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Language tips!

I’m sure a lot of people have done this already, but I’m going to do it anyways.

1. Don’t make learning a language a chore. Make sure you know the reason you’re studying it so you don’t get discouraged from learning.

2. Use multiple resources. One resource can’t tell you everything. There are tons of masterposts, books and classes out there.

3. Look for corrections. I know this isn’t always possible without a teacher or native speaker but I use an app called HiNative (I’m sure you’ve heard of it) where native speakers or more advanced learners correct you.

4. Everyone was a beginner. Something I’ve seen floating around is “Even babies don’t say a word of their native language until about a year”.

5. Find a ton of music, films, TV shows, etc. in your target language. I even found Spanish covers of Japanese songs I liked. Singing the lyrics can also help with pronounciation and vocabulary.

6. Write things down. If you hear a new piece of vocabulary, an important phrase, etc. write it down so you can go over it. You can even write down stuff you don’t know and look for the definitions. A teacher of mine once said writing it down is like reading it 7 times.

7. It will be hard. My piano teacher told me that if something was easy, eveeyone would be doing it. Keep going (but don’t push yourself to hard), even when it seems like you’ll never learn the language.

Good luck! || Bonne chance! || ¡Buena suerte!


Let’s try my rusty skills at these space gays, aka Klance. Just some fluff.

He really wasn’t as boastful in private. In fact, Lance didn’t speak about himself at all. It was always about his family. The many cousins he had from all over. How they would take vacations to different places. Veradera beach was their favorite place to meet up. At least once a year, their big family chased off the rest of the beach goers with how loud they always were. Lance talked about his mom the most, how her cooking always made his stomach growl. How much he missed her hugs. 

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Hey look I did a thing


Listo!! Por fin pude subir mi segundo cover :3 si les gusta el vídeo por favor compartanlo, así podrá llegar a más personas. Gracias por el apoyo! Les mando un enorme abrazo! :3

sidenote some cool things i discovered this morning

  • tarzan is available on netflix
  • tarzan can be played in spanish on netflix
  • for spanish tarzan phil collins did spanish covers of all the songs