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MCU Rewatch a summary

Iron Man: Tony is held captive, realizes his weapons are injuring innocent people, shuts down his weapons manufacturing in an attempt to right this wrong, undergoes an amazing redemption arc wherein he is mocked/belittled by several people and still manages to come out on top having saved the day, but also having to make the choice to effective murder Obadiah (who, fair enough, tried to kill him) who up to the part where he finds out Obadiah is evil was like a parental figure to him.

Iron Man 2: Tony is literally fucking dying.  He keeps trying to say something about it and failing.  People see physical symptoms on his person and accept his bullshit answers.  (And even thought it’s probably not the point, one could argue that the narrative is actually blaming Tony for dying?  At very least shaming him for how he reacts to the news he’s dying.)  The villain is some dude that his Dad pissed off, kind of?  And Tony feels bad about it?  Also for a small moment, Howard isn’t the worst father that ever lived.  Tony saves the day with help from a new Super Friend and his BFF.

Avengers: Tony is actually Ok.  He has a girlfriend, he’s producing clean energy.  He is a genius.  He is still a shit but he’s overall pretty damn good at the moment.  Except that the old man in the spangly outfit keeps starting fights with him.  It’s not like Tony doesn’t also want to fight Mr. Spangly Man but seriously, Steve must have had a bad break up with Howard because he basically hates Tony on sight.  Tony puts all his faith and trust into Bruce, despite everyone else thinking Bruce is basically a time bomb (including Steve who acts like he doesn’t think that but does).  Bruce shows up and kicks ass.  Tony sacrifices himself to save New York thus completing yet another arc based on how Tony’s Bad Personality Traits have been Redeemed.  

Iron Man 3: Tony experiences a 2 hour panic attack, everyone notices, nobody cares.  Pretty sure destroying all your shit and making drastic changes to your appearance are BAD signs but they are treated like good things by the narrative.  Tony has several super friends, not one so much as phoned in to check on him.  To prove how callous and stupid they are, Marvel inserts a final lame joke in having Bruce fall asleep while Tony talks.  

I’m working on a de-aged Tony porn fic… enjoy. Here’s an excerpt. No smut here.

Tony walked into he and Steve’s shared bedroom, the day in medical weighing heavily on his shoulders. What he wanted was to go to bed and sleep for a week or so, but judging by the way Steve was sat on the edge of the bed, sheets clenched in his fists, Tony didn’t think that would be happening.

“How was medical?” Steve asked, his voice tight.

“Poked and prodded for hours on end. It looks like it is just my body because I got all my memories still intact. Shit’s pretty interesting, to be honest. When I said I wasn’t craving a cigarette or,” Tony cleared his throat, “Cocaine–don’t give me that look. It was a long time ago. Anyway, I think Bruce popped a boner at the thought of studying the physiological versus psychological aspect of addiction. I’m curious, too, but I needed to get out of there–”

“How old are you?” Steve interrupted.

“They counted the rings around my trunk and deduced that I’m 19.”

Tony always forgot how quickly Steve could move. Captain America he understood. He saw that spangly outfit running impossibly fast through the streets. But without the cowl, Steve usually kept to normal human speeds. That being said, Steve was up off the bed and crashing his lips into Tony’s before Tony had a chance to register what was happening.

“Thank god.“

stevetony ficlet: Quarantined!

MCU, post-CACW. For the “quarantined!” square on my stony bingo card.

Bruce pushed down his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was not how he had been hoping to spend his day.

From the other side of the small round glass window, Steve and Tony glowered daggers at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said, holding his hands up defensively. “But the quarantine protocols are for your safety as well as everyone else’s. Whatever that substance was, we need to keep you both isolated and under observation until we know if it has any infectious properties.”

Tony picked a clump of wobbly orange goop out of his hair and eyed it with distaste. The team had been responding to distress call in the Amazon when they had come across a hideous mound of sentient slime. Subduing it had been fairly straightforward, but its defence mechanisms apparently included spontaneous explosion, and both Steve and Tony had been hit.

“And how long is that going to take?” Steve asked in clipped tones. He glanced sideways at Tony.

“At least, uhh, a few hours,” Bruce said apologetically. It had only been a couple of months since the team had re-formed to battle Thanos, and the cracks of their fight over the Accords were still visible. They had modified the Accords and all signed them together, and the team had mostly set aside their differences and moved on.

Steve and Tony, however, were holding tight to their grudges. They avoided each other whenever possible, and Bruce had barely heard them pass two words to each other since he got back to find the team in ruins. Now, however, they seemed to have plenty that they wanted to say.

“So I’m stuck in here with him,” Tony glared at Steve. “Terrific.”

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funny thing is my mom actually saw (met in the loosest of terms) noel fielding last year 

but she forgot his name and at the time the only show she could remember him being from was the big fat quiz of the year

so imagine being noel fielding (in one of those great big spangly bat-like outfits) walking down the street and some american woman in midtown manhattan yells at you “BIG FAT QUIZ!”

he turned around and did like a little wave and then kept going, probably v confused

History of Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is a man from the forties who fought Nazis and he’s 🎶beautiful🎶.

In the year negative a billion, Steve Rogers might not have been here. In the year 1920, he was here, and he was a scrappy little fella, so people walked all over him. Then he learned how to fight, he got all beefed up, he became a super soldier, and now there’s lots of 🎶muscles🎶. Because of Dr. Erskine.

So now he’s all beefed up and traveling from city to city because the army doesn’t want him, learning his lines and dancing along to his own theme song. Like, with the USO, and girls.

Ding dong, it’s the outside world, and they have technology from Hydra. Like really scary guns, and 🎶crazy experiments🎶. Now you can annihilate your enemies really really quickly. That means if you own a gun, then you have a lot of power, which is something Hydra needs to survivvvve. So that makes Red Skull evil.

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Imagine Steve always carrying tampons, even on missions. It all started because he got Natasha some from the pharmacy and then forgot them in his bagpack. And when they are on a mission she just curses because she really needs one, and then Steve remembers he still has a pack in his backpack.

And whenever she runs out, he just happens to have them, even when he’s in the spangly outfit.

And at first the others mock him for it, but then Clint and Nat are on a mission and shee is all grumpy, because he lost her luggage or whatever and she can’t get tampons or painkillers.

And slowly every guy starts carrying those supplys, and Tony even designs cool Iron Man themed tampons. And maybe women love them for dubious reasons…

aaaah, yepp

A Meta: Steve, Tony and Bucky - Everything Special About You

I recently answered a Nonny Question about one of the more common prompts around the Stucky fandom and how Bucky would react if he’d learned about the whole “Everything special about you came out of a bottle.”

