My favorite things in a fanfiction

• When one sits on the others lap for any non-sexual reason.
• One of them is cooking and the other wraps their arms around their waist.
• Comfort cuddles
• When one of them is insecure and the other refuses to let them think of themselves that way.
• When one of them is an angry ball of rage and will only be calm and happy when their s/o is around.
• Band AUs.
• Kissing and then being picked up so their legs are wrapped around the others waist.
• One of them is a jock and will always give their team jacket to the other.
• 5 + 1 (these depend on the topic).
• Comfort during an anxiety/panic attack.
• Coffee AUs.
• Morning cuddling.
• College AUs
• Small one wearing tall one’s clothes.
• When one of them is asexual and the other one hundred percent respects that and will do anything to make them feel comfortable.
• Sick fics.
• Saying “I love you” without directly saying it.
• High school AUs.
• Friends playing matchmaker.
• Falling for the best friends brother/sister
• Youtuber AUs.
• One is a cinnamon roll that needs protection and the other is a brutal rebel and if anyone hurts their cinnamon roll they will destroy them (if you’re familar with my posts, you know how much I love this one).
• Meeting the parents and the parents are so accepting of the relationship.
• Friends noticing hickies and embarrassment ensues.
• Saying their first “I love you”.
• Height difference cuteness where one of them is super short and their s/o will always pick them up to make them eye level.
• When they get locked in and that forces them to confess.
• Sloppy make outs.
• When the relationship is already established.
• When one of them is scared to fall in love but ends up loving the other too much and so when they kiss for the first time they just say “fuck it” and freaking go for it.

And that’s it so far. I’ll most likely add more to this list later. Feel free to add your own. : )

  • *After a fight*
  • Person A: Babe, open the door...
  • Person B: NO!
  • Person A: Babe....
  • Person B: GO AWAY!!
  • Person A: *breath in*
  • Person A: Veronica! Open the- Open the door please! Veronica, open the door!
  • Person B: *immediately opens door* Goddammit you

Fanfics Where A Character Has Mental Illness

Bad: I am no longer mentally ill because I fell in love! Mental illness begone! No more suffering! Nothing but good days from here on! :)

Good: I still have my mental illness, but I’ve found someone who will stick by my side and is there for me when I hit my lows. They support me and understand me and are more than happy to help me when I have my breakdowns/ help me recover because they love me and I love them. 

Imagine Your Otp #69

Person B wakes up in the middle of the night to Person A launching themselves over Person B and on to the floor.

After a few seconds of confusion, Person B leans over and asks Person A what’s wrong.

Turns out Person A is terrified of spiders and their nightmares are really realistic.

It looks like Wattpad is saying:

“You actually thought you were going to have a happy Christmas and spend it with your family?”

“No bitch, I’m your motherfucking Christmas present”

“Have fun crying through the holidays moron”

Choose a character from any of these shows below
Yuri on ice
Star vs the forces of evil
Gravity falls
Over the garden wall
Welcome to hell
Super jail
The lorax
Total drama
And yes I’ll do ocs and parings
(On the ocs send me a picture of them)
So other then that feel free to message me

  • Me: *is 7*
  • Adults: You can't be a pirate that's so ridiculous
  • -7 years later-
  • Me: *likes ships,money and booty*
  • Me: *fights over ships,money and booty*
  • Me: Fuck the system