as a minor aneurysm.
Blaytz remembered the proposal, but just barely. His first words to Marmora the next morning were, “Are we engaged?” Marmora said yes. Their honeymoon was on Nalquod because Blaytz found it wholly unacceptable that Marmora had never seen a beach. Much lovin’ was had.
Klance: Lance regularly proposes to Keith as a joke, at least once a week. Keith laughs whenever it happens, always thinking of some outrageous and BS reason to decline. It’s a fun running joke between them, but Keith actually has a good deal of anxiety over the fact that he’s afraid he’s not going to be able to tell when Lance is actually serious about wanting to marry him and that when that day comes, he’s going to inadvertently turn Lance down and hurt his feelings. One day after a particularly dramatic confession of love and subsequent proposal, Keith laughs awkwardly and casually mentions his anxiety to Lance. “You know, I don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to tell when you’re actually serious about it.” Lance debates for a second, then, still down on one knee, says, “I’ve always been serious about it. I’ve just been waiting for you to say ‘yes.’” Keith goes pale as he stares at Lance, looking for the usual crack in his expression that tells him that Lance is about to burst into giggles, but this time it isn’t there and Keith tears up. He doesn’t say yes, just nods aggressively until Lance stands up and pulls him into a tight hug, kissing away his tears. They’re waiting until they can finally return to earth to have the wedding, because Keith knows it’s always been Lance’s dream to get married on the shores of Varadero beach.

30- Could they manage a long distance relationship?
Blaymora: For these two, the issue is less distance than it is the fact that being a Paladin puts Blaytz in pretty consistent danger. Marmora can deal with distance as long as they can communicate regularly, which they do when Blaytz is off defending the universe, but Marmora has nightmares when Blaytz is gone–nightmares that have him waking up in a cold sweat, trembling and struggling to breathe, and on those nights he always reaches immediately for the communication device he uses to talk to Blaytz even when he’s worlds away.
Klance: No. It’s that simple. The two of them have come to terms with the danger they’re in–they’ve accepted it as reality and it makes them fight all that much harder. But Lance knows for a fact that he could not survive not being able to draw Keith to his chest every night, kissing his hair and murmuring soft words that have Keith scolding him for being too sappy. He is 100% resolute in that he would die without being able to sing Keith Spanish lullabies and wake up next to him every morning, watch him struggle in vain to fix his bed hair and doze off over breakfast. Keith has resigned himself to his clingy boyfriend, mostly because he feels the exact same way.

40- Any special memories? Do they have a special place they like to go to?
Blaymora: Their most special memory is of the night they first met. Shortly after Zarkon scolded Blaytz for ‘fraternizing with the servant class,’ Blaytz snuck off to look for the pretty galra servant he wasn’t supposed to be fraternizing with because honestly, Zarkon is too heterosexual to be telling him what to do. As fate should have it, he ends up passing right by Marmora in the castle hallway, and through a series of quickly-escalating events, the two of them end up aggressively making out in a dark broom closet. By the time Marmora returned to his duties that night, he was covered in bite marks that he was torn between hiding and blatantly showing off. Ever since then, small, dark places have always added a bit of extra thrill to Blaytz and Marmora’s love life, because it reminds them of the night they met and nearly did the do in one.
Klance: The two of them tend to fondly reminisce about stupid fights they had back before they became an item. Arguments at the garrison, hotheaded shouting matches on board the castleship, static-laden insults crackling across the radios on board their lions. They do this especially when they’re having a bad disagreement, because somehow remembering how much they used to hate one another is a gentle reminder of how huge a miracle it is that they’re together today, and those feelings of frustration are replaced with ones of fondness and whatever they’re bickering about suddenly isn’t important anymore–at least, not as important as the fact that they’re together and happy with one another, and very much in love.

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hii, i love your headcanons, what are your thought on the relationship between izzy and max?? thanks xx

- max adores izzy, to him izzy is like this princess warrior. she’s like all the superheroes he reads about in his comics who are smart and beautiful and brave.

- max is like izzy’s little shadow and he follows her around the institute. max will try to be discreet and not get caught by her and izzy always knows he’s there but goes along with it, pausing every so often to dramatically look around as if she’s searching for someone and she can’t help but smile when she sees max dash to hide behind a large plant.

- max can only keep quiet for so long so when izzy hears him giggle, she always loudly asks whoever she’s talking to (usually it’s alec and jace) if they heard something too and when she hears max’s loud gasp and sees him running away, she chases after him and tickles him until he’s thrashing around in her arms, laughing.

- max always gets izzy to style his hair for him because he wants to look cool and according to max, the way alec and jace do their hair is not cool but izzy’s always looks good so it is now her responsibility. izzy just laughs softly at her little brother while jace and alec just look offended.

- max loves cuddling izzy because she always hums or quietly sings a spanish lullaby to him while she hugs him tightly and it always sends max into a peaceful sleep.

- max will always play with izzy’s hair when she’s upset because he’s seen his older brothers do it so many times before and knows it comforts her, he’ll also offer to do her hair for her which ends up with clips and hair ties tangled in her hair but izzy never minds, she always tells max she absolutely loves it

- max always brags to everyone about izzy being his sister and how she’s the smartest person at the institute and the best pathologist in New York and how she can take a demon out with her whip in 0.2 seconds because max looks up to her and loves her so much and thinks izzy along with his older brothers are the best people in the world.

     Reaper going hunting for Soldier 76 after he’s got in the way one too many times, only to find him badly wounded and hovering close to the death. The temptation to finish him off is nearly overwhelming, especially when he is finally able to remove the mask and confirm his suspicions about who the soldier really is…he even has the shotgun cocked and ready to fire, pressed against the snowy white hair. But that’s when Jack stirs, not fully awake and certainly not aware of whose hovering over him or how close to death he is, but those blue eyes, milky and unseeing fix on Reaper as though he can see him and in a broken voice he call’s out Gabriel’s name.

