Late TUMU2011 post

Warning, my brain isn’t functioning well this morning so some paragraphs aren’t cohesive as I normally would write them.. lol

So I was late. I mean, all I really want was to meet my friends and my classmates and the new faces that have been hoarding my inbox. lol

I was thinking of going early, yet I thought about my mini promo that the first to approach me wins a venti drink of their choice. So I instead decided to be late.. intentionally this time. lol. Yeah I missed a lot. But it was 2 in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day. But yeah, all in good fun.

The moment I stepped on ATC grounds, I sent a group message announcing my arrival. I was creepy in walking around the activity center. I’ve spotted my friends who were looking around, trying to get even the slightest glimpse of me. Then as I was going to send another group message, Mildred @doremildred, surprised me. She was with Jc @darkblak. She was all smiles. Then the rest of my friends started to approach me. From Section 5 to my old old friends.. It was fun seeing them again after all this time. 

Then we went to get Dred her prize. She ordered a Venti Mocha Frappe. 

Then we went back to the activity center.. Spent the rest of the meet up talking with James @thejamesss and going to my section then back. I met Onny @fixatednurse again and chatted some. Saw Rhadson @matabangutak and also chatted about our days from Mapua Tekno Teatro. Saw Cedi @cedwick but he was too busy for me to approach him. lol Justin @kjse and I were about to hug each other (our antics from the section 5 fbgroup lol) but due to an invisible force, we didn’t get the chance to do that.. lol

Our Section’s professor Byron @evilarcher was so busy that day keeping our section in tact. From afar, I can see how participative my classmates were. Oh to be young and be hyper. lol

Finally Rudstin @paresatbp arrived with Robert @rioen and Ella @heyimellaa. We chatted some. Ruds gave me a Lindt white chocolate bar. Thanks! Which Poy @supergago was asking for when he came to our side lol. Sorry I couldn’t give you the chocs even my dangling cross earring. It has some memories as well.. lol Also saw and hugged Maica @nagparaya and talked about our plans to meet in Singapore soon. XD

My section was fun to be with. Being hyper and all. I can see the spark in their eyes as some of them is attending their first meet up ever. I wish my first meet up was like this. I don’t think anyone was out of place. If there were, well, they are but a few. All in all it was fun and exciting to see a lot of people. Here are some pics from my iphone. :)