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*The Incas are not from Mexico.

*The Incas who btw are from an entirely different continent from my people are NOT Mesoamericans, they’re from the Andes.

*Not all nations in Mexico are Mesoamerican, more specifically the northern tribes.

*Aztecs, Maya & Incas are not interchangeable related people. Different languages, different beliefs and different clothing.

*Mexican is not a synonym for the indigenous people of Mexico, stop saying stuff like “Mexicans built the pyramids” or “Mexicans first domesticated corn thousands of years ago”. You don’t say “Canadians met Vikings before Columbus arrived” or “Americans built a city called Cahokia that was bigger than London at the time”.

*We are not dead or a thing of the past, the Spaniards didn’t wipe us out. We are still living, numbering in the millions actually.

Countries opinion on Pineapple on Pizza


Japan: Japan’s that guy that gets defensive of Pineapple on pizza, but won’t say anything. He’ll just silently glare at you as he eats his pizza.

Germany: He’s indifferent. But he’s found its a good tool in warding off Italians.

Italy: He was willing to try it. Until Romano convinced him it was the work of the devil. Now he’s scared of it.

Romano: He hates(is scared of) pineapple on pizza. Spain once chased him around the house with a slice of it, until Romano accidentally punched the Spaniard and knocked him out.

Hungary: She has a very, very strong passion for it.

Austria: Hungary’s passion has scared him out of trying it. Though he is curious.

Prussia: Literally him and Hungary have Pineapple pizza parties.


France: He cried when he first heard of it.

America: Hates Pineapple on pizza with a passion. Though, the reactions of some of the other nations amuses him and uses it against them.

Canada: It is his child. His darling son. He will protect it with his life and honor and-GOD DAMMIT AMERICA IM GOING TO KILL YOU

England: Regularly asks America for it in meetings so he can see France’s distraught face. Hasn’t actually tried it yet.

China: Hong Kong likes it, so he knows about it. Has never tried it before.

Russia: Hates it because America likes it. Low key likes it.



Denmark: Can’t

Iceland:Not him.



*Updated it! Apperntly Pineapple pizza comes from Canada and It’s banned in Iceland, so thank you to the awesome people who told me those crazy facts!

There are few figures as polarizing the study of American Magical History as that of the Voudon Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau. Business woman, religious leader, spiritual icon, mother, political-power broker, and teacher, Marie Laveau wore more hats in her long life than even the most talented haberdasher would have been able to supply for. Some historians claim she was potentially the most powerful witch to have ever raised a wand in North America’s recorded history. Others claim she was one of the most manipulative flim-flam artist the world has ever seen, who rose to power on the sheer force of her intoxicating personality and venomous ambition.

Marie Catherine Laveau was the half-blood off-spring of a wealthy, wizard plantation owner and his muggle, creole mistress. As the International Statute of Secrecy was not reliably enforced in Louisiana generally, and New Orleans specifically until well after the purchase of the territory by the muggle-government of the US, wizards and witches living in the territory were more open about the practice of their magic, especially in the crescent city where real magic was hidden naturally by the background of mysticism for which it was famed. Mssr. Charles Laveau, her father, was more cautious than most about practicing magic in front of the general public, but did not necessarily believe in the benefits of the Statute. So when Marie began exhibiting tremendous sorcerous talent at the age of 5, he immediately began her education in the arts, if not in discretion while practicing them. As the only one of Mssr. Laveau’s many children, legitimate or otherwise, to show magical power, Marie quickly became on of his favorites.

Marie was well educated by her Mssr. Laveau in both the mundane talents he felt a woman should know, and also the magical control he felt her powers mandated. Though he was originally averse to teaching Marie magic that French-Louisiana culture commonly dictated to be above her station as a woman, a half-blood, and a person of color, he found her quick mind and avid desire to learn irresistible, especially when his other sons and daughters were all born without magical talent. His personal documents, kept by the Laveau Academy, point out that Charles had seriously considered sending Marie to Beauxbatons, but decided against it when both her mother and grandmother protested her being sent so far away. Instead, at the age of 11, Charles hired Marie a full-time tutor named Madame Le Croc, a recent Beauxbatons graduate who had come to Louisiana looking to make a future. She gave Marie the basics in French magical-practice before running off with a Spaniard and falling out of history as we know it.

