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Why is no one talking about what jared said after jensen fell off his chair in the second nerdhq panel laughing about misha playing "straight"? He mimed covering jensen's crotch "don't bend over he's getting excited"??? Jared is amazing

UM??? I MISSED THAT?? I’m going to rewatch the panels tomorrow I think I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for this

  • jensen:misha. misha. how are you buddy?
  • misha:im well thank you for asking
  • jensen:you're looking very good today, dapper as always
  • misha:thank you
  • jared:how was your, uh, your facebook live before the panel? anything happen? *evil laughter*
  • misha:umm, fuck you both
  • *laughter*
  • jared:we saw him in the corner, and its like—
  • misha:jensen has figured out that it. i. im not sure how you figure out when im livestreaming but you figure it out
  • jensen and jared talking over each other:because, its because, i get its
  • jared:it looks like your either peeing or masturbating
  • jensen:i get like text messagse like "misha is now livestreaming" and im like again??
  • jared:also, more often than not, you look like this *walks over to wall and mimics misha livestreaming* and jensen and i are like "is he really doing that here?"
  • mark:i thought it was porn
  • jared:like does he need toilet paper? like whats going on? cause he just stands in the corner like *mimics misha again with... interesting pelvic/leg movements*
  • jensen:its the leg shake that really gives you away
  • misha:*stands up, shaking leg*
  • jared:yeah, hes doing it again
  • misha:like a dog when you scratch its stomach i do the when im livestream masturbating