spanish chicks

obsidianthunderwolf  asked:

No yogurt here hon, I'm only into Spanish chicks with a little cream cheese on the side. But yea, keep guessin' hoe.

You wasted your time here. Just say you don’t give a fuck about protecting Black spaces and go.

Giving yt people passes to participate in Blackout?? Likee if you don’t understand how wrong that is I truly feel sorry for you.

So, yes. You sold out The Blackout for a scoop of 2% Chobani. That was a choice you made, I’m just stating facts 💅

anonymous asked:

Lol remember when Cal tweeted that he was "so going to marry a Spanish chick" 😂 I wonder if he still wants that? If he does he should hit me up 💁🏽 Btw happy belated birthday bby!!! Hope your day was magical and if it wasn't well just know that you're my fave account on tumblr 😘😘

Omg bae 😍 gurl you know he’s gonna hit chu up 👀😏