Marie gained a reputation as a great beauty before she was 16 years old, and was quite popular in New Orleans society. She had also already started to gain a certain mystical reputation around the city, due in large part to her burgeoning association with the voudons and hoodoo workers of the community. Marie’s tutor had run off on her after only four years, and she refused to accept another from her father. Being creole herself, Marie had the social flexibility to move back and forth between the magical communities of both whites and non-whites, being fully accepted in neither place, but neither being shunned completely.

Though there were no direct sources of education in African sorcery available to her (there being no African wizards amongst the enslaved) Marie did find Black wizards and witches who had constructed a unique magical tradition from what little they garnered from European wizards and witches, and the traditions of their homeland. While the majority of voudon practice belongs to muggle believers who are simply going through the motions, Marie did find real power in those beliefs, and began studying it to augment her own power. Along the way, Marie also picked up tricks and tips from the wide variety of wizards and witches from different cultures that passed through New Orleans or called it home. Whether they were Catholic Ceremonialist, Native American’s practicing the oldest form of magic in America, or Dutch sorcerers plying the sorcery of sea and weather, Marie was always an avid student for whatever magical knowledge they were willing to throw her way in return for money, services, or, if the rumors are to be believed, more intimate favors.

Her rise to power was meteoric. By the age of 19, Marie had an incredibly broad if not overly deep knowledge of magic, which she used to cobble together her own power-base in the city. With her father’s help she established herself as a hair dresser to the wealthy and powerful gentry of New Orleans. In this position she was able to both garner information and collect hair samples of some of the crescent city’s most powerful and prominent men and women. By the time the Statute of Secrecy was fully enforced in the city, Marie Laveau had already entrenched herself as a political and spiritual authority that not even the Wizarding Congress could hope to uproot. As Marie’s influence was largely used to bring the magical community of Louisiana into the the magical union, little real effort was made to dissuade her or weaken her rule over the city and its surrounding environs.

Marie married when she was 25. Her husband, a powerful Hatian wizard, gave Marie her original foundation in the magical practices of Africa. Though known to history as Jacques Paris, many suspect Mssr. Paris may have actually been Le Loup, the legendary sorcerer who came to Haiti with a cadre of African magicians in the late 1700s and helped start the Haitian revolution, and whose niece and nephew started the Allegiance Academy, the first school ever established for Black wizards and witches living in the America. Whatever his true identity, he taught Marie much in those strange sorceries before disappearing within two years of their marriage, leaving Marie a “widow” at the age of 27. The theories of this disappearance are as broad the bayou, but best left for another day. Save it to say Marie never took a second husband, and publicly kept the surname of “Paris” attached to her own. She did, however, find another paramour in Christophe Glaipon some years later.

Glaipon was a squib, but he and Marie apparently loved each other fiercely, and legend says he fathered 15 children on Marie. The number is, of course, ridiculous. Marie only bore five children: one daughter, and four sons, all of whom inherited their mother’s magical talent. The number “15” is derived from Marie’s unofficial adoption of numerous muggle-born witches and wizards, for whom she became a guide and tutor. She held class in a room hidden in the folded space in the back of her small home, and while many ascribe her the worst motives (building a fanatical power base to support her already cemented rule) Marie found she actually loved teaching young people, and this time in her life probably strongly influenced her founding of an Academy for magic near the end of her life.

Sadly Christophe died well before Marie (some say killed by her political rival, the ill-fated Cressius Malfoy…but that is yet another story for another day) and in the 1870s she began to grow bored with ruling New Orleans. She handed over the reigns of power to her daughter, Marie the Second, and retired to an enchanted manor in the depths of the swamp, which many believe once belonged to the doomed and lost Louisiana Malfoys (again, a story for another day). There she founded her Academy, bringing many of her former pupils as staff and gaining instant notoriety for her methods of teaching, designed to bring the strengths of every student to the fore and nurture them to their fullest potential. Marie dropped out of the public eye completely in 1881 after feigning her death, and devoted herself to teaching. In 1900, 15 years before her actual death, the Laveau Academy was recognized by Congress as an official source of Magical Education, along with The Randolph-Peyton Institute and the Salem Institute.

