Oh look, a Spamdrew.

And I think that may be it…

Have a good day everyone, continue along your dash as if you didn’t see any of this, hope I didn’t distract you too much.

But you’ve got to admit:



Occasion for Spamdrew: RavenclawHatterintheTARDISforARC’s birthday, two days late.

Better late then never though, yeah?

I mean, who doesn’t want a reason to see this man?

Anyway, I’m sorry this is late…

I hope you had a lovely day full of amazing gifts, people you love, and wonderful surprises all around! You certainly deserve a birthday as awesome as you. (And as awesome as this man and his smile!)

Moving on…

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Ravenclaw,
Happy birthday to you!

Again, hope you had a wonderful day and that today is a great day as well!

I heard it was LuvConnor's birthday today...

Do you know what that means, Pottsheads? 


First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to her for creating the gifs she does. It has let me experience Andrew being amazing (and hot) in other movies without me actually seeing them. (Of I’ll get around to them…) I also want to thank her because for awhile, she had some of my favorite reviews on my stories and well…come on, her name is LuvConnor! …There’s nothing better than a Connor Temple fan.

So let’s all take some time to wish her a happy birthday because she’s a very awesome person!

We’ll also take this time to spam her with Andrew gifs…

I hope you had a fantastic day!!!

See you later.


Mini-Spamdrew in a reply? I see no problem with this whatsoever...
purplia19 replied to your postpurplia19 replied to your post: Your obsessed with…

haha thanks : )

No problem. By the way, enjoy that gif. It’s a rather good one…one of my favorites of Andrew. It stands with these.

Those last two are “Through The Anomaly” WE CAN WATCH IT! And enjoy Andrew…in A DRESS, which is strangely attractive…(And one picture of him dressed up like Abby that might’ve mentally scarred me and I can’t imagine how Hannah feels about that…BUT STILL!)