   It takes Reaper a few minutes to realise that Jack isn’t talking to him, he doesn’t know that he’s there… but he’s still there, repeating his name over and over, pleading with him for forgiveness, choking out the apologies that should have been said years before. His finger tightening on the trigger, wanting to end this and silence those words…but he can’t…something stirring that he had thought long dead as he wonders whether Jack has been doing this for the last few years, calling out for him when he’s in need, only to be met with silence. Cursing, not sure whether he’s angrier at himself or Jack he lowers the gun, hesitating for a moment before gathering Jack in his arms, growling when he realises how light, how fragile the other man feels.

    He still doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but he hides Jack away, lying through his teeth to Talon whilst he nurses the other man back to health. He never lets Jack see him, but he’s fairly sure that Jack must know its him, that he must recognise the soft words he murmurs when Jack cries out in pain, the Spanish lullabies he sings when the delirium reaches its peak. But he doesn’t stay to find out, disappearing again as soon as he’s sure that the other man will survive.

   However, Jack only has fleeting impressions of what had happened and he convinces himself that it was the product of his imagination, delirium dragging up happier memories in order to offer him comfort. It hurts to realise that it wasn’t real, but for a brief time it had let him feel loved and protected again and so he clings to the vague memories, the impressions of warmth using it as a shield against his loneliness. It’s not enough though. Solitude, and the ever-present weight of his guilt and memories wearing him down and he finds himself longing to feel that warmth again, even if it’s only an illusion. It’s not a conscious decision, but he becomes more reckless, pushing his limits and eventually it all comes crashing down on him and he finds himself near death again.

   Gabriel has been keeping an eye on him from a distance though, still torn between getting the revenge he had waited so long for and protecting him and once again he finds himself patching the idiot up, soothing him through fever and nightmares.

    It becomes a pattern. One that occurs with increasing frequency, as Jack desperately seeks out the feeling of being loved and protected, of not being alone…never realising that it’s not an illusion. Gabriel still thinks he knows though, and loses his temper when he realises that Jack is putting himself in danger on purpose to get him to help, yet refusing to acknowledge it or him when they encounter each other in battle and in a fit of rage he decides not to leave Jack be for a while…decides to let him see what happens when Gabriel isn’t there.

   Of course, Jack doesn’t know any of this, and it’s not long before he pushes himself too far again. Only this time nothing happens, there’s nothing there to offer him comfort, no warmth or feeling of being protected… instead he finds himself slipping, body no longer able to handle the strain especially without the help it’s become accustomed to. As he fades, all he can think is that it was an illusion…of course it was…after everything that had happened, after everything he had done and everyone he had lost, there was no one left to care about what happened to him…and that he didn’t deserve it anyway.

   Despite his decision to leave Jack alone, Gabriel had still had Sombra keep an eye on the vigilante’s movements and when she reports that he hasn’t left his current bolthole for days he can’t stop himself from going to check on the other man. Shadow-stepping in the room to find Jack’s body curled in on itself under a thin blanket, tears still drying on his cheeks, but his chest still and silent…but there’s still a tiny trace of his soul, a weak flicker that barely registers on Reaper’s senses. Its barely worth it, and part of him doesn’t want to…grief cutting through the anger, but in the end, he forces himself to move forward, to devour the fading soul before it can disappear completely if only so that he can pretend that he’s holding on to a tiny bit of Jack. He’s unprepared for the rush of emotions, the memory that forces its way into his mind…breath catching as he watches Jack falling apart completely, weak sobs shaking his fragile body, pleading for forgiveness and promising Gabe that he will see him soon…and its only then, as the echoes of the memory fades that Gabriel realises that Jack hadn’t known that it was him.

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Paladins+Allura hcs with a crush that's had a nightmare and asks while in tears if they can sleep with him/her

its currently 12:40am right now and i hope you like this !!



- he would probably be up as well

- his s/o would debate wether to go to Shiro’s room or not

- s/o would knock the door softly and shyly come in

      + Shiro would ask if anything was wrong and his s/o would be in tears

      + He’d literally run from his side of his room to door. His protective dad mode is on

      + he would just hold his s/o for awhile before gently pulling them to bed

- both having no more nightmares for that night


- he’d probably be sound asleep

- his s/o would just straight away run to his room, knowing that he’ll be chill about it

-Lance would be half awake when he opened his door for them

     + he’d realize they were crying and straight away tucking them into his bed

     + Lance would hold them in his arms and sing really softly a spanish lullaby thtat his mom used to sing for him

- Lance insists that they should sleep with him all the time


-he would still be kinda awake restless for over-doing training

- his s/o would be scared about disturbing keith

- even if s/o knocks lightly he’d still probably gets shocked

     + he’ll be a little annoyed at first but he sees their tears, he’d drag them into his bed

    + he’s softly run his hand over your arm calming them

    + Keith would only sleep if his s/o has already fallen asleep


- she’s probably up

- s/o would just go straight away to her room

- they would knock and step in, standing infront of the door

     + pidge would be confused at first, then realizing that theyre crying

     + would cuddle with them till theyre both asleep


- would be sound asleep

- s/o woulndn’t have to worry about Hunk being annoyed

- kinda would have to knock louder for him to hear

- Being the real softie he his, he’d pull his s/o in his bed holding them

    + i think Hunk would be the one to tell his s/o stories to help them sleep


-she’ll be up and awake

- her s/o would just step into her bed and she wouldn’t mind

- she’s chill about it

-helps them sleep while telling the stories about Altea