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Yunho's discharge is coming soon! How excited are you and are you planning to spam us with TVXQ on that day? I'm so excited!

OMG ANonnie!! You just have no idea!!

Like… just yeasterday or dwo days ago I was checking some of my old notebooks and i found some notes from where Yunho was enlisting and I was crying about the two years long break AND LOOK AT US NOW!! We’re there, we’re almost there and Yunho will be back and will bless us with his face and presence and maybe some solo activities and visiting Changmin during his promo unit performances and it will be so beautiful TT_TT This is a good year, YESSS! 

And I can promise, I will spam u with Yunho like crazy that day…

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So, I just returned from my first trip to Wizard World Philly! I had an amazing time and I’m going to be spamming photos like crazy. To start things off though, I have to go with my absolutely favorite photo.. 

Look at this man. Just LOOK at him.

This photo was before my autograph and before our duo photo, so this was my very first interaction with Sebastian. Somehow I kept my composure and was able to ask him for “the most excited hug ever”. I expected a normal side hug with some ridiculous face, and I completely planned on making my own ridiculous face. So when he agreed with an “Absolutely!”, I thought I was ready. Of course, what I got was actually Sebastian wrapping his arms around me and hoisting me up. Ridiculous face went out the window for me, as I was just genuinely losing my mind and smiling so hard it hurt.

This picture is perfect. Sebastian is an absolute delight and a treasure. And the most fantastic dork.