Got a little sentimental after spending the night with my second family the Wheelers. Decided to make Tim a little happy birthday post card of his favorite little bull! BeepBeep, Melmo, Melman! Its really rough and not that great, but i’m sleepy and up way past what i felt like staying up.

It reads(in really horrid handwriting):

Happy Birthday CHIM! 22! So proud of you! We all miss you very much! You look so handsome in your shnazy fatigues. Can’t wait to see you! ( in december :[)  Lets get friendship pizza tattoos like the once joked about! ( insert horrible pizza drawing here) I really want to. Summer is just down right boring without a little catchonska with you! I haven’t had a real smore since you left. I cant bring myself to do it. Dont’ worry about writing back abby keeps me updated! stay safe! Looking forward to seeing you! time will fly!


What do you say to someone whose days are far more stressful than your own? I try to make it short and sweet. I don’t want to be a dick and rub in my workless summer while hes is sweating dick in MO.