“That’s gotta count for something. Still, it’s a classic. One of the things you need to put on your list, for sure.”

“Alright then.” Steve said pulling out his notebook writing that down. “That’ll be on my list to do after Star Wars." 

Sam smiled as he watched Steve write it down. "Still think it’s a neat list. So how’ve you been since… the whole ‘end of the world as we know it’ thing. You holdin’ up?”

the classics || {closed - spangleshadadate}

“Ey, Cap! You’ll never guess what I found when I was looking through some old junk.” He entered the room with a big grin, holding a box in his hand. “If you aren’t to busy, you’re about to be able to mark something off that list of yours. I found Super Mario Kart!” He fished around in the box, shuffling through several other cartridges before finding the one he was looking for and holding it up for Steve to see.