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No yogurt here hon, I'm only into Spanish chicks with a little cream cheese on the side. But yea, keep guessin' hoe.

You wasted your time here. Just say you don’t give a fuck about protecting Black spaces and go.

Giving yt people passes to participate in Blackout?? Likee if you don’t understand how wrong that is I truly feel sorry for you.

So, yes. You sold out The Blackout for a scoop of 2% Chobani. That was a choice you made, I’m just stating facts 💅

North Of 96th Street (Usnavi x Reader) (Part 2)

Summary: Your first day in the barrio.

Warnings: I don’t think any. Probably badly translated Spanish.

Tags: @pixel-pisces
A/N: I started this this morning oml help.
If Usnavi was honest with himself he was feeling very out of his character. He felt weird, it was a mixture of bitterness and sleeplessness. Vanessa had left six months ago. It was a mutual agreement, one day they were happy, the next they weren’t. So they went separate ways. She was still coming over for Christmas, and Halloween, and Easter, and his birthday. As was everyone who’d left the barrio, but she was still gone. No more late night escapades, his confidence was dwindling down to the Usnavi who tripped over his words in front of girls, and felt only comfortable behind his counter making coffee.

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“But Maria! You really need to teach me to speak Spanish! Like, really.”

“Really Mikey? The only word you know is puta.”

“I also know la mujer! And el hombre!”

“And that’s that! Why do you want to learn Spanish anyway?”

“Uhm cause-…”

“Chicks dig that? Totally. I mean those who can speak my language and especially if they’re hot, chicks dig that.” I wiggled my eyebrows.

I saw Michael blushing and scratching the back of his neck. “I would, but only in one condition?”

“Really? What is it love?” Michael excitedly asked.

“Give me one legit reason why you want to learn Spanish.”

“Because you’re my la mujer and I’m your el hombre.”

“Fair enough cheesy bastard.”