As per the norm around the Blanket Fort, I answered the question as Bucky Barnes, essentially role-playing from his point of view. 

I’m going to give a couple of disclaimers right now:

a.  Like many of you, the way I perceive and portray and write these characters is based purely on my personal interpretation.  I’m not forcing my personal interpretation on anyone - everyone else has their own headcanons about the MCU universe and the characters.  Occasionally, we’re going to agree or enjoy each other’s take on the MCU ‘verse.  Sometimes we won’t.  That’s okay.  This is fandom; everyone’s got their opinion and we’ve all got our stories to tell.  

b.  When I portray any one of the characters, I’m doing this from a limited point of view.  As The Writer, I know the motivations and background for everybody.  I’m God/Goddess in this universe - I’m making the calls.  But when I sink into Steve or Bucky or Tony’s brain, I have to remember that they don’t know everything.  If each and every character here understood the other person perfectly, there would be no conflict, no contrast, nothing to play with or bounce off on.  In short, there would be no story to tell.  

Now this is my honest take on what Bucky Barnes would’ve done, if he had been standing in the room when Tony Stark told Steve Rogers that “everything special about you came out of a bottle."  This is Bucky Barnes who isn’t even the Winter Soldier yet.  Just the other guy from Brooklyn who’s made it his life’s mission to protect Steve and keep him out of trouble. 

He would’ve punched Tony’s lights out. 

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Chapter 5: Trust Issues {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: On the Helicarrier- Tony, Bruce, Steve, and (Y/N) uncover buried information, to expose Director Fury and SHIELD.

Warnings: cursing

“Haul ass!” (Y/N) whispered harshly to Steve as they bolted from one of the random rooms (Y/N) led them to.

“Oh my god! Was it supposed to do that?” Steve whispered back as he locked the door behind him, then sped-walked down the hallway with (Y/N) by his side.

“Do what? We weren’t there. Nothing happened.” (Y/N) asserted.

“I knew you’d get me in trouble.” Steve said as he anxiously checked behind him to see if anyone had seen them. The hall was clear.

“What trouble? We just walked down some hallways AND DIDN’T BREAK ANYTHING.” (Y/N) concluded confidently and coolly, satisfied at Steve’s hard expression. She laughed.

“What are you laughing at? There’s nothing to laugh at (Y/N).” Steve scolded.

“You’re face,” (Y/N) pointed at his scrunched up forehead. It was adorable.

(Y/N) continued chuckling while her and Steve approached the lab. Steve looked in, and scrutinized Tony as he jabbed Bruce in the side with some tool Steve didn’t recognize, but didn’t approve of regardless.

“Hey! Are you nuts?” Steve shouted as he entered the lab, (Y/N) on his tail.

“You really have got a lid on it, haven’t you? What’s your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?” Tony observed. (Y/N) laughed and Steve turned to glare at her.

“A ha. Ahh.” She stopped and coughed. “That’s not funny, really not funny Tony, ehem.” Steve turned back to the science bros, and (Y/N) mouthed to Tony ‘do it again.’

“Is everything a joke to you?” Steve directed at Tony.

“Funny things are.” Tony responded, sizing up Steve.

“Threatening the safety of everyone in this ship isn’t funny. No offense, Doctor.” Steve commented. As this little pre-war played out, (Y/N) drifted over to some of the “things” in the other corner of the lab. (‘The fuck is this?…The fuck is that?’)

“So, why didn’t SHIELD bring him in on the Tesseract project? I mean, what are we doing in the energy business in the first place?” Bruce questioned, peeking over at (Y/N) for a second. He thought about stopping her, then decided to leave her alone since there wasn’t anything that could really hurt her. Too bad that wasn’t the issue.

“I should probably look into that once my decryption programmer finishes breaking into all of SHIELD’s secure files.” Tony pronounced confidently.

Steve looked taken aback, “I’m sorry, did you say-”

“Jarvis had been running it since I hit the bridge. In a few hours, we’ll know every dirty secret SHIELD has ever tried to hide.” Tony said unflinchingly as he held out a bag of blueberries to Bruce, “Blueberry?”

“I’m all for it,” (Y/N) interjected. “Steve, if they’re hiding something, don’t you want to know?”

“See,” Tony commented as he slipped (Y/N) a blueberry, “(Y/N) gets it. Because, really? An intelligence organization that fears intelligence? Historically, not possible.”

“I think Loki’s trying to wind us up. This is a man who means war, and if we don’t stay focused, he’ll succeed. We have orders, we should follow them.” Steve argued.

“Following is not really my style.” (Y/N) slipped him a small wink.

“And you’re all about style, aren’t you?” Steve replied with a sarcastic smile plastered on his face.

“Of the people in this room, which one is A. Wearing a spangly outfit, and B. Not of use.” Tony vocalized as he tucked another blueberry into his mouth.

“Ooo…shots fired.” (Y/N) said sarcastically, attempting to diffuse the two bombs.

“Steve, tell me none of this smells funky to you?” Bruce added from behind the lab table.

“Just find the cube.” Steve commanded as he walked towards the door, then turned slightly to find an empty space where he expected (Y/N) to be. The three men turned to find (Y/N) staring at one of Tony’s inventions with a scrap of metal in her hand.

“Uhh…” She mumbled as she tried to avoid Tony’s face, “this wasn’t important, right?”

“No,” Tony answered, “just a piece from my new Arch-reactor.”

“I don’t know what that is, but I think I’ll go with Steve.” (Y/N) said, still avoiding eye-contact.

“No, it’s okay you can still stay. You, at least, understand the importance of curiosity more than Spangles over there.” (Y/N) looked at him apprehensively. “Plus, we have blueberries.” She pondered for a second.

“Will you let me use some of the stuff in here?” (Y/N) asked slyly.

“Ask my dead Arch-reactor.” Tony responded.

“Then, bye!” (Y/N) replied as she skipped out the door, Steve in her wake. Once they got out the door, (Y/N) continued to walk towards the “airspace base” as she called it, because she had already gotten in enough trouble for the day. She turned to tell Steve she had to stop touching things…forever, but he wasn’t there. She found him stationary outside the lab door contemplating something.

“What are you doing?” (Y/N) asked.

“Come with me,” he said curiously, and turned in the opposite direction.

“Where are we going?” She asked again as she walked beside him.

“To see if they’re right.” Steve answered.

“So, you fought with them because…”

“Tony needs to be put in his place sometimes.”

"Huh, you’re even more of an asshole than I am.”

