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With that gorgeous gun of his, I can't help but think of Dean having a gun kink. He's careful, oh so careful, but it's sexy when he's got that cool metal against your skin.

You know that thought crossed my mind after I posted that kink ask last night. But honestly if I got into that line of thinking then the kinks expanded. Gun kink, Classic car kink, Spanish kink, Asian kink, Anime Kink, rock music kink…I could go on. And as for gun play, I have just learned within the past few months that this was a thing and tbh I don’t fully understand it, but it is fun to think about what Dean would be like all worked up with a gun in his hands. And then to watch him hold/clean/shoot said gun with memories of you attached to it.

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Quick Guide to Practical Magick

How to create a practical and results oriented ritual
quickly and simply.

By Dead Jellyfish

What follows is a brief and simple guide to Practical Magick and the steps
involved in creating a Result Oriented Ritual — that is a ritual focus on getting
laid, getting rich, or getting even. The material that follows is presented under the psychological model of Magick — that there are no external gods or beings
assisting in the Magick ritual, that the work being done arises from the Self.

Step One: The Statement of Intent

The first and most important step in creating a ritual is making a Statement of
Intent. It is desirable to make the Statement of Intent as precise as possible, while
endeavouring to keep it simple. Excessive complication reduces the probability of success for the working. Statements of Intent such as “It is my Will to have a
lover who is tall, intelligent, blonde, speaks Spanish, has a red car, drinks coffee,
doesn’t smoke, has two sisters, has no thumbs, loves animals, plays Dungeons
and Dragons, likes video games, etc.” have very poor odds of working.

While over complication is undesirable, so is the opposite. Being very vague will increases the odds of success greatly, but it will also increase the odds of
achieving a result that is not desirable. A Statement of Intent such as “It is my
Will to have a lover” will very likely be successful — but that lover could be ugly,
unintelligent, have a poor personality, or any of a number of other problems. Be careful what you ask for. You may just get it.

Types of Cars

El Coche/El Carro - The Car (according to my internet searches and my previous knowledge, both are popular and depend on stylistic choice or region)

El Camión - The Truck

El Todoterreno - The All-Terain Vehicle (Or sometimes the SUV)

El Tráiler - The Trailer/Motor Home (also motor home is spelled as two words in the dictionary and one on motorhome websites so #englishfunfact)

I am sitting at the car wash while doing it, but it looks like its going to rains so I have no idea why I am getting my car washed. #questionable


Hamilton Victorious at Spanish Grand Prix

Full results || Notable events

  • Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton wins in Spain putting him 6 points behind Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in Driver’s Championship points.
  • Only 3 drivers (Hamilton, Vettel, & & Ricciardo) finished on the lead lap. 
  • Red Bull’s Max Verstappen & Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen retired on the first lap after a collision at the first corner as they went 3-abreast with Bottas.
  • Mercedes leads the Constructor’s points (161) over Ferrari (153).

The next race is the Monaco Grand Prix - Monte Carlo, 25, 27-28 May 2017.


The spanish boys in the car are now in the bathroom ;)