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Sastreria 91 - SS17 Collection Preview

With such a wide range of ready to wear alternatives showcasing at Pitti Uomo, it’s always refreshing to find sartorial options that embody years of tailoring know-how. Among the select few who present such collections, is Madrid based Sastreria 91, a small business run by husband and wife, Paul Garcia and Cat Gardner. After their recent debut at Pitti, the duo has been consistently delivering some of the most inspiring takes on classic menswear tailoring.

With an outspoken love for Spanish tradition, shapes and proportions, one that is on the threshold of a passionate obsession, Paul and Cat draw inspiration from the rich legacy left by their ancestors to recreate classic garments in their very particular vision. Their uncanny attention to detail and fit is only surpassed by the impeccable taste of the color palettes, comprised by subtle variations on trademark staples that add that much more visual appeal and depth to each garment.  

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Embroidered piqué jacket, ca. 1740, Museo del Traje, Spain.

Sometimes all you need is a nice example of beautiful garden embroidery.

These jackets were typical from the first half of the 18th century, on front they completed the look with a stomacher. The main characteristic of these jackets (“casaca” in Spanish) are the deep folds on the sides and the big cuffs usually in a triangular shape or with horizontal folds (this one has triangular cuffs).

Es tan fuerte, con esa pinta de duro, el pelo al ras por detrás, la cazadora abrochada y ese modo de sentarse tan imponente, tan sereno. Y, sin embargo, algo en él es dulce y bueno. Quizá su mirada
—  Federico Moccia, A tres metros sobre el cielo.