Marie Laveau is on record as dying in 1915 at the age of 119. Since then sightings of Marie Laveau’s ghost have been a frequent occurrence, even though no such specter has ever come to register at the Bureau of Intranational Magical Peoples (The Imp Bureau) as is required by law. Many who knew Marie or have studied her life do not think such an oversight would be that surprising from the Voudon Queen of New Orleans, who never lived by anyone’s authority but her own.

There is even a small sector of Wizarding society that believes the wily enchantress is still alive somewhere, subtly manipulating American society from behind the scenes. These rumors are certainly just that, of course.

(SOURCE: The amazing and incomparable Angela Basset as Marie Laveau on the most recent season of American Horror Story, beside a portrait claimed to be of the Vodoun Queen herself)

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Do you have cute spamano headcanons to share with us?

i’m so so so sorry it took me so long to respond to this! aah recently i haven’t been feeling up for the mood to talk about some fluffy, cutesy headcanon moments, but today i decided?? why not???? ( ^^” )

i’m guessing when you say spamano, you are thinking of regular, good old hetalia universe aph spain & aph romano & here you go! ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )  if you wish for more, but in different universes, i won’t mind it. or in general if you want more i’ll think of more just for you. enjoy anon!

1) Because Lovino goes through many phases to take interest in, from ocean sea life to fashion to birthstones, Antonio always tries to make an honest and thorough effort to understand what his Italian lover is so passionate about. Usually, no matter how long Lovino talks about it, his lectures & his eagerness to learn & bring information to every one around him as Antonio in love.

2) Since the two tend be long distance, due to their constant need to be and stay in their country, the moment they do meet, either at the airport, a world meeting, or even in a public area, they are the ones to run and give each other really huge hugs as Antonio lifts Lovino off the ground & together they sway in their fit of laughs & teary eyes. Each time Lovino laughs more about Antonio breaking his back one of these days.

3) Speaking of being long distance, every other day when people are meant to sleep & rest for the night, Antonio & Lovino call one another & stay up for hours to talk to each other, speaking in hushed whispers & breaths. Sometimes their conversations are absolutely nonsense about their day to their honest feelings towards their days being apart & continuous proclaims of ‘i love you’. Feliciano wakes up to their calls every once in awhile & can’t help but smile at the cute relationship.

4) Antonio is a man who misses the fine, & at times obvious, details to his appearance, which makes it Lovino’s duty to fix his horribly tied ties, crooked reading glasses, and pick those thin stray pieces of hair or lint off his Spaniard’s shirt, tux, suit, sweater, etc. On good days when he’s feeling a bit bold, afterwards Lovino will place a kiss on Antonio’s cheek, making the latter more smiley than ever.

5) Every time Lovino laughs or smiles at anything, from hearing a joke on the radio as they’re driving to seeing Ludwig trip & stumble on a crack on the sidewalk, Antonio can’t help but laugh right along, not because he also thought it was funny, but just because the way Lovino’s eyes shine in delight & the small wrinkles that appear in the outer corners of them & the way his nose scrunches just for a moment has Antonio crack up in happiness.

6) Lovino personally can’t help, but love the small, most random things about Antonio that send small chills down his back. From his rough hands intertwining with his own & the way his dimples shows when he is guffawing at something so hilarious to how he pronounces certain words with his lisp & looking at his topless back muscles as he stretches, Lovino admires them all, even when they are all things Antonio himself is self conscious about.

7) Both of them are an ‘odd’ couple that constantly goes to the same restaurant & bar whenever they are together for a casual outing or a special event, having the workers and the manager of their favorite places give them discounts & high quality service & treatment. Those areas for them are the the few locations they are comfortable sharing a kiss & holding hands at. The only thing Lovino would change would be the set of questions of their relationship they have to answer to satisfy the waitors & waitresses in the beginning before they get their table cause it’s embarrassing, but Antonio usually is the one to be more than happy to reply.

8) Lovino is the one to try & put effort into giving Antonio special gifts & cute things to his day every blue moon, from starting the day by waking up early to make him breakfast before he has to go out & placing orders to have a bouquet arrive to Antonio’s meeting place with his boss before Antonio leaves for it to even washing the bed sheets with his favorite detergent when he is away & etc. When the day ends & the two are under the covers ready to sleep, he’ll start doubting & thinking all his actions were gone to waste & were dumb, but then he feels arms encircle his waist & a kiss on his neck, along with a “Gracias por todo mi amor..” that let’s him know everything was worth it; that Antonio is worth it.

