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I was tagged by our dear friend @amillqvist to answer 20 questions and tag 20 people. 

Name: Mazette
Zodiac Sign: Libra ascendant Mongoose
Height:  18 cm less than the one who tagged me who was the same height as the snake who tagged him into this…
Orientation: NorthWest ..Sunny in the afternoon …pretty good for the plants on my balcony…
Nationality:  Française 
Favorite Fruit:  maracujá and apricot

Favorite Season: Spring and Summer

Favorite Book: “Tre cavalli” Erri de Luca  and every books from Antoine Volodine,  Joseph Conrad, Francisco Coloane and Henning Mankell                                              

Favorite Flower: Peony and Rose “Pierre de Ronsard”                           

Favorite Scent: the scent of a chestnut or a pine forests, coastal dense evergreen underbrush (le maquis), Spanish broom and sage…                    

Favorite Color: Blue, Green  my own private color palette features washed, faded and bleached half-tones…                                                                      

Favorite Animal: Prairie Dog, Meerkat                                                       

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa:  in order of use Green tea, Coffee…               

Average sleep hours: average                                                                        

Cat or dog person: guess!                                                                       

Favorite fictional character: Mafalda and Corto Maltese                             

Number of blankets you sleep with: it depends where and when :o)                                                            

Blog Created:  June 2013                                                                                  

Number of followers:  a couple of thousands but …do I have to count all the bots?

I tag (but only if you want to do this) : @icardamome , @silver-frog, @mazzymara , @tumblekai, @radekrogus, @danfreemanphoto, @cpleblow , @theoriginalplant, @johbeil, @un-polaki-traine-des-doutes, @klaasfoto , @alexandreparrot, @da-da-sk, @boschintegral-photo , @justjulespictures , @was-bleibt-der-zeit , @koshigura, @thenoisiestpassenger , @caeliriva , @dennybitte@cyrilberthaultjacquieruniverse@matthewschiavello, @woodsong , @outboundmedia1 , @seagirl49… that is a no ending list , so if I miss you and you’d like to participate, please feel free to add your name…