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Name: Kristiana
Age: 18
Country: Latvia

I just like to talk to people around the world. Im fluent in Latvian, Russian and English, can do a conversation in Spanish. I do a bunch of things, like photography, video, art in general. Im a nerd in politics, history and philosophy, if you want to do a couple hour conversation about Trump or Brexit hmu. I listen mainly to any music except rap, rn on my playlist top is pink, sting, the lumineers, fletcher. Also a hippie in soul, craving for world peace. Im extremely open minded and waiting messages only from such people (homofophic, racist, sexist - no). Also, love sports, all of them, rn I do swimming and triathlon professionally, but have been quite good in basketball and volleyball too.

Preferences: 16+ in age, any gender, any sexuality, please open minded.

swimmer! daniel

prompt line: “i can’t swim”


im still a donghyun stan tho

  • daniel was the all-rounder in school
  • he was on the track team, swim team, basketball team, Spanish club, Chinese club, hosa, and was in charge of the morning cafe
  • he was beautiful with a kind heart too
  • he had all of the girls in the school wrapped around his finger
  • but he chose you
  • he loved you since the first day he set his eyes on you
  • and you could say the same lol
  • every time he would pick you up in his old, red mustang, he wanted to take you swimming
  • you would deny with petty excuses like
  • “no, i spent 2 hours on my hair”
  • or
  • “no, it will mess up my makeup”
  • each time daniel would sigh but cave in and the two of you would just go shopping or to the movies
  • but one day out of the blue, daniel came to pick you up
  • “what are you doing here?” you asked in shock, hands flying up to cover your bare face
  • he laughs, dragging your hands off of your face, “i’m taking you swimming and you cant say no! you need to feel the joy of the water on your perfect, little body” he boops your nose while dragging you out of your house
  • hell, you were still in your slippers
  • “daniel, i dont have a bathing suit!”
  • he buckles you in and then shuts the door before walking around to the driver’s side, “i bought you one”
  • he got you there
  • after driving in silence for a couple of miles he looks over at you with worry on his face, “baby, why are you so silent? did i do something wrong?”
  • you sigh, biting your lower lip, “i really dont want to go swimming…”
  • daniel chuckles softly, “it is so much fun! i want to see my beautiful babe swim-”
  • “i cant swim”
  • it was like all time stopped in the car
  • JKJK but daniel was in shock
  • before you could explain with a blush spread across your face, daniel looked over at you with a million-dollar smile
  • “i will teach you. i’m not on the swim team for nothing, right?”

anonymous asked:

I love character analysis posts and you always give so much detail and thought about these precious lords. Would you be able to do an analysis on Kenshin? His main story is a bit confusing at points but we know he's depressed either because of the pressure of being labeled the God of War or over feeling guilty over Kagetsugu's sister for some unknown reason. I just wondered what your thoughts were on this?

Ahaahaa a) thank you, both for the ask, and for saying so! and b) I am so sorry. I AM SO SORRY.

Before I do anything lemme link you to THIS because it’s one of my favorite theories even if we know it’s not canon.

NOW. It’s been awhile since I’ve read his route and he doesn’t have as much content as some of the other lords so my grasp here is LESS based on little details the story gives us and more on OVERALL IMPRESSIONS and we know that personal experience colors our impressions significantly, so, yes, your mileage may vary.

TOO LONG, DON’T WANNA READ VERSION: I think Kenshin’s treasury is a metaphor for his dissonant world perception – one where he fundamentally views needs  (ie, hunger of these 400 people he has to see fed and the loneliness of a single old man) as equal in value, and the fact he knows other people don’t see it that way, the constant need to prioritize things he perceives as equal value (because he is a leader and he has to and he knows/accepts this) drives his sense of guilt, as does his perception of beauty (which, in yoolee’s head, extends to violence) which all in turn fuels his melancholy.

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Dejar todo, y ablandar al fin tu corazón…
Encontrar palabras que decirte…
Y luchar, SOLO POR TI….

Y gritaré: TE AMO…
Y ésta noche…
No dejar que partas, nunca más…

No te dejaré ir…
Este día no se irá…
Tu mirada encontraré…

Gif By: Sweetdreamsqueen.

An adidas Originals mi ZX FLUX creation by Spanish basketballer RICKI RUBIO. Make your own one-of-a-kind sneaker now at

Many ideas came to me when I was thinking of a picture to customise my ZX FLUX, but this one is special because of the moment it represents.
It is a sunset I saw with some friends, before traveling to the United States.
It was a moment with a big mix of feelings: emotion, fear, sadness, joy, nerves …

Pensando en una foto para personalizar mi zapatilla me vinieron muchas a la cabeza, pero esta es de un momento especial. 
Es de una puesta de sol que vi en compañía de unos amigos, antes de hacer mi viaje a Estados Unidos.
Fue un momento en el que se mezclaron muchos sentimientos: emoción, miedo, tristeza, alegría, nervios…