spamming tags with a thing i think is funny

So, Ultra Sun and Moon is released tomorrow ... (Story time !) c;

Pokemon Sun and Moon means a lot to me, so now that USUM is being released I thought I’d muse over a little story for those who would like to read it c’: Here’s some of my experience with SUMO, it gets a little bit personal for those of you who’ve ever wondered who’s behind this blog ! A lot of stuff will be revealed 🤔

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anonymous asked:

why do you hate a/medot? (just wondering not a hate anon !!)

I’ve written about this quite a few times in the past; the posts are impossible to find though because they’re censored and not tagged.  But hey, I won’t say “no” to slamming my NOTP some more lol :p 

I might be covering some old ground again with this, simply because I can’t find my old posts on the topic.

(Going under a “Read More” for obvious reasons)

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Like I can literally call a white exclusionist out on racism and there’s a 97% chance they’ll dismiss me or get nasty, and non-black exclusionists with hundreds of followers will get away with saying being black doesn’t absolve me from sin… bc they literally just find me annoying (and someone pointed out they did something harmful to me).

Well-known exclusionists will spam our positivity tags with negativity and that’s cool apparently

Ppl will constantly try to derail my posts. Or demand proof of me for things and then ignore it when I give it (”why do I never see inclusionists give evidence for what they talk about when someone asks them for it” well I WONDER)

Or ppl will accuse me of wild things and then ignore me or shrug it off when I prove it was bullshit. Or act like it’s not a big deal or even funny when ace/aro PoC have to beg them (to no avail) not to sexualize us

Etc. etc.

Ppl who think dehumanizing and treating aces/aros like shit is acceptable are horrible and that’s the vast vast majority of ppl in this mess

So here’s the thing with the politeandwhite debacle.

Some of y'all have said she’s a troll.

Okay. Personally I think that even on the off chance that she is a troll, you probably still need to be some level of racist douchebag to decide that’s how you’re gonna do, but okay. Let’s say she’s a troll.

You know who aren’t trolls?

Aaaaaaaaaaall the people who agreed with her.

All the people who said the fans who were upset some asshole was invading a tag dedicated to non-white Pocecil were just “whining” and “they didn’t own the tag”. Funny, I thought it was basic decent human being etiquette not to spam a tag with white supremacist bullshit.

All the people who didn’t post that they agreed with her and would tell you “Oh, I’m not racist, I think we should all get along” if you asked, but didn’t do a fucking thing when a white supremacist was blatantly in their midst.

All the people who told upset POC fans who questioned the prevalence of white headcanons for the character we have no description of that they “shouldn’t bring hate into the fandom” but didn’t speak up when the actual racist was harassing the POC fans?

They ain’t trolls.

Its funny, fellow WTNV fans, that for a canon that encourages so much diversity- that has the brilliant and handsome scientist love interest be latin@, that has the former mayor being described as olive skinned, that has so many minor characters with names that are very clearly NOT white, that had the main character and ENTIRE TOWN condemn a man who appropriated a culture he had no right to…

I sure am seeing a lot of racism in this fandom. Cecil Palmer, if he existed, would be ashamed of y'all.

Instead of sitting silent, maybe more of you should speak up. Silence does nothing but convince the racists that they’re right. Combat if ya got the spoons for it, simply report for spam and harassment if ya don’t.

For those of you who give a shit, as of 1/6, politeandwhite’s new url is apparently whiteeurope. (oh look more racist fallacies.)

Also of interest are politeandwhite’s followers, and no, I don’t give a shit if I’m ~~shaming~~ them. If you’re following a white supremacist, you need some fucking shame. The list, as follows: yy22, red1490, knurlagn, princessmonsanto, nosvertu, netdredging, watchitbleed, without-horilka, genghis-khanye, pompeivsmagnvs, frauwittmann, koujakusgaybaby