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February 26, 2017
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Anonymous asked:

I have a fantasy story based on Cuban and Spanish cultures. I use Spanish names, titles, and light dialog. I’m a white writer; would this be considered appropriation??

In order for appropriation to occur, three things have to be true:

1) The culture being borrowed from is or has been oppressed by white Europeans.

2) The person doing the borrowing is white European or from the culture that has oppressed the culture in question.

3) The elements being borrowed have religious, deeply cultural, or otherwise sacred importance.

Most Hispanic cultures would certainly qualify for number one, and you definitely qualify for number two. So, the only question that remains is what elements you’re specifically borrowing. Elements from religion, mythology, and folklore would be out in most cases, at least as long as they don’t also exist in other, non-Hispanic cultures. So, for example, you could incorporate some kind of festival that commemorates the dead. However, you would want to avoid anything that sounds the specific imagery associated with Dia de Los Muertos.

I hope that helps!


Things You Should Know
A) I did not invent the concept of Cultural Appropriation. Google it.
B) I did not invent the concept of avoiding Cultural Appropriation as a writer. Google it.
C) If you are interpreting anything I said above as “don’t write about other cultures,” you have misunderstood, and that’s not my problem. EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE LASHING OUT.

@stopmakingliberalslookbad said: I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Who died and named you the creativity police?Your definition of cultural appropriation isn’t exactly correct either. White people aren’t the only ones who can appropriate. A black person with no American Indian blood wearing a feathered war bonnet is just as guilty of appropriation as a white person who does the same.I take issue with #1 too. So if somebody parades around in an individual Scottish clan’s tartan on Halloween, that’s not appropriation? Even though those patterns have a lot of meaning and significance?

WQA responded: OH SHUT UP, you ignorant stooge! What part of I DID NOT INVENT THE CONCEPT OF CULTURAL APPROPRIATION do you not understand?! NO ONE made me the fucking creativity police, but in case you hadn’t noticed, I run a FUCKING WRITING QUESTION ANSWER BLOG and this person asked me their opinion and I gave it to them. Bugger off now. Jesus.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

anonymous asked:

(Lying in bed with a dozing Dave™, Aaron ran a finger down the contour of his spine and smiled as Dave™ shivered slightly from the sensation. He was stocky, solid. His skin an olive colour that he claimed to have inherited from a Spanish grandmother. His light sandy brown hair was matted, thick and fell over his eyes. Those deep brown eyes, that Aaron trusted implicitly. Aaron dragged him over so his arms were around him and revelled in a feeling of safety he hadn't known before. Not completely)

Originally posted by usedpimpa


Even as light skinned as I am, going to a basically all white school made me feel like an outsider. I don’t even know how many times I cried over my hair when I was younger, never feeling beautiful until I took the hours to straighten it.
I’m a black/puerto rican/white mix
I’ve always felt like an outsider because of this; I’m the sort of middle ground that leaves me to be accepted by neither. But that’s okay, because maybe I’m not white enough, or black enough, or hispanic enough, but I’m all woman, and I am beautiful.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget this, but today is the day for all women to realize that they are all amazingly strong goddesses.
(P.s: I’m cuter in person)

anonymous asked:

Hello! My I have a match up plz? I'm 5'6 Intp girl.I'm mixed between black and Spanish so Im light skinned with long curly hair. I'm also very skinny because of my high metabolism. I'm very optimistic with others but I'm kinda self degrading so I have self esteem issues. I can sometimes be blunt and my friends say I never really properly show my emotions, which is somewhat true. When there's drama I always stay out of it or when drama comes to me I have the tendency to run away. (1/?)

I love math (shocker ik), watching anime(of course), reading and writing my own books. I also have a very wild imagination and tend to daydream often. I’m very independent and love taking risk, so being held down by something or someone is a big no-no for me. I don’t make friends easily because I can be super shy but when I do I become very talkative. I love to do things at my own pace, so I get annoyed when ppl try to rush me. Um I think that’s it sorry if this is too long thank you!!(2/2)

I ship you with Terushima!

Originally posted by doritobes

Terushima may seem like someone that’s impossible to date for you, but, I think the both of you go along really well. When he finds out that his significant other has self-esteem issues, he will literally shower you with compliments every single day, and he won’t stop even when your self-confidence has risen. Your optimism is like a ray of sunshine to him, attracted him like a magnet.

The fact that you love maths blows his mind, well, at least he has someone that’s able to tutor him now. He’ll bug and annoy you to let him read your books and writings and he’ll even offer you some plot ideas of his own! Terushima loves watching you daydream and will even sneak in a few shots to take some pictures, he finds them pretty cute. And it’s blackmail material, you can’t blame him.

Both of you are risk takers so there’s really no one to hold you down. Terushima wouldn’t rush you to do anything really, he’s a procrastinator himself, so he can’t have a say in this. The both of you will be adventurous and dates would include extreme sports or amusement parks!

i am so sick of white & white passing latinas being like “not all of us are dark skin” and “people don’t think i’m latina cause I’m light skinned” shut the fuck up already. all you ever see in the media is light skin latinas. there is a reason cameron diaz is the highest paid latina actress in hollywood, that sofia vergara is our biggest tv star. there is a reason every gringo thinks penelope cruz is latina because she fits that dark-hair-light-skin-spanish-name equation that they think defines us. there is a reason that afro-latina actresses almost never play latina characters. that the only marvel latina to make it into the movies was able to be played by a white girl. there is a reason shakira was able to break into the english market easier than others. stop fucking acting like you aren’t the fucking face that represents us in movies and shows, in novels, and in magazines and on billboards. stop fucking acting like dark girls get more attention than you do when that has literally never been the case.