"That’s the goal,” Steve responded as they reached the door to SHIELD’s files.

"You know,” (Y/N) observed as she scanned the empty hallway, “SHIELD really needs better security.” Steve laughed as he pulled the heavy door open with his bare hands, barely even emitting so much as a grunt. ‘Damn, forget Thor. Maybe Steve should be in the muscle milk advertisement.’ (Y/N) thought. And together, they entered into a world of hidden intelligence.

Okay, so maybe (Y/N) hadn’t gotten into enough trouble today. 

chapter 1  |  chapter 1 ((Y/N)’s POV  |  chapter 2  |  chapter 3  | chapter 4

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Romanogers Veterans day

Fanfiction written by @thegraytigress

Veterans Day                     

-Bucky didn’t care much for Veterans Day.

The reason was simple and complex all at once. As a kid he hadn’t minded attention, had even enjoyed it. Steve’s mother had always called him a looker and a charmer, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that had been true. He’d been an excellent student, a stellar athlete, popular with the girls, loved by his family and friends. He’d had everything going for him, which made the dichotomy between him and his best friend all the much more striking. Everyone had seen Steve with Bucky and thought Bucky was doing him a favor, elevating him, and even though Bucky had known that wasn’t true, nothing he said or did ever dissuaded everyone from thinking he was doing poor Steve Rogers a favor by being his pal. After a while, he’d stopped trying, particularly when Steve had told him it was okay. Besides, just a tiny part of him had been glad that people thought so highly of him.

Then the war had happened. He’d enlisted, same as so many other young men, to do his duty for his country. Fight Nazis. Protect people. But it hadn’t occurred to him then just how much it would cost him. It hadn’t occurred to any of them. This wasn’t to say he regretted serving in the army. However, the uniform didn’t hold the same meaning to him now as it once had, as it had those few months in the spring and summer of 1943 when he’d proudly worn it before joining the front lines in Europe. It garnered attention he didn’t care to have. It reminded him of things on which he didn’t care to dwell. It had symbolism to it that no longer applied. He was proud to have been a soldier, to still be a soldier in a sense, but it didn’t mean the same thing it once did, and while he was glad the nation took this day to honor the men and women who’d fought and served, the adulation, respect, and reverence made him really uncomfortable.

So that was the simple reason, but it fed into the more complex reason. And the simple reason he could deal with. He knew Steve felt the same about it all. Steve appreciated Veteran’s Day, participated in everything he was asked to, dutifully speaking or appearing as ordered or requested. As Captain America, he was probably among the more famous (if not the most famous) veterans alive today. Furthermore, he and Bucky were some of a dwindling number of surviving World War II vets (of course, they were fairly unique when it came to why). Steve’s presence was vitally important to the VA, to the nation at large. Veteran’s Day was a day for honoring heroes, and there was no greater hero than Captain America. He was a symbol to the nation, a legend, a sentinel for liberty and a warrior for the innocent. He was what they all aspired to be as a soldier, as a leader, as a father and husband and citizen. He was the hero.

And Bucky might be many things but a hero was not one of them.

“They pin any more medals on you and you’re gonna fall over, serum or no,” he quipped as Steve straightened his uniform jacket. He sat in one of the plush hotel room chairs, watching as Steve rushed around like a chicken with his head cut off. James sat on Bucky’s lap, holding his dad’s hat. The five year-old was observing the hullabaloo with a smile on his face. Steve swore softly, looking around quickly. He lifted the duvet that was hanging half off the bed. Bucky sighed. “What are you looking for?”

“Shoes,” Steve replied, brow furrowed and eyes narrowed. He crouched and found them in their box. It had obviously been kicked under the bed during all the ruckus this morning. They’d flown down to DC last night, unable to get away from New York any sooner due to the fact that Natasha had been away on a mission for SHIELD. Steve had been asked (more like cajoled) by Sam at the last second to attend the Veterans Day parade in Washington, DC and then the ceremony at Arlington. The VA had rushed to arrange some sort of “Captain America” section of the event once they’d learned Steve would attend, but Steve had refused, claiming he’d march alongside everyone else. In fact, he’d insisted on no special treatment whatsoever, and Sam had dutifully relayed that to the higher-ups. That was Steve, through and through.

It was also Steve through and through to be insisting that Bucky participate, and they’d been not quite fighting about it all morning. The family had gotten in so late last night that they’d been in a chaotic state of complete disarray when Bucky had arrived at their hotel suite an hour or so ago. Steve had asked him to be on hand to help Natasha with the boys in case he couldn’t. Natasha was the most capable woman Bucky had ever seen, so he called nonsense on that excuse. Still, he’d come anyway because Steve was the most stubborn jerk in existence so there was no way he’d be able to manufacture a reason good enough to get out of it. So he was here, sitting around uncomfortably and doing nothing as Steve flustered his way through getting dressed. Joseph was in the adjoining room of the suite with Natasha. She was looking over the speech Steve had likely written at the last minute. He’d always been terrible about getting his work done on time when they’d been kids. And he’d been terribly disorganized, too, something of a slob when it really came down to it. Even with Natasha practically dressing him now, he was still an uncoordinated mess. And he was still so blind. He didn’t see the obvious, couldn’t accept what he didn’t like, what he perceived as injustice. He wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and smacked him.

But he’d found his shoes at least. He managed to get them on without rumpling his dress blues too much. “Not a fan of the new service uniform,” he grumbled, messing with his tie again. “Were the old ones this stiff? I don’t remember.”

“Yes,” Bucky said firmly, though he had no frame of reference. He didn’t know if this was an honest question or if Steve was trying to be clever, coaxing him into actually trying on the new uniform to either confirm or deny. He hadn’t worn an army uniform since 1945, and he wasn’t about to start now.

Steve grunted. “I guess I’ve worn worse.”

“Yeah, the spangly outfit was pretty bad.” Steve shot him an annoyed glance. “What? I’ve seen pictures.”

Steve was displeased. Abruptly he went bold. “Would be nice not having to go out there by myself.”

Bucky clenched his teeth slightly. “Yeah, it would be, wouldn’t it?” Steve gave him a sharp look. He always loved it when Steve dispensed with his own garbage and just went for the kill. Steve was many things, but subtle was not one of them. Bucky sighed, long-suffering. “You’ve done stuff like this before plenty of times.”

“Not quite as big as this.”

Bucky supposed that was true. Speaking in the nation’s capital in front of thousands of veterans and active service personnel was a fairly huge deal. But he wasn’t going to fold that easily. “You’ll be fine. That’s why they called you the Man with the Plan, right? Pretend you’re selling war bonds.”

