jensen singing! 


Jensen Ackles singing “Simple Man” at #VanCon 2015

Close up and available in HD. *_*


My video of Jensen Ackles singing Simple Man at VanCon2015. We were six rows back and I STILL can’t feel my legs!!!

Cockles prayer~

I pray to thee, merciful Cockles gods
To please, grants us many sweet
Funny and naughty moments
Between our two beautiful bastards.
May we have many gay wonderful moments,
May we see them stare into each other eyes
Like the two whipped idiots they are.
May we, maybe get a kiss or a frisky touch
May we see them laugh out loud.
Let us see Jensen’s unicorn laugh
Let us hear more family stories.
May we see a cockles mating dance,
Please let us hear Jensen call Misha, Mishka.

In the name of everything that’s Cockles,


(Cockles is driving me mad, pardon me😂)~