spanish celebration

katie mcgrath :
- broke her foot bc she was drunk
- her lockscreen is a pic of her and her dog (x)
- has a bag that says “helping the environment is a reason to celebrate” in spanish (x)
- nearly cried when she got a deathly hallows pillow and the han solo funko pop (x) (x) (x)
- she got a manip of her and nathan fillion and she caressed him lmao (x)
- said she doesn’t know what to do with her arms when she acts (x)
- said she runs weird bc of her big boobs (x)
- wrote “that’s a lot boobs” on a lena fanart when a fan asked her to do it (x)
- wrote “mine” on a supergirl funko pop (x)
- wrote “go team supercorp” on a supergirl poster (x)
- read bits of supercorp fanfics and then signed them (x) (x)
- a fan said she was sorry ‘cause there were too many photos to sign and she replied “don’t worry i don’t mind sweetheart” (x)
- katie + kids is the cutest thing in the world (x) (x) (x)

Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923)
“Seville, the Dance” (1915)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Hispanic Society of America, New York City, New York, United States

This painting is part of Sorolla’s “The Vision of Spain” series. Sorolla was commissioned to create a series of oil paintings on life in Spain. He would go on to make a total of 14 magnificent murals, installed to this day in the Hispanic Society of America building in Manhattan. They range from 3.5 to 4 meters (12-14’) in height, and total over 69 meters (227’) in length.

She left her career as a journalist because she chose to accompany me to continue enjoying football and I understand that this was a difficult decision for her. Now she is more relaxed, but within two to three years, she can resume career. Sara, I repeat, is calm and will soon be able to return to journalism, which is what she likes to do. Everything is cyclical, everything changes. Today she is for me, tomorrow I’m for her.
—  Iker Casillas talks about Sara Carbonero

Saphael Week Day 7: In the Future

  • LIfe at the Dumort has been…interesting since Simon returned.
  • If you had told Raphael that he’d been housing, dealing with, raising two warlock children with the fledgling, well, he would have laughed, then killed you.
  • Yet, days after Simon’s return to the Dumort, Magnus showed up at his doorstep with a child, “a warlock” he said, “abandoned by their mother.” 
  • When he’d asked why him, all he got was “Catarina can only do so much”
  • Fine
  • His initial plan was to raise it till it could survive on it’s own, simple and efficient. No use getting attached.
  • But, when has anything ever gone right in his undead life?
  • It was supposed to be simple, until Simon started holding her when she cried, started feeding her, reading copious amounts of maternity books “you know you’re not her mother right?”, “Someone should be
  •  They name her Rosa, after his late sister, and somewhere, he thinks, his mother is proud of him. 
  • She’s rambunctious, and oh so very curious. She tears through the halls of Dumort like they are her playground and Raphael can’t help the smile that etches itself on his face when he hears Simon’s exasperated sigh of “Be careful, sweetie.
  • Like father, like daughter
  • Unfortunately the world is a cruel place and it is not that much longer until Magnus shows up once more at his doorstep with a boy this time. He’s small and fragile. “I had no where else to go
  • They name him Ethan, after Simon’s late father, and the boy is so quiet. He is shy and sickly, but Simon gives him his all. Tells stories and sings lullabies, tucks them in bed and makes them mac and cheese.
  • They were never supposed to be spoiled, never supposed to be treated like free children. They were meant to be raised as wards of the clan, minimal attention required. After all, vampire hotels are not for children.
  • But Simon refuses to let them live like that, so he acts as their father. Like the one he was robbed of.
  • Ethan is still closed off, until Raphael passes by his room one night to hear the soft sounds of crying. He sings an old, old lullaby, his native tongue sounded soft in the darkness. When he is done he expects to see the boy asleep. Instead he looks at him in awe and asks him, “Are you not mad at me anymore , Papa?
  • After that night Ethan smiles and talks and dances around the lobby with his sister as Elliot and Stan chase after them. 
  • He knew Simon responded to the title of Daddy or Dad when uttered, but he had never considered his part in this.
  • When had he become Papa? When had Simon started to answer to Daddy? When did Lily become Aunty Lily, and Elliot and Stan the cool uncles, a Grandpa Charlie who fought in the war of 1812?
  • Most importantly, when had he agreed with Simon to raise children together? moments of homework helping and family meals between the four of them come to mind. Simon teaching Rosa the guitar, while Ethan learned Spanish. They celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah together with the clan, Raphael taught them how to dance and Simon introduced them to Stars Wars.
  • He doesn’t really know when both he and Simon started working on the same page, gushing to each other about their successes and discussing plans for their upcoming school year. “They need to learn magic Simon” “They also need to learn math and history” “That’s why we have Grandpa Charlie!
  • But
  • As he looks across the lobby floor, where Simon and Ethan are making Autumn wreathes, and Rosa is twirling under a cascade of fake red, orange, and yellow leaves thrown in the air by Stan and Elliot, he thinks that he doesn’t mind being a father with Simon.
  • Like an old married couple” the redhead once said, he snorts.
  • Life at the Dumort surely hasn’t been the same since Simon returned, but he doesn’t mind that so much. 
Okay, Okay. I like the Gabriel Reyes who eats hispanic food, who curses and throws shade in Spanish, celebrates/ sticks to traditions and what not. But I’ll raise you super(and maybe a bit racist?) Hispanic Gabe for...

