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That SMILE  (⁎•ᴗ•⁎)♡

Boyfriend Minho {SHINee}
  • Super romantic with you from the beginning of your relationship
  • Likes to take you to nice restaurants and dresses all fancy in nice suits (you know he looks good in a suit)
  • He greets you with flowers, holds doors open for you and moves your chair for you
  • He loves to spoil you with pretty jewelry and nice clothes, for no other reason than he wants you to have everything
  • But then he loves doing the easy, fun stuff too, like going for walks along the beach and taking you to the park to feed ducks together
  • Loves holding your hand, literally all the time
  • Endless kisses to the top of your head
  • And little head ruffles because he’s super cute, and so are you, and he likes messing up your hair
  • He pinches your cheeks and squeezes your hips all the time, calling you his little squish
  • During arguments he gets hella loud and annoyed, and pinches the bridge of his nose a lot
  • He might stay mad for a couple of days, but he’d calm down after that and transform into a puppy
  • He always makes breakfast for you on weekends, and you eat together in bed, enjoying the sun coming through your window
  • Likes to go to the gym with you, or go for walks in nature
  • Picks random flowers and stones and says they match your hair or eyes, and he keeps them in a little box full of memories
  • Takes so many photos of you looking at the scenery which he keeps on his phone and uses as he phone background
  • When he loses at something and his competitive nature appears, he comes and cuddles you, pouting whilst glaring at the person who beat him
  • But you pat his arms and it soothes him pretty quickly, so he’s less of a pouty child
  • Playfully mocks you for your eccentricites
  • Tells you you’re beautiful and perfect every day
  • Loves to just gaze into your eyes, sometimes tucking your hair behind your ear, but then he rests his hand on your cheek and just stays there for a while
  • Makes you wear his shirts kind of impulsively and gets hella proud when he sees you in them
  • Actually just a big, cuddly bear tbh and will love you forever.

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Top 10 KDrama Actors Rated By Prettiness According To Me For Your Aesthetic Pleasure

(+ GIFs of them smiling because all the modelling in the world can’t be more beautiful than their smiles)

10. Nam Joo Hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Bride of the Water God)

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9. Ok Taecyeon (Let’s Fight, Ghost!, Who Are You, Dream High)

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8. Kim Min Jae (The Best Hit, Twenty Again, Goblin)

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7. Seo In Guk (Reply 1997, Shopaholic King Louis, Master’s Sun)

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6. Ji Chang Wook (Healer, Suspicious Partner, The K2)

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5. Lee Jong Suk (W: Two Worlds, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice)

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4. Seo Kang Joon (Cheese In The Trap, Cunning Single Lady, Entourage)

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3. Choi Si Won (She Was Pretty, The King of Dramas, Oh! My Lady)

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2. Choi Minho (To The Beautiful You, Hwarang, Medical Top Team

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1. Park Hyungsik (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, High Society)

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170807 Taehyung’s Tweet

#청년경찰 드디어기다렸습니다
으이 고생많으셨습니다 # 하늘에서정의가빗발친다#꼭봐야할영화꾹

Finally #MidnightRunners (has come out). I have waited for this.
Eui, you have worked hard # JusticeRainsFromAbove #AMovieYouHaveToSee

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