spanish impressionism

Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923)
“Italian Girl with Flowers” (1886)
Oil on canvas

Pablo Picasso - Palace of Arts, Barcelona (1903)

- In August, I’m going to travel to Barcelona. This city is one of the most beautiful art center in the world! I’m planning to visit the Pablo Picasso museum there, and I’m so excited. Can’t wait this experience!


Casas, Ramon (1866-1932) - Woman Driving by Milton Sonn

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<br />Ramon Casas was a Catalan artist. Living through a turbulent time in the history of his native Barcelona, he was known as a portraitist, sketching and painting the intellectual, economic, and political elite of Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, and beyond; he was also known for his paintings of crowd scenes ranging from the audience at a bullfight to the assembly for an execution to rioters in the Barcelona streets. Also a graphic designer, his posters and postcards helped to define the Catalan art movement known as modernisme.

Pablo Picasso - Dozing Drinker (1902)

- As I write you before, Picasso’s blue period started in 1901, after his friend commited suicide. He lived in very poor conditions during this term of his life in Montmartre, Bateau-Lavoir, he had lots of financial difficulties. He regularly visited the women’s prison hospital in Saint-Lazare, where venereal diseased prostitutes preserved. In the cells, ill and lonely women and girls vegetated, such as the woman in this painting, who fall asleep during drinking. The other title of the painting is Absinthe drinker: the greenish shades of the woman’s face reminds us to the color of the alcohol, which causes madness.


Joaquin Sorolla i Bastida , Mallorca paintings …


Cala San Vicente , Mallorca (Cove San Vicente, Mallorca)

Cala de San Vicente al Atardecer (San Vicente Cove in the Afternoon)

The Cave at San Vicente Javea , 1895

Rocas de Jávea y el bote blanco (Rocks at Javea and White Boat) 1905

Rocks of the Cape, Javea,1905

On The Rocks At Javea 1905

Una Barca en la Cala de San Vicente, 1919

Helena en Cala San Vicente, 1919

Clotide y Helena  on the rocks , Javea

Cave at San Antonio, Javea