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Responsible Kinking and You: a PSA to the BTS fandom

In light of all the fun lots of us have been having with Daddy/little stuff lately, here are some friendly reminders:

  • There is nothing wrong with any kink, as long as you are not hurting anyone (without their consent) or putting others in potential danger
  • This fandom, regardless of your own personal bubble of friends and followers, is predominantly underage. That’s just the way it is, considering the type of content kpop produces. It’s built around the wish fulfilment of teenage girls and encourages them to pour all their enthusiasm into it! It’s great!
  • As such, again, regardless of your own personal group of friends or your own experiences of fandom, you and your content (be it art, fanfiction, text posts, etc etc) is coming into contact with underage kids Every. Single. Day.
  • If you are an adult, you should definitely be conscious of your online presence and the content you post/produce and make sure that potentially damaging or misleading content isn’t out there
  • By all means, make and post whatever you want! But be aware of your potential audience and the very fine line between “promoting a healthy sex life, between two consenting adults, partaking in whatever play they wish” and “promoting unbalanced, misleading representations of kink and sexual relationships that occasionally border of the actual literal paedophilic
  • Informed consent is extremely important; without full knowledge of the consequences, risks and benefits of a situation, someone could consent to something they do not fully understand and be harmed as a result
  • Informed consent is especially important for BDSM practices and is really important for people who are exploring their sexuality and kinks to understand!!!
  • I’m not saying someone’s nsfw twitter or a fic about Namjoon calling Jin ‘daddy’ is going to make some underage fan go out and accidentally get themselves into an abusive Daddy/Little relationship or whatever, but if you have the knowledge and understanding, please share it!! Protect these kids exploring their sexualities by helping them make the best, most informed decisions they can!!
  • And, of course:
  • Me asking you to be responsible with your posting =/= me kink shaming you, or ordering you to educate everyone that comes across your content
  • Let’s just be mindful, y’all
Spam and Tag Abuse

Yo yo!! How is everyone? Good I hope! :D

So there seems to be an influx of random accounts who are not part of the fandom just posting links to sites with stuff like “10 conveniently timed photos” or “Top 5 weird positions” etc. etc., you know the type. Nothing but clickbait to make you visit the site. However they seem to be abusing the tag system to be put in popular tags so more people will see their nonsense. 

They look like this

If you see any of these I would love if you guys could report or flag them, I’ve been trying my best already to do it but there’s so many of them and they literally have nothing to do with the tags they mention, just abusing it to get more clicks. It sucks to see that stuff in the middle of all the lovely regular posts from you guys and I don’t want it to become a sea of spam we all hate venturing into :)