The House from Up - Now in Real Life!

Yes, that’s a yellow house… with balloons… and it floats! O_O

On March 5th, National Geographic Channel and a team of scientists, engineers and two balloon pilots launched a yellow colored house with weather balloons from a private airfield somewhere east of Los Angeles re-creating the scene from Pixar’s animated movie UP. They even set a new world record for largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted.

The whole event was captured on film and will be part of a new National Geographic Channel series, How Hard Can It Be? which will premiere this fall 2011.

Check out more photos here!

SDCC 2011 Exclusive - Little Big Planet: Sackboy Set

Hey LittleBigPlanet fans! If you are heading to SDCC2011, check out the Summer Exclusive Sackboy! You can choose between Denim Blue or Denim Beige Sackboy or grab both! SackBoy features 7 points of articulation, a black shirt with the famous SDCC logo and a removable yellow hat.

Not going to SDCC? You can find the SackBoy exclusives here:

Little Big Planet: Single Blue Denim SackBoy
Little Big Planet: SDCC SackBoy Set


Harajuku Mini x Target Line Launches November 13

Back in September 2011, we showed you a sneak peak at the Harajuku Mini x Target Line. Now launching this Sunday, November 13, 2011 at Target, we finally are able to get our hands on the most unique clothing collection designed for babies to tweens.

While it maybe hard to find cute clothing without TV characters on it, or trying to make your kid unique, stylish and at the same time not sacrificing comfort, this Harajuku Mini Line might just fit the bill with cuteness, style and comfort. Not to mention, holiday shopping is going to be fun if you need tons of presents for less.

And that not all!

Pictured above is only part of the babies line. If you want the full look-book which includes babies, kids and tweens styles, visit to see what’s launching this Sunday! Also, after the last designer collaboration, here’s hoping that Target doesn’t sell out the first day or their website crashes again.

Paradise Kiss - Live Action Movie Update - June 4, 2011

The official date for the release of Paradise Kiss is now set for June 4, 2011 in Japan. You can go to the official website and also follow the official Paradise Kiss Movie Twitter for actual updates about the movie. If you subscribe to the official Twitter account, you’ll get behind-the-scene tweets of previews of the set and fashion items used in the movie.

To get an idea of what Paradise Kiss is about, check out the links below and if you missed the last update, view the Paradise Kiss teaser trailer below, now with sub-titles!

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Daft Punk x Coca-Cola - Limited Edition Bottles

Coca-Cola announces their partnership with iconic electronic duo Daft Punk for their latest limited edition “Club Coke” bottles. The bottles come in silver and gold (just like the helmets the duo is known to wear) and will come in a limited edition box set available by collete in Paris. The release for this set is beginning of March 2011 so be on the lookout for the official news which should appear on

The official commercial for this project will appear on French television and radio beginning March 4, 2011. Below is a sneak preview…

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Disney Song Medley by Alan Menken

With Tangled already released on DVD/Blu-ray, one of the extra bonuses or gifts on the UK version is Alan Menken playing a medley of Disney songs on the piano.

Can you name all the songs and the movies the songs are from?


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It's Official: All Borders Bookstores Closing!

Yes, it’s official folks! All Borders, Borders Express and Waldenbooks stores will be closing down. Five months after filing for bankruptcy, Borders will now begin liquidation sales with all books, DVDs and furniture discounted up to 40% starting TODAY (July 22, 2011).

Bad News: All sales are expected to end September, which means all 10,000+ employees nationwide will lose their jobs after liquidation. Plus local artists and musicians lose a venue that helped promote plenty of special events such as book and CD signings.

Good News: For many parents, it may be the perfect time to go back-to-school shopping for your kids. Or if you’ve been waiting to buy that DVD/manga/comic/art/design/computer/drama book, now is the time to splurge with all your available discounts.

Truth be told, if you’re a loyal customer, it’s always hard to say goodbye to a place you love. Do any of you feel the same way?


Floppy Drive Duet - “The Imperial March”

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old, useless technology that’s just laying around gathering dust? Why not make musical instruments?!

A programmer, who goes by Silent, wired two floppy drives together and, along with an ATMega microcontroller, got the obsolete devices to play “The Imperial March” from Star Wars. Makes you wonder what other devices he’ll hook together next.

Read more about the drives and check out his first attempt at getting the drives to work at [].

Happy National Video Games Day!!!


