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Boyfriend Hansol
  • hey
  • did you all know that i fucking love ji hansol
  • and all this rumours of him leaving are breaking my heart apart
  • my first though what that the ig account is fake (and tbh, i still low-key think that) but i heard that his sister followed him?? but, idk, maybe it is something like how happened with exo’s kai, when he created his ig account for like a day just for the cmb promotions and the deleted it. and i think this possibility could be true bc, in my opinion, i don’t see hansol as the type of person that likes using social medias?? specially if it’s ig bc what?? and if he had an account, at least, i don’t think he would make it publicy, if he has something to say to the fans he would just post like the other rookies/members in the nct official page. i can see members like idk ten or johnny liking that kind of stuff more, but hansol??? one of the shiest and more introverted members that nct has??? and the weirdest of all of this is that his account is publicy??? like it’s not for his friends and family, no, is public. and why tf he has leonardo dicaprio in his icon wtf you’re JI hansol not CHWE hansol. anyways, it’s fucking weird and i’m so scared, but i don’t think that he’s going to leave, i have my doubts but this whole situation is just so weird. hansol is one of the members who stayed in the smrookies for the longest and any of the members have been seen sad or heartbroken lately, and i’m just not going to believe anything until the sm confirms if he’s debuting or fucking leaving. but that’s what is really weird here, why haven’t said the sm said anything yet? all the fandom is spamming like crazy in ig and vyrl. when jaemin went on hiatus we did the same thing and a few hours later we had our response but with this?? nothing. in my oppinion the sm just let him create his ig page bc why fucking not?? all the kard members have ig and they’re still a project, they haven’t debut yet. even tho he’s not uploading anything in the rookies page aND THAT’S WHAT’S REALLY WEIRD, WHY ISN’T HE POSTING PICS LIKE KUN AND JUNGWOO AND YUKHEI ARE DOING ON THE ROOKIES PAGE WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY HANSOL, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS
  • anyways my point is that in my opinion he’s debuting
  • i’m going crazy, i love him so so much and i don’t want him to leave when he didn’t even got the oportunity to debut next to his brothers
  • i’m so sad now :(( he’s so hard working and he has real passion for what ‘he’s doing’, you know when from time to time we see videos of him dancing and ugh he’s so talented, i actually want to cry now because this angel deserves the whole world and i’m so scared because i don’t him to leave, he seriously means so much to me
  • fuck, i’m just going to start writing because i swear i’m on the verge of tears
  • i don’t even want to imagine how perfect this baby would be as a boyfriend
  • he would be so caring and sweet and when he’s not practicing he would want to spend a big part of his free time with you and the members
  • y’all are probably really close and, honestly, there’s nothing that makes him happier
  • he gets a bit jealous or is a bit protective from time to time but, after all, he trust in you and in the members with his life, so it’s fine
  • he wants to create beautiful memories with you everyday and make your days together seem magical
  • and they truly are
  • if you have this angel by your side of course they are
  • he’s the kind of boyfriend that would buy chocolates and flowers for you
  • and he would want to learn everything about you
  • the things you love and hate, your passions, your dreams, everything
  • and with that make sure that you’re always happy and motivated
  • you’re always cheering on him to do what he loves the most
  • so he’s always really inspired by you
  • like, just having you next to him or talking with you in the phone, or anything, it just makes him really inspired
  • it’s just imposibble for him not to so motivated everyday with such an amazing person in his life
  • and he shows you everyday how grateful he is with his cute surprises
  • he has the chessiest and cutest dates ideas
  • and he’s always reminding you how much he loves you
  • with words, with actions, with everything that’s possible
  • if he could make the whole world know how much he loves you he would do it without doubts
  • he’s completly lost in love
  • just like i’m in love with him
  • talking about skinship, he’s a big fan
  • he loves hugging you and kissing you
  • and sometime he feels so happy just by having you standed up by his side
  • but he would always have his hands over you
  • and when you start the skinship he becames w e a k
  • he smiles super widely with that beautiful smile that he has and his eyes are shining
  • he’s so perfect, my heart is complete pain, i swear
  • he’s absolutely loves cuddles
  • when he’s feeling too lazy to organize a date outside with you, he goes for the lazy ones
  • and, tbh, those are his favorites
  • he loves watching movies or playing videogames as both of you are laying back one in top of the other lazily
  • like your with your head in his shoulder or you snuggling in his chest
  • and if you fell asleep on him he would be the happiest person alive
  • he would take a bunch of pictures of your sleepy face and show them to everyone
  • “isn’t my girl the cutest person alive?”
  • “i’m so lucky to have her”
  • “i don’t even think i deserve someone so perfect like her”
  • and if he ever sees you crying, forget about him letting you go for like two good hours
  • he would be the best comfort that you can think of
  • he would sit by your side and hug you really tightly, letting you cry as much as you want
  • at the same time he would play with your hair and give kisses in your forehead, cheeks and, basically, everywhere
  • you can also feel his warm hands rubbing your back softly
  • and from time to time he would say really sweet things to you to make you feel better
  • like compliments, and he would remind you how much he loves you every second
  • “you’re beautiful, y/n”
  • “i’m not going to leave, okay? i will never leave you”
  • “you’re so important to me”
  • “i love you”
  • and once you calm down he won’t ask anything about it until you feel comfortable to talk with him
  • and when you do he would be in complete silence, listening to you with extreme attention
  • at the same time he would give you kisses and would be thinking of different ways to help you with any problem that you have
  • and being a 100% ready if tears decide to appear again
  • having him as your boyfriend sounds like a dream if you think about it
  • he’s just a really protective boyfriend and would do anything for your happiness
  • he’s probably a bit jealous too, but it’s mainly because he want to be sure that you’re beside the right people and not people that can hurt you
  • also, you’re so important for him, how could he not be jealous?
  • and, the end, i guess
  • i just read this whole thing again and i’m sorry
  • i don’t sound as happy and bright as always but just.. thinking about him leaving is breaking my heart
  • the only thing we can do now is wait for answers and honestly, i just hope that he’s happy and healthy
  • him being proud of himself and his decisions is the main thing here, so, instead of leave lots of question in ‘his’ ig page leave him sweet things
  • “hansol, i’m so proud of you” “i love you so much” “i’ll always be suporting you in anything you want to do”
  • and please, do the same thing with the rest of the members. okay? 
  • please, spread love and positivity because is one of the easiest and most beautiful actions we can do

