spanish lullabies

imagine Max, grown into a handsome, confident man, over a century old, powerful as his father, sitting somewhere in faraway Europe in front of a desk, gazing at the blue flame of a candle and thinking that it is the exact hue of color as his dad’s eyes once were. imagine Magnus next to him, absently humming a Spanish lullaby even after all these years, when there is long no Rafe who’d listen and ask for more.

imagine these two immortal souls, remembering their husband and son, their father and brother, with all but love in their hearts. imagine the silent relief and unspoken feeling of gratitude because they still have each other.

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OTP Parenting meme: Pattata.

Who cried when they brought their child home for the first time:  

Tasha. It took so long with the adoption stuff, so she culdn’t stop her tears when their little boy finally met his new home.

Who would wake up in the middle of the night to check on the kid:

Patterson. Sometimes she gets lost in time just watching him sleep.

Who changes the kid(s) diapers: they take turns.

Who makes the bottles: most of times, Patterson. But they alson take turns.

Who stays up late at night to rock the kid to sleep and sing them lullabys: Tasha, she knows a lot of spanish lullabys.

Who is guilty of spoiling the kid: BOTH.

Who would give the kid cookies in the middle of the night:  Tasha. Patterson never discovered about it.

Who would wake up early to make breakfast for the kid(s) before school: Tasha.

Who gets the kid ready for school in the morning: Patterson.  

Who takes the kid to school: depends on the day of the week

Who goes to parent teacher conferences: Patterson, cause Tasha hates this kind of events.

Who would choose their child prom outfit: Patterson

Who would cry when the kid(s) go off to college: Both! They can’t believe their little boy grow up so fast.

Lightwood-Bane Family

DAD Alec and PAPA Magnus 

Baby Max Michael Lightwood-Bane ( Blueberry or Little Mickey)                Max enjoys books and playing with common household objects. He wants to be a pirate.  

And His big Brother Rafael Santiago Lightwood-Bane ( Rafe Or Santy ) Rafael loves music, especially lullabies in Spanish, and enjoys dancing, hide and seek, and light-up sneakers.

Malec canon adopted sons:

The children of Magnus Bane and Alexander Lightwood Married at 23 (Alec) (2013)

<<<Max Michael Lightwood-Bane

Found on the steps of the Institute

Max has…

—dark blue skin

—Dark hair


<<<Rafael Santiago Lightwood-Bane

Rafael has…

—Tan skin

—Dark hair

—Brown eyes

Rafael loves…

—Music, especially lullabies in Spanish


—Playing hide and seek

—Light-up sneakers

Ch 4: El Nino | Toradora!AU

My slowburn SoMa College/Toradora!AU is back! I’m sorry for making you wait so long, so here’s 9k of content! I also hope you enjoy the new post format.

Thanks to @professor-maka and @makapedia for general revision and feedback. Big thanks also go to @therewithasmile and @l0chn3ss, who helped me write the Halloween party scene in a conscientious way.

Read Update Here: FF.Net | AO3

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Warnings: Mild alcohol consumption, racist frat boys.

Soul (3:00): how do u feel today

Maka (3:01): I’ve quarantined myself. Not great.

Maka (3:05): Can you do me a favor and get me more iced tea?

Soul (3:08): after class

With a sigh, Soul put his phone face down and rested his forehead on the desk, allowing a jaunty lullaby of Spanish dialogue to drift in and out of his consciousness. The weeks leading up to Halloween were crawling at such an insufferable and lethargic pace that he might as well just sleep through the entire month.

Since that day outside the language building, he and Patty were magnets of opposite polarity, bouncing apart to maintain a constant, unbreachable distance. There was a dull ache that dug its claws further into Soul’s chest when he saw her twirl away when they walked too close in the hall, but it wasn’t anything he hadn’t dealt with before. Now, Patty treated him with the same cautious indifference as everyone else. No big deal.

Well, almost everyone else. Without his usual Spanish partner to whisper to, Soul had struck up a friendship with the pernicious Kim Diehl. He didn’t appreciate her attempts to ensnare him in her latest con (“I know someone who can grind down teeth on the cheap, if you want to fix your face”) or recruit him as an accomplice (“You look like a guy who knows his way around the warehouse district”), but she was irreverent and clever and she helped pass the time during the endless Spanish films that blurred together into a bland cinematic mess.

Thinking once again of that confrontation with Patty and Maka, Soul shuddered and buried his head deeper in his arms.

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