spangledreactorson said: Colton hugged Tony back, bandaged arm held awkwardly out. “You do…? I’m not… I’m not a failure because I have to go to tutoring…?” He asked, voice wavering.

Tony almost wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of the question. But because he knew that Colton was seriously worried about that, he didn’t. Instead, he shook his head, stepping back to look pointedly at him, “Of course not. Colton, you are my son, and believe it or not, I wasn’t always perfect at everything,” he laughed softly, putting a hand on Colton’s shoulder, “If you need help in a subject, I don’t want you to be ashamed of that, alright?”

Headcanon 1: Steve's profound bond with Colton

Colton came into Steve’s life when Steve was about to end it. Colton is quite honestly, Steve’s saving grace. Colton was Steve’s reason to fight. If it were not for Colton, Steve would not exist. Steve would have ended it all. So Steve is fiercely protective of Colton, because when he looks at Colton, he sees the angel who saved him. He still sees his baby. 

How the hell did we end up here? || Colton + Tony

Every word Colton spat was poison, singeing Tony, but he bit his tongue to keep back every retort. He listened to everything, every confession stung, leaving an open wound, doused in vinegar. But he deserved every ounce of shit he was feeling. He really was the shittiest father ever. True, Colton always acted bored around Tony, unimpressed and resentful in an arrogant way, but then again. That was exactly  how Tony acted around people he wanted to impress- uninterested. Colton really did know Tony better than he knew himself. Except one thing. Tony wasn’t someone to be idolized or loved. Not by Arianna, not by Steve and certainly not by Colton. He didn’t even flinch when the glass smashed, contents of the few filled beakers polluting the floor, oozing over the cold concrete. If Colton was hurt though, he hid it. Of course, that just made Tony more concerned. But his eyes glazed over, seeing nothing, only hearing the venomous truth Colton spew at him. He blinked, when Colton corrected himself from dad to Tony. He saw red. Not in anger, but actual red, dripping down his son’s arm. He was bleeding. His son was bleeding. He needed to clean it, get it wrapped or bandaged, it looked bad. But he didn’t move. 

Colton mentioned leaving and Tony snapped out of his thoughts, stepping forward, reaching a hand out, opening his mouth to say something, but Colton was gone. Gone. The hand that Tony had reached out clenched into a fist and he dropped it to his side. He was trembling. Rage, remorse, confusion, and sorrow, swirled around beneath his skin. He stood, shaking, jaw clenched and fists curled, unmoving. He wasn’t sure how long, a few minutes, maybe? 


The word clouded his thoughts, all he could focus on. A cry, loud and feral, filled with every emotion Tony could name and then some, ripped passed his throat, breaking through the deafening silence of Colton’s absence. His fists raised, and he pounded at the glass doors, once, twice, then they shattered. His fists were bleeding but he didn’t even notice. He turned, eyes scanning over his lab - his stupid fucking time consuming lab - for a few mere seconds, and then Tony lunged forward, arms sweeping over counter tops, breaking beakers, throwing bunsen burners, smashing every thing in sight. He overturned a table, everything crashing to the floor, then he sank to his knees.

“Shit,” it was a soft, hoarse whisper at first, then a yell, “Shit!” His back hit the wall and he brought his knees up to his chest, burying his face in the palms of his hands. A sob tore through his lips, his whole body heaving. Colton was leaving, and if he truly was as much like Tony as he seemed, there would be not stopping him, no reasoning.

And it was all Tony’s fault.


The voice made Tony jump, but he didn’t look up. It was just JARVIS.

“Sir shall I call the Captain?”

“Do what ever the fuck you want,” Tony muttered through his hands. His son was gone because he was a shitty father. Why break the streak now?