“Whatever happened to the end of the line?”

Shame on Steve for using that against him. He did it with a smile, of course, like he knew that was a low blow, a cheap trick, but he was employing it anyway because Steve Rogers wasn’t above being a sneaky punk to get what he wanted or to do what he thought was best. Bucky knew that, and he knew Steve was trying to help, but he glared all the same because that wasn’t fair. “Right. Nice.”

Steve frowned, flushing a little in embarrassment. “Come on, Buck. Do this with me.”

James hopped down from Bucky’s lap and went over to his father. He held up Steve’s hat. “Do what, Daddy? How come you’re wearing this?”

Steve crouched and took his hat. “Because it’s Veterans Day, pal. Like Mommy said this morning.”

“What’s a vet'ran?”

Steve glanced at Bucky, and Bucky shook his head. Don’t you dare. “It’s someone who served our country in the military,” he explained instead. James had no idea what that meant, of course. He’d never seen Steve like this before, so he quizzically studied it all, his father in his dark blue, pressed slacks and shiny black shoes, in his crisp, white dress shirt and navy blue officer’s coat with all its adornments. His rank as a captain and all of his honors and insignias were pinned on his left breast. Steve had some sort of strange and special arrangement with the army. He was not actively serving, but he wasn’t retired or discharged, either. The brass had been fairly desperate to keep Captain America in their ranks, so they’d been willing to do just about anything to make him happy, including allowing him to work principally for SHIELD and as an Avenger. Bucky knew Steve consulted for the army quite often, and he taught classes at West Point occasionally. He was still regarded as history’s best soldier, with his sharp, tactical mind and vast experience, so his expertise was highly valued by the military. And Steve was always eager to oblige, to offer up his time, name, and sway with the public. Hence this situation. “It’s someone who’s a soldier.”

“Was a soldier, in some cases,” Bucky corrected.

“Is a soldier,” Steve insisted firmly, glancing at his friend out of the corner of his eye. “Everyone who’s served deserves to be honored this day. Everyone.”

“Stop it, Steve.”


Bucky sighed and stood. He didn’t want to do this. Not today. Not ever, really, but especially not today. “You know what. And you know why.”

Steve set his hand to James’ blond hair, rising to his full height as well and staring down his best friend. Bucky met his gaze defiantly. They were best friends, brothers almost, but ego factored into that over things like this, over protecting each other and doing right by one another. It always had and always would. Maybe years had passed since Steve had found Bucky after HYDRA had been destroyed, but somehow in moments like this it never felt that long ago. It didn’t feel that long ago that the two of them had stared each other down across a gangway on HYDRA’s helicarrier, Steve trying to pierce through HYDRA’s programming to reach his brainwashed, tortured best friend. Bucky’s memories of that fight, where he’d pumped four bullets into Steve before nearly beating him to death, were blurry even now. Some things were too painful to recall, even for a mind as damaged as his had been. Still, he knew he’d done wrong, terrible evil, as the Winter Soldier. Years and years of it. Maybe those crimes had been perpetrated against been his will, but it had been his hands, his talent with a sniper rifle, his sharp senses and quick mind, his strength as a soldier that had seen them done. A lot had happened since then, so much of it good. He’d joined SHIELD and the Avengers. He’d been welcomed into Steve’s family in a way he’d never imagined. They’d named James after him. He was listed as one of the boys’ legal guardians, for crying out loud. Steve and Natasha had let him in, let him be a part of this, without a doubt in their minds (well, without a doubt in Steve’s. He wasn’t sure Natasha had felt the same at the time, but she did now). To their sons, the Winter Soldier didn’t exist. The horrors he’d committed against the world, against their parents and their father in particular, never happened. The boys loved him as their uncle, and he loved them.

And he didn’t deserve any of it.

That was the more complex reason. He knew it was ridiculous and stupid, but he still couldn’t shake that insecurity. He’d made his peace with what he’d done for the most part. The forgiveness he’d found in Steve, Natasha, and the Avengers had done a lot to proffer his own acceptance. And the love of James and Joseph had done even more to help him heal. But there were some things that never went away. There would always been those awful memories. The guilt he could never quite wash away. On days like today, a day meant to honor soldiers who’d served to keep this country safe, it was almost unbearable, how unworthy he felt. Steve constantly reminded him he’d been the world’s longest-suffering POW, and Bucky knew he was right. That wasn’t enough to make it better, though. He didn’t deserve any of the accolades, the respect, the love. He didn’t deserve to wear the uniform. He didn’t deserve to march in that parade. He couldn’t be honored. He’d been an assassin, a murderer, a monster. He didn’t belong at Steve’s side. Not today.

Most of all, he didn’t understand why Steve couldn’t see that. He wasn’t chronically depressed or anything of the like anymore, and he hadn’t been for years. This was just… a thing with him, and he wanted Steve to leave it alone.

Then again, part of him didn’t want Steve to leave it alone, because that same part of him knew Steve was right. Despite how terrified he was, maybe it would do him some good to make his peace with this, too. Steve was right. He was a soldier and a prisoner of war. He’d sacrificed a great deal for his country, in some ways even more than Steve had. He deserved recognition for that, didn’t he? It was too hard to admit that, though, particularly after putting up a fuss about this for so long. This was hardly the first time Steve had tried to have Bucky participate in something military-related, stubborn as he was, and this was hardly the first time Bucky had resisted (stubborn as he was).

Steve never broke eye contact. “I want you to do this with me,” he flat-out admitted.

“Why’s this one so special to you? Like I said, this is hardly the first time you’ve gotten up there and done your Captain America thing. Maybe the scale’s bigger, but it’s the same.”

“Gabe’s dead.” Bucky’s irritation cooled at the sorrow in Steve’s eyes. Gabe Jones had died earlier that year. He’d lived a ridiculously long time, well over a hundred years, but he’d been declining for a while and his passing, like that of all their other friends and former colleagues, had been inevitable. All of the Howling Commandos were gone. All of SSR. Peggy. Everyone with whom they’d served. “It’s just us. We’re all that’s left. You and me. I want you to be there with me and I want to be there with you.”

Bucky sighed sharply. “They invited you,” he reminded. “You’re supposed to be there.”

“Buck, it’s Veterans Day! You don’t need an invitation! That war we fought in eighty some odd years ago? That’s your reason for being there. That’s all you need.” Bucky shook his head, wanting to argue but barely finding it within himself in the face of Steve’s persistence. Steve clasped Bucky’s shoulder. “Come on. Walk with me. Go to Arlington with me. Stand with Sam and me up there.”