While Video Games Day is July 8th, September 12 is National Video Games Day!

If you love playing Farmville, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Team Fortress, Plants vs. Zombies, GTA4, Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Street Fighter, oo even Solitaire or Snake, you really can’t deny any of it because video games are here to stay and everyone needs to celebrate. So have your favorite snacks and soda* next to you, close the curtains and grab your favorite console, controller and game, and get ready to play the night away, ‘cause it’s on like Donkey Kong!

*Would rather have something else besides soda? Have no fear because today is also Chocolate Milk Shake Day.


Paradise Kiss - Live Action Movie - Teaser Trailer
To be released in Japan May 2011, by Warner Bros
Starring Keiko Kitagawa and Osamu Mukai

Hopefully this movie comes out well like how NANA (1 & 2) was made but honestly, the manga is worth reading. If you disliked the Paradise Kiss anime but haven’t read the manga, read the manga before watching this movie. It’s only 5 volumes long and you can get a feel on how Ai Yazawa writes and draws the characters. Besides the storyline, the artwork alone is amazing.

If you missed the last ParaKiss update, check out Paradise Kiss - Live Action Movie.

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High School Debut - Live Action Film - Trailer
Starring: Junpei Mizobata and Ito Ono
Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa
Release: April 1, 2011 by Asmik Ace Entertainment

If you have read the shojo manga, High School Debut by Kazune Kawahara, be on the look out for the live-action film of the same name! Set to be released in Japan April 1, 2011 staring Ito Ono as Haruna Nagashima and Junpei Mizobata as Yoh Komiyama.

*Warning: Spoiler… Kinda*

High School Debut tells the story of Haruna Nagashima, a girl who spent most of her middle school years focusing on being a good athlete, but now that she’s in high school, wants to focus on a new goal: finding a boyfriend and falling in love.

However, Haruna has a problem. She has no knowledge or experience on how to approach boys and she never paid any attention to the latest fashion trends. One day, after failing to pick up any boys, she accidentally meets Yoh Komiyama, a popular boy at her school. She begs Yoh to be her coach and show her how to be attractive to other guys. After much persuasion, Yoh finally agrees only under one condition: never fall in love with him.

But of course, Haruna falls in love…

Corgi Cosplay!

Whenever I see cosplayers with corgis, it’s usually Cowboy Bebop and the corgi is Ein. However, this dog is cosplaying as Epona from Legend of Zelda with the corgi’s owner explaining:

“We recently went to a convention with our adorkable corgi Kali.  She dressed up as Epona from Legend of Zelda.  And yes — she’s a tailed pemmie and loves to chase her tail!”

Finally, corgi cosplay now branching out… besides the usual lobster suit or Ein. ;)

[Corgi Addict]

South Park x Kidrobot - Dead Kenny

South Park and Kidrobot have collaborated to bring you Dead Kenny!

“Oh my God, they killed Kenny!…You bastards!”

Dead Kenny is sculpted to showcase exposed brains, bloody ribs, cuts, scratches, scrapes and he also includes an arm that falls off the bone. This is truly Kenny in all his 4th grade glory, who died in so many ways during South Park’s first five seasons.

Dead Kenny is a limited figure that will be released at SDCC and will be available in Kidrobot stores, Kidrobot online, and specialty stores that sell Kidrobot toys starting July 21, 2011 for $10.95.


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Tokyopop Licenses to Revert Back to Owners

With the closure of the Tokyopop North American publishing division coming (May 31), many of you might have been wondering what will happen to all the manga titles that you currently are reading. Tokyopop has now confirmed that all licenses will be reverted back to their original owners.

What does this all mean?

Well instead of having the other Tokyopop media divisions hold the contracts until it expires, they can be reverted back to original owners, which in turn, the owners can license the titles to other publishing companies. Digital Manga has revealed via Twitter that they are looking into the possibility of rescuing a few of the Tokyopop titles. Heck, VIZ Media should look into taking a few also.

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More Marvel x Tokidoki with FRENZIES

Tokidoki continues its collaboration with Marvel with the new Marvel Frenzies Keychain Series. This new series features a mixture of 20 Marvel superhero and villain characters now available, blind-boxed at $5.95 each. You can also pick a few up at SDCC 2011 at the Tokidoki booth, directly at the Tokidoki online store, or any of your favorite stores that carry Tokidoki products.

Here are the 20 characters:


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