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I’m doing it with Anna ( @annamedes ), Hannah ( @decafstudies ) and Becca  ( @peacefulstudies )

Once again, this is late. And I’m not running behind in it, I just haven’t had the time to post it. Today was a productive day, yes. But I was on the run with my family and we had to go out of town for some stuff and gah, I was so busy. I finally got home at 3am. Basically it’s been a long day and I have a headache, I’m tired af and my shoulder blades and spine are killing. Fun times.

Today’s Featured

  • I drove all day long, in the rain
  • My spanish vocaubulary flash cards
  • iHop hot cholocoate
  • the garden on my front porch

Today’s Done List

  • even though I was out and about, I got my Spanish vocabulary flash cards done since we have a quiz on Tuesday
  • I got my hair done (for my party)
  • my nails done (for my party)
  • worked some more on my World History reading/notes

Fun Additions

  • Went to iHop with my family 
  • Got to see some of my relatives

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