The thought of appearing in public, in front of crowds and the media… He was unmistakable with his metal arm. Though the government had long forgiven him his crimes, he wasn’t so sure about the public. He’d been seen with the Avengers, of course, but he’d never been in the spotlight. He was a sniper, so it was easy to stay out of sight. Seven years had passed since HYDRA’s fall. Was it really okay to be seen like this? “I… I don’t know, Steve.” What came next was a last ditch effort because he’d never been able to deny Steve much of anything. “What if Natasha needs–”

“I won’t need anything,” came Natasha’s force from the interior door that separated the adjoining rooms.

James saw his mother and went running to her. “Mommy!” he cried, jumping at her side. “Mommy! Daddy’s a soldier! Look at him!”

Natasha appraised Steve. She was impeccable, of course, dressed in a classy black pant suit and a red blouse. “You look decent, Rogers,” she commented, and Bucky knew her well enough to see she was impressed (and very much in love) under her cool exterior. It wasn’t often she saw this side of Steve, and Bucky felt just a little proud that this was something that he’d known long before anyone else. “Your speech looks good. I didn’t do much to it. And Joe’s still napping, but we can wake him up to go.”

Steve glanced at the clock near the bed. “Nah, there’s time.” Bucky could see he was disappointed. “You wanna eat, James?” He held out his hand, and James came over, reaching for Steve’s fingers. Steve set his hat on James head, and James’ eyes went wide. He whispered a “whoa” as the two of them went into the other room where breakfast was waiting.

Bucky felt equal parts relieved and ashamed of himself. Natasha regarded him, and even though he knew she wasn’t judging him, he barely resisted the urge to fidget under her gaze. “He’s not trying to push you,” she said. “He’s nervous.”

“I know that, Tash. Of course I do,” Bucky said. “But you of all people know why I can't–”

“I know,” she interrupted softly. “I’ve been there. It doesn’t happen too often anymore, but sometimes I still go back in my head. That’s why I also know that all these things you’re feeling right now… They’re real, very real, to you. And you’re allowed to feel them. But they’re not right.” She gave a soft smile. “And that’s why I know it’s okay to let him win this one. Go with him. It’s alright. You deserve it.”

Bucky’s mouth hung open. He didn’t know what to say. The thought of putting on a uniform, of going out like this, of people noticing him and thanking him for what he’d done… “I don’t know.”

“Well, I do. And Steve does. And Sam. He managed to get you a uniform–”

Bucky frowned. “What?”

“–just in case you changed your mind. It’s in the closet.” She smiled again. “Just in case.”

He was surrounded. That was it. Even Black Widow, the one person who he thought would take his side… Well, maybe his side was pretty dumb. And his reasons for not wanting to do this, simple or complex, real or not, were in his head. He wasn’t completely blind to his own insecurities. So he sighed. “Can’t go like this.” Not with his perpetually unshaven face and long hair. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a decent haircut.

Natasha nodded, pleased (and a bit relieved, if he let himself see it). “I think Steve would be okay with you borrowing his razor. And… Well, if you want, I can do something to make you look presentable.”

He cocked an eyebrow, not entirely comfortable with that but touched by the offer. “Really?”

“Sure. I, um… God, if you ever tell Steve… I posed as a hairdresser on an undercover op once. Before you guys. Trained for weeks to be able to pull it off.” Bucky laughed. He couldn’t help it. And she actually blushed. He thought he could count the number of times he’d seen Natasha blush on one hand, and he felt just a tad bit awesome for being the one behind it this time. “Go shave. I’ll get everything else.”

Not long after that, Bucky stood in the huge bathroom of the suite, smoothing his newly shorn hair back. Natasha had cut it shorter and a bit more modern than he’d had it back in the day, back during the war, but he had to admit he liked it. She’d put some gel in it so that it stayed in place. His jaw was smooth and freshly shaven, and he was dressed in the same white dress shirt and dark slacks as Steve. His coat was a little different as an NCO and not as overloaded with awards and ranks, but he had a few to his name, a few he hadn’t thought about in years for his service as a Howling Commando. As he stood there, he caught sight of a man he’d thought long dead. Eighty years had passed since he’d stood in their old place in Brooklyn, dressed in army greens as a newly christened sergeant, ready to head overseas and fight. He didn’t physically look any older because of the serum and what had happened to him. Were it not for the weight that he always saw in his eyes (eyes that even now sometimes seemed to be those of a stranger) and his metal hand peeking out from the cuff of his sleeve, he could almost imagine he was that man. Bucky Barnes, twenty-five years old and ready to do his duty for his country. A looker and a charmer. A soldier. A good man.

There was a knock on the door. “We’re heading down, Buck,” Steve called.

“Okay. I’ll be right after you.” His voice wavered. He couldn’t help it.

Steve paused, and Bucky could feel him shifting worriedly just outside. “You okay?”

“Right as rain, Rogers,” he responded, and he was really. He couldn’t quite believe he was actually doing this, but it felt good to wear the uniform, much better than he thought it would.

His confidence faded, though, the second he walked outside into the warm, sunny November day. The hotel was not far from where the parade would start, and he walked down the block, trying to seem… normal. Already there were hundreds of people gathered. Bands with brass instruments that gleamed in the sun. Veterans who weren’t marching. Others that were. Their families. Well-wishers and supporters and citizens who had come to pay their respects. The thought of so many eyes on him made him freeze with trepidation, anxiety tight in his gut. Suddenly he was back to the beginning of his recovery, so aware of the wrong he’d done, of what he’d become, of how damaged he was. Suddenly he was ashamed. Suddenly he was terrified, and he wanted to run. Suddenly…

“Uncle Buck!”

Suddenly he saw the Rogers family. His family. They stood with Sam near the sidewalk where the parade was gathering. Steve had Joseph in arms, and James held Natasha’s hand, waving a little American flag at him. He still had Steve’s hat on his head, and it was so big it dipped over his eyes. Sam grinned, dapper in an Air Force uniform with his cap tucked under his arm and sunglasses on (Bucky had never seen him dressed like this before, but it seemed so right, knowing how noble and valorous Sam was). He stared at them, at how happy and proud they were to be there on this day, and for the first time in a long time, he wasn’t sure this was his place.

But Joseph squirmed down from Steve’s arms, and once he was on the sidewalk, he came running over. He stood right at Bucky’s feet and saluted, his little fingers flat to his forehead. He was so serious, so pointed. He was probably mimicking all the other officers around them who had been doing the same to their COs, and Bucky knew that. But his heart beat hard and fast with joy, and he gasped a laugh that was definitely not part sob. James came, too, and for once he was the one following his little brother’s footsteps, and he saluted Bucky, too. “What’s this mean, Uncle Buck?”

