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Thank you @kihyunseyesmile for tagging me. An overboard bias selfie tag? I’m totally game 😁I know I just did a selfie tag not too long ago so I hope you don’t get annoyed lol

Show me your biases, guys! 
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oh man of all the junkfish i’ve seen I think this one’s the best. he just looks so pathetic!

First of all thank you so so much thats very flattering ;w; <3 

hes a very weak scavenger, but he can hold his own. im sure to other, more healthy mermaid he looks a bit like a zombie. at least hes cute on land,,,sometimes… i bet you anything the other creatures of the deep bully the shit out of him. maybe mermaids have some kinda magic in them that would be delicious to all types of predators, and sticks around mako cause he knows no one will come near a fisherman

don’t you know that the kids aren’t alright? 

sorry for not artin for so long!! here is a little something because i’ve been listening to the fob album on repeat for days

did you ever even want to wake up?
or were you safer in your dreamless sleep,

(your martyr sleep, frozen still within a spell,
in a slumber so deep, undisturbed and swept away, kept away,
locked and sealed in a secret place)

when i left, i left alone
but you lingered–

is it an act of valour if i did it just to fade away
                            (with you)

what i wouldn’t give for a glimpse,
a small glimmer, to see just a bit
of what i lost,
just a split second of bliss
a moment for me to hear your voice
and for you to forget of the eclipse,
the doom, the abyss, the ravine you were forced to wade through
with no light guiding your eyes

—  not without you // p.m.
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i was tagged by stannon, ayeeee

NAME: arielle


WHERE I’M FROM: tex-ass

FAV ANIME: idk, i only really watch sailor moon tbh. but i love it, so.

FAV SHOW: i don’t even think i have a favorite show? i kind of just watch a lot of bad shit on netflix. i really like 90s sitcoms though.

ZODIAC: virgo ♍️🌺

FAV DRINK: lemonade, red wine, and monster bc i’m fedorable

FAV QUOTE: oh man, idk. the first thing that came to mind is “just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character” from pulp fiction, which i realize is really lame.

FAV BAND: modest mouse

FAV SEASON: autumn

MOVIES I’M WAITING FOR: insidious 3 (i’m trash), the gallows, fantastic 4, carol, me and earl and the dying girl, dope… that’s all I can think of rn


i’m tagging: sinnermoon, vital-beach, giant-swan, stan-brakhage, kingkruelle, manshuns, sailorcrescentmoon, fart-simpsons, velvetsidewalk, chapterdoof