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Can we have more stories about the Howlies, please?

this is the story of dumdum dougans bowler hat.

there are a lot of crazy stories from when we howlies were settling in together. ( uh. there are also a lot of crazy stories from after we got settled, and a lot of crazy stories in general.) most of us had the kind of overblown personalities that would dominate most other units, which was part of why the higher ups agreed to make us a unit in the first place–nobody else would have us. that being the case, there were a lot of spats between us while we got used to each other. 

what we all rapidly learned was that the best way to deal with those arguments quickly was usually a field test to see who was right. this method of conflict resolution led to such memorable things as the Great Bean-Off, the Red Socks Incident,and the List of Twenty Reasons Peggy Carter Is in Charge. 

It should be noted that peggy carter was never formally a howlie. informally, she was the boss of the howlies. ask steve, he’ll agree.

anyway, if the option was available, arguments would be resolved by trying whatever was being debated and letting reality figure out who was right. 

since this was 1. the army and 2. before cell phone app games were invented, there was almost always an audience for these things, and with that audience came bets about who was right.

war can sometimes be really boring guys, you gotta get your laughs where you can. and laughing at the baddest of asses making regular asses of themselves rapidly became a noble 107th tradition. we made good entertainment, i guess.

this story begins with the fact that the howlies were picked more for personality than skill–which actually worked well, since we had enough diversity of skill anyway–but that meant we had a bit of specialization overlap. namely, dumdum and i were both marksmen.

naturally, dumdum insisted he had better aim. i disagreed. things escalated.

escalation eventually wound up with dumdum yelling “if you’re a better marksman than me, i’ll eat my hat!!”

which. was a terrible choice of words. 

word rapidly spread of the disagreement, and soon enough somebody had set up a firing range for us to resolve the issue. the targets were a couple of thoroughly defaced nazi propaganda posters, and the prize was apparently dumdum dougans hat for dinner. the crowd was some sixty-odd soldiers, and pretty much all of them had placed bets on the outcome.

i won. 

i could stretch that part of this story out longer, but. its me. we all knew i was gonna win.  not to say that dumdum was bad; im just better. 

but the thing about guys like us? we take things literally. so people immediately began insisting that the hat be eaten–some being so helpful as to provide salt and spam as toppings. 

i, being a gentlemanly sort, and also being extremely unwilling to discover what smells dumdum’s digestive system would produce if filled with spam and felt–we all shared a barracks, it would be terrible–instead offered to simply take the hat as payment. 

im nice like that. 

but bowler hats are not a look that works for me–i dont have enough of a handlebar mustache, i think. so the hat would up back on dumdum’s head pretty promptly. but technically it belongs to me.

it’s in the smithsonian now, with a little plaque thanking dumdum’s estate for the donation, but rightfully, its mine.

maybe if i ever grow a handlebar mustache ill go claim it. 

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Heads up to everyone Tumblrs been deleting spam bot blogs like fucking crazy since this morning because a virus video was being spread around so if you're like me and wondering why you went from 11,178 to 11,652 don't freak out and don't open any submitted videos random bot blogs or by non Tumblr users


So I love y'all so much? Seriously, what did I do to deserve you all.

To celebrate, I’m doing a big 1000 giveaway!

Reminder! This is only for my followers! Please don’t just follow for this, thanks.

1st Place: Art and a Fic!
2nd and 3rd Place: Art OR a Fic!

All reblogs and likes count, feel free to reblog multiple times for more chances, just don’t spam like crazy, ‘kay?

You have until October 14th at 12:00 PM EST!!!!

I’m home…

I dunno who is welcoming who but i like it <333

Sorry about the circle in the background, in the last days/hours i’ve been spamming them like crazy ^^’ (i didn’t do them, mind you. Well except Roy’s lame ass circle (well.. the way i made it, not the circle itself))

Little note: When i made this, Ed was standing on his tip toes, so you can imagine how ridiculously short i made him. And damn boy that hair is long. Geez. Don’t regret that tho.