“Means you’re paying respect,” he said, his throat tight.

“Oh. Okay.” His little body went stiff as he saluted harder (if one could do such a thing).

It was just what he needed. “C'mere, you two,” Bucky gasped, dropping to a crouch to wrap his arms around the boys and hug them tight.

“You look funny,” James said. “What happened to your hair?”

Bucky laughed, lifting Joe up with his metal arm and taking James’ hand. “Can’t be a soldier looking like I did,” he said, swallowing down the knot in his throat. “At least not today. Gotta represent your country. Look your best in a uniform, right?”

“Right, Uncle Buck,” James firmly agreed.

They walked back to Steve, Natasha, and Sam, and Joseph immediately reached for his mother. Natasha smiled knowingly. “Sergeant Barnes,” she greeted.

“Hey, man,” Sam said, clasping Bucky’s hand and pulling him into a hug. “I like it. Looks good on you.”

Bucky grunted, trying yet again not to let his emotions get the better of him. He almost succeeded. Almost, in this moment that felt like one of the biggest triumphs of his life (right up there with finding himself again, finding Steve again, and becoming an uncle). Then he saw Steve gawking at him, surprised and overjoyed and so very relieved. And Bucky did something he’d never really done before, not even during the war when he should have. It just seemed right. Natural. He snapped to attention and saluted the commanding officer of his unit.

Steve choked on his breath, smiling so wide. He grabbed Bucky hard and pulled him close.

Natasha took the boys to find a spot to watch the parade. James put Steve’s hat back on his father’s head, giving him a salute, too (since saluting was very much the thing to do today), before going with his mother. The three men stood there a moment in the nation’s capital, surrounded by peers and colleagues, by men and women who shared in the day’s honor, before taking their place in the gathering parade. They marched. Then, at Arlington, Captain Rogers stood in front of the assembled audience, thousands strong, with American flags, flags of all branches of the military, and POW-MIA banners flying high and proud around him. Bucky stood on his left, Sam on his right, and he gave his speech. Bucky heard the words, and of course they were exactly what Steve would say. Thanking the nation for the honor to serve, for the privilege of protecting peace and freedom. Reminding everyone of the duty they all shared, military or not, veteran or not, to do what was right and moral, to be strong and brave for each other. This day, soldiers everywhere stood together, no matter who they were or what they had endured for the sake of the nation.

Bucky heard the words, but his mind was far away. In an alleyway in Brooklyn. On the front in Italy. On a helicarrier as it burned and fell into the Potomac. On the battlefield with the Avengers. He fought alongside soldiers, side by side with heroes. With Captain America.

That was the only place he’d ever belonged.-

NOTE: Feel free to send any request about Romanogers =)

Deleted lines from the Avengers script #528
  • Steve: We have orders; we should follow them.
  • Tony: Following's not really my style.
  • Steve: And you're all about style, aren't you?
  • Tony: Of the people in this room, which one is A) Wearing a spangly outfit and B) Not of use?
  • Steve: Yeah, well...
  • Steve: *(consults book of modern-day insults)*
  • Steve: And of the people in this room, which one has "facial hair so bad it looks like pubeface"...?
  • Loki: *(over tannoy)* Ugh, actually, Thor's is the worst. It looks like angry, frayed rope trying to imitate a nervous jellyfish.
  • Steve: Uh, I said his facial hair...
  • Loki: I wasn't talking about secret hairs. You want to talk about Thor's secret hairs?

anonymous asked:

Did Wanda and Natasha ever talked to each other? i mean they are such different characters but they've been ogether in a lot of avengers stories at the sixties or seventys while nat was still a bad girl going good, but i dont recall them chatting or anything, so i'm asking lol

They’re not that different. Wanda shares way more thematic space with Natasha than she does with, say, Steve, and that doesn’t stop those two from hanging out, making out, whatever. Of course, Wanda doesn’t really show up in his solo unless it’s a group shot of all the Avengers so maybe it does stop them from hanging out, making out, whatever.

They’ve been in quite a few of the same issues, like you said, but often, they’re on different trajectories, dealing with different subplots. For example, Natasha shows up in Avengers vol 1 #29, but Wanda is losing her powers and leaves the team the next issue. They’re both consistently in Avengers for about a year in 1967, but Natasha’s got her own thing going on and then she quits being a superhero and Wanda gets kidnapped. Then you get into the Korvac Saga where they’re both there, but neither one is the focus.

There a couple of moments where they say hi to each other. That’s about the depth of their interaction in those early issues of Avengers. Later on, there’s this, which I posted a couple of weeks ago, but it isn’t much. They also have a couple of panels of small talk in Avengers vol 1 #112.

NATASHA: You’re acting much more girlish these days than the Scarlet Witch I remember, Wanda.

WANDA: Well, I’m much more in love these days.

Avengers Vol. 1 #112 by Steve Englehart & Don Heck

Funny story about these panels: they exist because a girl wrote a letter to Marvel saying Wanda was acting too masculine and should be more feminine now that she was with Vision. There was a big fight in the letter columns about this, and Marvel felt the need to throw in a few lines in different issues about how feminine Wanda was all of a sudden. Can’t have anyone thinking your lady characters aren’t girly enough.

There is also the period in the early-mid ’90s where they were leading separate teams and interacted a little because of that. Most of that is very minor. One panel of coordinating whose team is going to do what and whether or not the other one knows anything type of thing. What may be of interest to you is Force Works #13-14, assuming you can tolerate the Force Works-iness of it.

WANDA: We have two concerns here — the immediate problem of the escapees and this extradition order! Let’s go with pooling resources and draw up two mission teams. One goes after the fugitives. The other can… discuss the Skrull proposal.

NATASHA: Agreed. That should calm things down, at least. I can see why Anthony put you in charge.

WANDA: It’s a shame he can’t.

NATASHA: Ouch. Did I just hit a raw nerve?

WANDA: Skip it.

Force Works #13 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning & Dave Ross

They’re both leading their respective teams and trying to work together despite disagreeing. It’s not a catfight, just a disagreement. Eventually, Wanda concedes that Natasha was right, and Natasha is impressed with Wanda’s… Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning Wanda-ness. (Have I mentioned lately that these guys write a very good Wanda? Because they do.)