I’m home…

I dunno who is welcoming who but i like it <333

Sorry about the circle in the background, in the last days/hours i’ve been spamming them like crazy ^^’ (i didn’t do them, mind you. Well except Roy’s lame ass circle (well.. the way i made it, not the circle itself))

Little note: When i made this, Ed was standing on his tip toes, so you can imagine how ridiculously short i made him. And damn boy that hair is long. Geez. Don’t regret that tho.

Don’t kill me Ed, plz. I luv you very much bby. I know how you feel buddy, i’m shortest one in the family too *i’m cry*

Sit down ladies, gentlemen, agenders, non-binaries, etc

I have a story to tell you about my Voltron fandom experience. It’s not a lancelot one, no, it is a sheith one.

When I first entered the fandom I shipped klance immediately, mostly cause it was the first ship I saw before even watching the show. I later found out about sheith, which at the time was my notp.

I avoided sheith fanfics, but I adored shidge, though I don’t read shidge fics that much due to me once trying to read one and it instantly throwing the characters into gender roles.

One day, I tried to find content in the shidge tag on tumblr…you guys can probably guess what I found. Anti-ShiroxAnyone that isn’t Allura, I found that sheith took most of the hate.

I looked through the anti-sheith tag, anti-sheith blogs, and I was disgusted of how these people were acting. Pedophilia accusations, call-out posts, spamming tags.

I was aware of antis, since I’m from the Osomatsu-san fandom and I ship matsucest, and let me tell you that antis spammed those tags like crazy. But, I just didn’t expect to find them here.

I ship sheith now, I might not ship it as much as shidge or heith(i ship heith bc i read a heith fanfic once and i just like how the dynamic of their relationship would work) But, I don’t get that notp pang in my chest anymore and I reblog quite a considerate amount on my main blog now.