9) Antonio usually is the one to fall asleep before Lovino, but there is never a time when he doesn’t fight sleep if Lovino wishes to talk more into the night. No matter how long the day has been or how much heavy his eyelids feel, the Spaniard will still force out energy to respond in mumbles & slurs. It always makes Lovino try to not laugh at how ridiculous he looks, but at the same time the Italian’s heart soars up to cloud nine at the dedication his boyfriend has. & if they aren’t together physically, Antonio will still fight sleep through his texts & messages, even if they are full of typos. 

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Why is the term 'Hispanics' bad?

a lot of latinx ppl don’t like it because it ties us back to the Spaniard colonization that our people had to endure including the forced assimilation, our land being stolen, our well established civilizations being destroyed, and other atrocities Spaniards caused by swerving out of their lane

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You ship Swan Queen?! That's so wrong!

Oh dear… Really? My first anon hate and it’s about my ship? REALLY?

Ok, let me tell you a story, I started to watch OUAT when the 2nd season was finished, which meant that I had 44 episodes to watch. Do you know, dear anon, how many episodes I needed to start shipping the hell out of these two lovely ladies? 3 fucking episodes! But I can assure you that I had seen something since the very beginning.

SQ is the only thing that makes sense in the current madness OUAT has become. For god’s sake, it has more sense than Charming’s presence in the show! And don’t get me wrong, I love Charming-Emma’s dinamic, they have a lovely relationship and I do like Josh Dallas, he seems a really nice guy, but let’s be honest, Charming is just an extension of Snow White and it’s such a shame because I think he has a lot of potencial.

And here is when all the SQ haters say things like:

“OMG but Regina is Emma’s step-grandmother”. Ok I have bad news for you, or you’ve lost the thread of the story or you just simply know nothing, Anon Snow.

“But Regina is evil!” WRONG. Regina was evil, no one can deny it. I’m an Evil Regal and I think I can assure you that 100% of EV family and let’s say 90% of Swen (if it’s not 100%) don’t justify Regina’s actions, we don’t condone them but we made an effort and we learnt to see the whole story, “but Regina could have dealt with the situation way better!”, well of course she could, but when you grow up you try to understand the reasons behind the actions, and dearie, if you do that with Regina, you’ll understand.

“Regina is not Henry’s mom!” OH MY FUCKING GOD. DON’T. YOU. DARE. She is his mom. Regina is wonderful to him, even after the whole “book thing”, she was trying to protect him and herself, again, her actions are more than questionables but the reasons behind them are legit.

“Regina doesn’t deserve a happy ending”. Then nobody in this fucking show deserves it!. She has done more for her redemption than your “pure” Snow White or Rumple and if you don’t see it you need glasses my friend. 

“They hate each other”. EXCUSE ME, have you watched 3x11? Have you? Because the end of the episode, THE ENDING doesn’t say that, even my grandmother thought they were a married couple, my 79 years old grandmother. She is so cool, I know, anon, I know.

“Robin Hood is Regina’s True Love”. HAHAHAHAHA. Don’t get me wrong, I respect OQ and its shippers, they are cool, but Robin is not Regina’s true love, I bet my playstation if it’s necessary! The same way Neal is not Emma’s true love, I don’t say anything about Hook because for all we know he might be, but Cora knows that if that heresy happens I’ll rent a fucking ship and I’ll pick up every single member of Swen and I don’t know after that, but the world will know.

“But Henry should be with his real parents” You’re right, he should be with his real parents, and by “real parents” I mean Regina and Emma.

“OMG you SQ shippers are so rude”. Dude, I’m spanish and there are rude spaniards out there, there are rude americans out there, there are rude white people out there, hell, there are a lot of rude people in the world, but I don’t judge american people or white people or people in general because of a few rude assholes. And neither you should. Yes of course there are some rude SQ shippers, and CS shippers, and SF shippers, but I don’t judge the whole fandom because of them.

In conclusion, dear anon, I don’t ship Swan Queen, I fucking luxury cruise Swan Queen, it’s an amazing fandom and the writers and artists and videomakers are fucking wizards I swear, they make magic. And an advise for the future, don’t criticize anybody’s ship, it’s not polite and it’s a little bit rude.