So, no, they don’t talk about anything personal. Not their romantic lives or their past villainy or men trying to control them or having their memories messed with or Communism or how strange it must be to them that Western men want to wear spangly outfits and call themselves “Captain America” (and sure, you love the guy but it’s so weird that he’s doing that).

If you’re looking outside of 616, there’s Black Widow & the Marvel Girls #2, which presents about as distinct of a relationship as you’ll find for them, but it’s negative. In that, Wanda thinks Natasha is humorless and untrustworthy. I don’t know what their relationship should be, if anything, but I’m going to go with, probably not like it was there.

After the issue of All-New X-Factor that had Wanda in it came out, I had it in my head that I should write about how Wanda and Natasha can sometimes represent a take on the Madonna/Whore Complex as applied to Eastern European women. Wanda is, from time to time (like in that issue of All-New X-Factor), written as this naive, foreign farm girl who doesn’t understand all your modern Western ways. She’s a wide-eyed, old-fashioned ingenue, innocent and child-like, probably a milkmaid or a mail order bride whose only desire in the world is pleasing you, both through food and sex. And then you have Natasha who can, on these rare occasions, get shoved into this box of godless Commie honey trap. It doesn’t happen often and that isn’t who Natasha is at all, but people like their stereotypes.

If you look critically not just at the way they’re written but at the way they’re viewed by real people despite how they’re written, you see this perfect example of how we reduce women, especially women who are Other, to exaggerated versions of Good Girl and Bad Girl. Natasha is a spy, and people seem to think that means she’s only useful for her ability to seduce men, which she doesn’t actually do much of. Natasha is glamorous and mysterious, whereas Wanda is, well, a farm girl. She wears a peasant dress in all her origin story flashbacks and married a man who some don’t think has, ahem, certain equipment, which makes her almost sexless by extension in some people’s eyes. Yeah, Wanda is presented as sexy, but there is this over-the-top innocence that gets added to it (not always, but we’re talking about not so great portrayals here). She’s desirable; it’s just tempered with the implication that she is somehow still a little girl. Which is super creepy.

Anyway, I didn’t write the essay because I couldn’t figure out what to write, beyond what I just said. It just ended up being “sexism is bad, y’all” and that didn’t seem worth the effort.

Like The Back Of His Hand

Title: Like The Back Of His Hand
Character(s) Featured: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Steve Rogers, Pietro Maximoff, Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: E (Everyone)
Author’s Note: Hello, hello, hello! Long time, no writing, I know! Well, I think I’m slipping out of my writer’s block but I am not going to sing hallelujah yet. I came up with this idea after I read a prompt from a tumblr page I follow. It helps checking out these kinds of pages if you ever start running out of ideas. Anyway, here it is and I hope you guys enjoy it!
Summary: You and Bucky have been secretly dating for quite sometime now, but your tongue is beginning to weaken. Bucky has been calm about the whole matter which quite frankly, is pissing you off but when the gang decided to have dinner at your place, Bucky is the one who begins to slip. This could turn out to be quite the dinner party indeed!

