spam over.. for a while

  • me: [wakes up]
  • me: video games
  • me: [has shit to do]
  • me: video games
  • me: [responsibilities.......]
  • me: video games
  • world: [is ending]
  • me: video games
The Wierdos You Run Into

Just came across a guy on Steam who has a Screaming Zoey mod in L4D2. Asked him to turn it off, and when he didn’t, I just initiated a votekick. He then began to spam racial slurs.

Nothing new, really. Lotsa trolls like that on Steam.

He rejoined, and then began spamming racist song remixes over his mic, while continuing to type racial slurs in the chat. Unfortunately, couldn’t kick him this time because a teammate apparently did not know how to press F1.

Eventually was able to, and I proceeded to report him, for all the good that’ll do. Blocked communication with him, and to do so had to go onto his profile.

This guy is scary messed up. His listed favorite group? A fan group for the Columbine shooters. His profile info? Nihilistic hate speech. His comment section? Full of him and friends passing Nazi rhetoric back and forth.

I felt like I was looking at the profile of a future mass murderer. Scary.

So yeah, the wierdos you run into on the internet.