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Effy's Night-Out Makeup

For a night out, Effy’s makeup takes a dark and intense turn.  Here’s how to get her clubbing makeup look:

1. Start with the same base as you would for Effy’s day makeup look. Flawless, well-concealed skin with black eyeliner in the waterlines.

2. Next, add a dark black eyeshadow and smudge it out into a smoky eye shape.  

3. Add thick black eyeliner along the upper lash line.

4. Pile on the mascara.

5. Keep the lips bare, or add a clear lip balm or gloss. If you want, add a small amount of pink blush to get Effy’s pink flush and bronzer under the cheekbones to create the effect of naturally high cheekbones.

Easy and edgy, perfect for a girl like Effy Stonem. 


Watching the trailer of the first series of skins and getting nostalgic.

Effy's Hair

Like her makeup, Effy’s hair is usually simple and effortless.  To get the wavy look that we see her wearing most often, just do the following:

1. Mist your hair with a sea-salt spray such as Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Spray. (Or make it yourself:

2. Scrunch small sections of your hair in your hands.  If you have time, blow dry your hair with one hand and scrunch with the other.

Optional, again, if you have time: Take a clipless curling iron and wrap the middle portion of small sections of your hair around the barrel.  Leave the ends alone, as that will give it the beachy look you’re going for. 

3.  If you haven’t washed your hair, add a bit of dry shampoo for volume.

4. Tousle your hair with your hands to give it a messy, slept-in feel. 

Alternatively, you can put your hair in braids or a bun after washing it and leave it overnight to achieve the same effect.