Don’t kill me Ed, plz. I luv you very much bby. I know how you feel buddy, i’m shortest one in the family too *i’m cry*


also this isn’t the whole thing. he did this like 3 other times throughout the game for 30-45 seconds as well. apparently solo healing and getting 9k in a qp match as Lucio isn’t enough. like.. okay. 


Even Though @food-n-drawings034 Spammed me like crazy (again an other crazy spam)Still didn’t got the first place XD though nice try to scare me with an jumpscare video song but i love scary stuff even the jumpscares so didn’t scared me at all XD 

@leoyee0w0mainblog @food-n-drawings034 @octocookies @crystaldevilphoenix want me to draw something for ya? :3 (after i finish what i need to draw)

Sit down ladies, gentlemen, agenders, non-binaries, etc

I have a story to tell you about my Voltron fandom experience. It’s not a lancelot one, no, it is a sheith one.

When I first entered the fandom I shipped klance immediately, mostly cause it was the first ship I saw before even watching the show. I later found out about sheith, which at the time was my notp.

I avoided sheith fanfics, but I adored shidge, though I don’t read shidge fics that much due to me once trying to read one and it instantly throwing the characters into gender roles.

One day, I tried to find content in the shidge tag on tumblr…you guys can probably guess what I found. Anti-ShiroxAnyone that isn’t Allura, I found that sheith took most of the hate.

I looked through the anti-sheith tag, anti-sheith blogs, and I was disgusted of how these people were acting. Pedophilia accusations, call-out posts, spamming tags.

I was aware of antis, since I’m from the Osomatsu-san fandom and I ship matsucest, and let me tell you that antis spammed those tags like crazy. But, I just didn’t expect to find them here.

I ship sheith now, I might not ship it as much as shidge or heith(i ship heith bc i read a heith fanfic once and i just like how the dynamic of their relationship would work) But, I don’t get that notp pang in my chest anymore and I reblog quite a considerate amount on my main blog now.

That’s right folks, I was powered by spite to the point that I now ship something that formerly I wanted nothing to do with. And, when I saw antis starting to turn on lancelot, I knew something needed to be done.

I took this url because of how many anti urls I had seen. I wanted to take it and give the fandom the positivity it deserved. So, I created a fic rec page on this blog too of the lancelot fics I like.

I thought about making a wall of shame page listing the trollfics, but…I didn’t want anyone to get harassed, specially since most antis are minors.

Basically, I wanted to create a safe space for lancelot shippers, and I’ve even been thinking about making a shaladin one. I want you all to know I’m on your side, because nobody deserves harassment based on shipping.

Like, what societal impact does it have? I’m so confused. Like, I know there is a child pornography claim the antis make, but like…the characters don’t look like children? And child predators are more likely to use actual child pornography to trick children.(not to mention most pedophiles need professional help or that most of them were molested or groomed as children which has led to their illness. Seriously, my mom worked in a mental hospital, every pedophile there had been molested as a child. It’s really sad.)

But, I digress. Sorry for that rant there. Anyways, I’m on your side.

Anti-lancelot, out


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aaaaaaaaaa sorry if you just got spammed like crazy I woke up to so many posts,,,loveutho

it’S OKAY MY PAL i like to watch my phone blow up in notifications from u 

it’s the highlight of my life if im gonna be real honest so don’t apologise hEHEHE

i lov it n i love u 2 thank u and also so sorry for so many things happening that day??? it was super notmmd and the lack of pictures lately have been Real dry

So, I just returned from my first trip to Wizard World Philly! I had an amazing time and I’m going to be spamming photos like crazy. To start things off though, I have to go with my absolutely favorite photo.. 

Look at this man. Just LOOK at him.

This photo was before my autograph and before our duo photo, so this was my very first interaction with Sebastian. Somehow I kept my composure and was able to ask him for “the most excited hug ever”. I expected a normal side hug with some ridiculous face, and I completely planned on making my own ridiculous face. So when he agreed with an “Absolutely!”, I thought I was ready. Of course, what I got was actually Sebastian wrapping his arms around me and hoisting me up. Ridiculous face went out the window for me, as I was just genuinely losing my mind and smiling so hard it hurt.

This picture is perfect. Sebastian is an absolute delight and a treasure. And the most fantastic dork.