That’s right folks, I was powered by spite to the point that I now ship something that formerly I wanted nothing to do with. And, when I saw antis starting to turn on lancelot, I knew something needed to be done.

I took this url because of how many anti urls I had seen. I wanted to take it and give the fandom the positivity it deserved. So, I created a fic rec page on this blog too of the lancelot fics I like.

I thought about making a wall of shame page listing the trollfics, but…I didn’t want anyone to get harassed, specially since most antis are minors.

Basically, I wanted to create a safe space for lancelot shippers, and I’ve even been thinking about making a shaladin one. I want you all to know I’m on your side, because nobody deserves harassment based on shipping.

Like, what societal impact does it have? I’m so confused. Like, I know there is a child pornography claim the antis make, but like…the characters don’t look like children? And child predators are more likely to use actual child pornography to trick children.(not to mention most pedophiles need professional help or that most of them were molested or groomed as children which has led to their illness. Seriously, my mom worked in a mental hospital, every pedophile there had been molested as a child. It’s really sad.)

But, I digress. Sorry for that rant there. Anyways, I’m on your side.

Anti-lancelot, out


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How do I buy a copy?

Copies aren’t for sale just yet, and we’re still working out some of those details. But don’t worry! We’ll be spamming here like crazy once the zine is for sale, so as long as you’re following the blog, you’ll be sure to see those announcements! 

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Hello! I love this blog. It's very helpful and resourceful. I was wondering if you might know any good podcasts that could help me practice listening to Japanese. Thank you :D

It depends what level you’re at really. If you search for podcast on my blog then you’ll find some results. ‘Bilingual news’ is interesting in terms of content, but there’s more English than Japanese spoken and Michael seems pretty sexist to me, so that’s a minus, it’s suited to intermediate and above as the Japanese is often scientific and quite challenging, the initial articles are read in both Japanese and English, but after that the conversation is not translated, they just switch a lot from Japanese and english, but if you can’t understand both languages it will be very difficult to follow.

I like the Lingq podcasts, but they stopped making them some years back, though I think there is other downloadable audio on their website.

I think the best tip I can give is this one: Sign up for an audible free trial and search for Japanese language audiobooks, there are some really long (8 hours +) Japanesepod101 ones you can download as your free audiobook, then cancel the trial before you get charged. Japanesepod101 also uses way too much English, but they have a TON of content. If you sign up to their RSS the podcasts seem like a totally jumbled mess in your itunes (well mine are) and most are beginner level (irrelevant if you’re intermediate or advanced). I don’t really recommend signing up and paying for Japanesepod101 because they spam you like crazy and the cost vs value for money doesn’t seem that good to me, though others may disagree. It’s not awful, I just think it could be far better. The Japanese is totally accurate and taught by native speakers, so that’s a big plus, but there’s lots of unnecessary chit chat in English in most episodes.

If you’re intermediate level or above then you start to have more choice as you can probably find some all-Japanese podcasts to listen to. Here are the ones I like on itunes:

News in Slow Japanese a news program with a fast and slow version of each episode.
中3ラジコ (news designed for JHS 3rd years to be able to understand, so it’s designed for 16 year olds)

日本名作文学朗読選 recordings of famous Japanese literature, there are a LOT of these and they’re great for high intermediate/advanced. I’m studying for JLPT N2 and can sort-of follow some of the stories, but I think they’ll be better suited to me in about 6 month-a year from now once I’ve learned more grammar and vocabulary.

So, I just returned from my first trip to Wizard World Philly! I had an amazing time and I’m going to be spamming photos like crazy. To start things off though, I have to go with my absolutely favorite photo.. 

Look at this man. Just LOOK at him.

This photo was before my autograph and before our duo photo, so this was my very first interaction with Sebastian. Somehow I kept my composure and was able to ask him for “the most excited hug ever”. I expected a normal side hug with some ridiculous face, and I completely planned on making my own ridiculous face. So when he agreed with an “Absolutely!”, I thought I was ready. Of course, what I got was actually Sebastian wrapping his arms around me and hoisting me up. Ridiculous face went out the window for me, as I was just genuinely losing my mind and smiling so hard it hurt.

This picture is perfect. Sebastian is an absolute delight and a treasure. And the most fantastic dork.