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The Dia de los Muertos piece is beautiful!! But what is she saying? I don't speak Spanish either ;--;

Thank you!!! ; O ; I’m happy you like it!! 

A rough translation is basically “Welcome to our family. He’s never introduced/brought anyone to her before.” <) 

Porque nunca he besado a nadie. (Me daba miedo tener la tentación de morderle.) Y no he querido besar a nadie más que a él. (No voy a morderle. No le haré daño.)
Solo quiero besarle y morirme.
—Simon… —digo.
Y, entonces, el que me besa es él.
—  Baz, Moriré Besando a Simon Snow (capítulo 61)

so much rests upon her

quiet, distant labor       say the self
and purpose, the last remaining life of our
rich brothers sisters forgotten siblings
with color, but not ever of       the wretched    

otro lado del highway de la          eternal life
that is yours        hollow as your fangs,
colorfree brother       eater of the flesh
of the culture of a starved people

                our mothers are dead, damned
as any other       natural form sold
in the church of difference as capital

Literature works in Spanish language (3/∞) —– Leyendas, by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1868)

Yo vengo un día y otro en tu busca, y ni veo el corcel que te trae a estos lugares ni a los servidores que conducen tu litera. Rompe de una vez el misterioso velo en que te envuelves como en una noche profunda. Yo te amo, y, noble o villana, seré tuyo, tuyo siempre.  


I didn’t noticed Anna in this scene. I mean, obviously I know that she’s there, but I didn’t noticed with details her facial expression. Her face is a mixture between confusion and uncertainty. Confusion because she don’t know, with precision, what’s happening. And uncertainty because she dont know what will happen or what Elsa could do; also she looks scared. But for her the above doesn’t matter because all she wants is her sister back, and delves into the icy fortress, uncaring nothing more for than her sister.

SPANISH SPEAKERS: Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World, a 42-country anthology that I co-edited, will finally be coming out in Spanish. We’re trying to decide on a title for the Spanish-language edition. “Getting Bi” is an English-language pun and doesn’t work in Spanish. What would YOU call this book?  Please help by posting your suggestions TODAY. Thank you!