“Why are you freaking out?” He asked you, his hand brushing through his medium brown hair. “You know exactly why I’m freaking out! Why did you tell them I was throwing some big get together?!” You whispered harshly as you pulled out a chocolate soufflé out of the oven. Bucky scratched the back of his head, averting your gaze, “It was the quickest thing I could come up with so they wouldn’t think we were having dinner alone.” You irritatingly huffed, beginning to chop vegetables as sides for the fastest and most elaborate meal you’ve ever created. If you didn’t love James so much, you would kill him.
After Steve found Bucky, he asked you to take care of him for a while as he had to deal with a rather difficult situation with Tony. You tended to him, showed him the ropes, and even taught him a little about this decade. The more time you two spent, the closer you became, and before you knew it, he kissed you so hard that it made your head spin. The problem was, however, Steve believed that it’s too sudden for Barnes to enter a relationship when he hasn’t figure out who he even was yet. The idea of the Winter soldier absorbing your identity into him forced him to have a long and droning discussion. For the sake of his best friend but most of all, his sanity, Bucky ended your relationship. It left you both heartbroken as you two tried to go your separate ways. However, it was impossible for with every glance, every smile, every indirect touch; you both yearned for more. On a cold winter’s night, Bucky snuck into your apartment and declared he couldn’t stay away any longer. He explained to you the sleepless nights, the lost of motivation, all because of you. You and James consummated your love and been together ever since.
Now several months have passed and it was beginning to become harder and harder to hide. You were beginning to think they were becoming suspicious. Most importantly, the Captain was with his best friend sneaking out of the apartment at late hours of the night. Thus, why you were in this dilemma right now, cutting parsley leaves as a garnish for your side dishes. James went behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, “Hey, everything’s gonna be okay, doll. I promise.” You sniffled, your eyes burning moving to from cutting parsley to onions, “That’s easy for you to say. He’s your best friend. If you guys were any closer, you’d be joined at the hip. He’ll forgive you. With me, he’ll probably begin with, ‘I’m very disappointed with you, y/n. You deliberately disobeyed me.’” He chuckled loudly, his warm breath hitting the tiny hairs of your neck. His nostrils took in your sweet fragrance of cherry blossom and peach. Bucky hummed in delight, tightening his grasp and pulling you closer. His lips danced across your skin, leaving a trail of kisses on your collarbone. A loud knock at the door disturbed your moment of bliss. Accidentally, your elbow impacted his stomach with such force that the Winter soldier yelled in pain. “What was that?” The voice behind your front door asked. You recognized that voice all too well. Tony. “Uh, uh-It was nothing, just the t.v.” You gestured to the super soldier to make any sound to go with your story. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine…,” Bucky recited in the worse Humphrey Bogart impression you ever heard. You smacked your forehead with your palm. He mouthed out, ‘I didn’t know what else to say!’
“Is your system messed up? Humphrey Bogart’s voice sounded terrible.” Steve said behind the door. Barnes narrowed his eyes at the object separating them. You pointed to your bedroom, before practically pushing the 6 foot tall man in that direction. The knocking grew louder, and more insistent. “Get out through the fire escape and pretend like you’re just arriving,” You explained in a hushed tone, opening the window in your occasionally shared bedroom. “What? Are you crazy? This is getting ridiculous, why don’t we just tell ‘em?”
“You know exactly why, and he happens to wear a red, white, and blue spangly outfit. Now out!” With a quick kiss and shove, Bucky landed rear first on the metal staircase. The knocking turned into banging and judging by the brute strength behind it, you knew who it was. “Nat, you gotta stop hitting my door that hard. The super already is mad at me because Thor ripped it off of its hinges,” You smirked at the redhead as you opened the door, opening your arms for a tight warm hug. “Hey sport, what took you so long?” Stark inquired as he slipped through the frame to go straight to your liquor cabinet. You rolled your big e/c eyes as Widow was still embracing you, “If you must know, I was changing.”
“Really, beautiful? Then you should have let us in sooner,” Pietro grinned widely as he peeked his head from the hallway. You laughed loudly, as the twins entered to hug you as well after Romanoff. One by one, your friends came in, all with either a hug or peck on the cheek to give. As you closed the door, a large metal hand grabbed the frame before you completely shut your apartment door. With a heavy exhale, Bucky appeared with an annoyed raised eyebrow upon his stubbly face. “Oh, hey Buck! I’m glad you could make it,” You smiled innocently at your secret boyfriend. “Yeah, I thought I wasn’t going to make it but it was like I literally pushed myself out of my place to make it on time,” He explained, his blue eyes piercing your very being as he entered the room. Tiny beads of sweat was resting on his brow, small strands of hair stuck to his forehead. Steve turned to see his rather disheveled friend, “Hey Bucky, where were you this morning? I passed by your room and you weren’t there. Actually, it’s like you haven’t been there for some time.”
“I, uh, been actually crashing?—Is that how you say it? Crashing with Hank and Scott. Dr. Pym said he could help me with my…arm situation,” Barnes stated, before turning to you and the rest of the group to make sure he was properly using the term. As his steel toe boots pounded against the floor as he walked into the wide open space, he noticed a black frame that held a photograph of the two of you embracing under the snowy night in the park. Tempted as he was to exposed finally your relationship, he knew he didn’t have the heart to cause you any distress. Instead, in a flash, he grabbed the frame and chucked into your bedroom before anyone saw. The impact gave a small clacker that caused everyone to look towards your bedroom briefly. Your e/c eyes turned Bucky, in which he gestured about the picture. Upon noticing the silence and you staring at the Winter soldier, everyone turned to him. James saved the moment by simply stating, “Uh, I saw a bug….Big one.”
The evening continued along and though it did have a bumpy start, you and the others were enjoying your little dinner party. It was always a barrel of laughs with the Avengers around. Their wonderful tales of epic battles and childish mischief was something to look forward to whenever they were around. “And then Pietro shot the arrow straight into his arm!” Tony roared with laughter, joined by everyone except Pietro and Clint. “It’s not funny! I couldn’t use my bow for two weeks!” Clint complained, rubbing his sore and punctured right bicep. The eldest Maximoff twin crossed his arms in frustration, a childlike pout on his chiseled face, “It was an accident! And I told you I am not good at aim. Catch it, yes. Shoot it? No.” You rolled your eyes sarcastically as the rest of the group chuckled. Steve got up and went to the kitchen, and asked, “Hey y/n, you have a serving knife? I’m staring at that soufflé, and I’m dying to have a piece.”
Automatically, without thinking, Barnes answered, “Third drawer on your left.” He looked up from his polished clean plate of food and gazed across from him in horror. Tony, Clint, and Natasha exchanged knowing looks while poor Rogers furrowed his brow in confusion. He slowly opened the drawer to his left, revealing the object in question where exactly it would be. “Huh. Bucky? — How did you know where it was?” He asked, eyeing his best friend with a look of suspicion and contempt. The air grew thick with suspense and anxiety, Bucky’s blue eyes searched for yours on the table. When he did, he looked for an answer, one you telepathically told him never to tell. His tongue was acting out, weakening under Steve’s powerful and regal glare. James couldn’t lie to his one true friend, “y/n and I have been going out for months now, actually I moved in with her. What I threw in the bedroom which is our bedroom, actually was a picture of us together. We didn’t want to say anything because we thought you’d disapprove so I snuck out and started sleeping here. I know you’re only looking out for me, buddy but I’m in love with her and I’m not going to even let you push me away from her.” He explained all in one breath, inhaling deeply right after. Your body, without your knowledge, was standing and moved towards Bucky. His eyes widened from his sudden outburst, and even more surprised when he found you in front of him. “Is that true?” You wondered, your voice so soft like a whisper. “What?” He replied.
“That you’re in love with me?”
James softly smiled, taking his hand to stroke your left cheek ever so gently. Within the two pools of your e/c eyes, he found his paradise. A place full of warmth, love and peace. It’s true that Steve pulled him out of the darkness but you? You are his light. “Well, yeah…I love you, y/n,” James smiled, leaning in for a kiss. While the gang reveled in your declaration of love, Steve was still in the kitchen stunned. “You…two…have been together all this time? Bucky, you’re just getting your memories back. You’re beginning to glue back the pieces of your identity, committing yourself to another person while you still don’t know who you are is a disaster waiting to happen!”
“And you, y/n. I’m very disappointed in you. You deliberately disobeyed me. I’ve explained to you time and time again how delicate his mental state is, I-”
“Oh come on, Capsicle! Give it a rest! They’re in love,” Tony reprimanded Rogers by cutting him mid sentence. You both smiled, basking in each other’s adoration as you turned your heads towards your team. One by one, they congratulated the two of you on your relationship as Steve still looked on from the kitchen. The desire to eat dessert had long passed and was now left with a sour taste in his mouth. Steve cared for them, and of course, he wouldn’t mind them being together if he was sure Bucky was okay. He was concerned for his friend, but the underlining truth was he didn’t want to lose his best friend again. As his world crumbled, he had James but now Bucky has you, and Steve’s once again all alone. He looked to the floor, surrendering to the idea of the increasing distance that will be between him and Barnes. As if he knew, Bucky placed his hand on the area between Captain’s neck and shoulder, “I’m with you till the end of line, kid.” You placed your hand on the opposite shoulder, “I would never keep you from him, Steve. Don’t ever think that. He isn’t going anywhere.”
“Yeah, I hate to break it to ya but you’re stuck with me.”
A few of his blonde locks fell to his forehead as he lifted his head and smiled, a light chuckle escaping his lips. He silently nodded which caused everyone to erupt in excitement and glee. “This calls for champagne!” Steve said, holding both of your hands in the air. “This calls for alcohol!” Clint and Tony said simultaneously, before everyone laughed in response. “Where are your glasses?” Natasha asked as she squeezed between Bucky and Steve to look through the cabinets. “Oh, it’s on the last one. — Third shelf, on the right,” Pietro said out of nowhere. The room grew silent once again, turning to look at the Sokovian speedster. You and James looked at him in confusion, uncertain if you should find it funny or creepy. The male Maximoff twin gazed at all of surrounding faces, “……What?”