A Gabe who is torn between two cultures. 

A Gabe who is a first generation Mexican(or whatever you headcanon him as)-American. A Gabe who can understand most Spanish but fails to communicate in it. A Gabe who’s first language is English because his parents wanted him to have more oppertunities in school and not be made fun of for struggling to speak or for having an accent. A Gabe who is shunned by Spanish-Speakers for not being able to speak it fluently. A Gabe who is called a Pocho constantly. A Gabe who knows more about American Holidays than Hispanic ones because it’s what his school and the Media taught him. A Gabe who felt insecure about his Hispanic heritage. A Gabe who tries to learn more about his heritage and language. A Gabe who gets shit on so bad for making a mistake on either of those things. A Gabe who looks Hispanic but is more American because he assimilated too well. 

A Gabe who didn’t fit in either category. A Gabe who grew up in LA never fitting in with his own kind and looking like a poser among the whites. A Gabe who tried to learn Spanish in High School only to be made fun of. A Gabe who was poor but couldn’t fucking relate to anybody. A Gabe who was judged by white people for how he looked and by Hispanics for how he acted. A Gabe constatly called ‘white washed’. A Gabe who floundered between both cultures with no solid footing in either. A Gabe who couldn’t relate.

A Gabe who never felt good enough. 

A Gabe who felt like an inferior Hispanic and a wannabe White. 

A Gabe who didn’t feel like he wasn’t fully one or the other.

A Gabe who felt…like he was nothing.

Yeah, yeah, it’s fun to think of him as being fully Hispanic in culture. I see comics and stories with ‘la chancla, tortillas, pendejo,’ etc. But…fuck do you know how fitting it is for Gabe to be a ‘Pocho’?

He doesn’t have any spanish lines and he grew up in LA. His parents probably wanted their boy to be more ‘American’ because they themselves struggled to fit in to the country because of the language barrier and cultural barrier. They thought they were doing Gabe a favor by making him more ‘American’. But in the end they did more harm than good. And that left him feeling horrible and conflicted his whole life.

And I know some of you are like ‘Well you’re just trying to white wash him!’ But that’s not the point. I was the same. I grew up in an American Culture but with a Mexican apperance. It sucks being stuck between two cultures. It really fucking dose and the idea of having Gabriel Reyes, aka Reaper, going through the same shit I did is really comforting. 

I’m not saying you should adopt this HC, I know not everyone is like this. But a lot of people are and I think it’s important to point out that someone can be Hispanic without being full on stereotypical. It takes away a lot of depth from a person and charachter, y’know?

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Timelessly Beautiful Pictures of Jonathan Toews

Sometimes, pictures of Jonathan Toews are so beautiful, they’re timeless.  Here are some examples of that.

Jonathan Toews, University of Chicago senior, takes the L to campus. Late September, 1985.  

Shutterstock photo #502421467.  Tagged: indoor sunglasses, formal wear, handsome man.  Photo uploaded May, 2007.    

19 year old Canadian Hockey prodigy Jonathan Toews watches figure skating at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.  

Actor Jonathan Toews in a promotional still for his long running WB show Port Washington.  The intended series antagonist, Jonathan played a former high school quarterback who quickly became a fan favorite.  October, 1998.  

Ferrari Formula 1 driver Jonathan Toews, after a press conference, May 2011.  Toews narrowly avoided a major crash at the Spanish Grand Prix.  

Celebrity Chef Jonathan Toews in a People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive spread, November 2005.  Toews is the executive chef at three Chicago eateries.   

 Folk Musician Jonathan Toews and his dog, Kiddo, June 1979 for Rolling Stone magazine.  

Satyr Jonathan Toews answers invasive questions about what it’s like, being the first half-man/half-goat to play in the NHL.  October, 1993.  Toews goes on to win 3 cups and a Conn Smythe, and he keeps his beard year round.