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  • sasha: armiiiin help me write my essaaaayyysss
  • armin: ...weren't your essays due like two weeks ago?
  • sasha: well, yes, but the teacher's really lenient about deadlines. pleaaaase you only have to do two of them; i'll buy you ice cream!
  • armin: *sighs and snatches essay prompts away from sasha* i can't believe you sometimes.

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when did Hanyu URed 4T? except the 'noticeable' one back in GPF 2015 I don't notice any other...

For actual UR, you can check this database.

For AU UR 4T, I’m sorry but I don’t follow Real Person Fics, although I know they seem to go strong on some forums.

Fun-Fact, at GPF15 I was seated just behind Tech Panel and could see all their callings and their checkings. It was a fascinating thing. 

Fun-Fact #2, at GPF15, Tech Specialist was Scott Davis (also known as The Destroyer of Original SEIMEI StSq). The same as Autumn Classic that year (RIP, Original SEIMEI StSq). I let you check on your own protocols to see if he is one who doesn’t call UR when they should be called.

  • me: [wakes up]
  • me: video games
  • me: [has shit to do]
  • me: video games
  • me: [responsibilities.......]
  • me: video games
  • world: [is ending]
  • me: video games

just got back from THOR:Ragnarok. so this is your warning for Thor spam from me over the next little while. if you don’t want spoilers from my blog, i’m tagging with #THOR:Ragnarok and #spoilers

non-spoilery spoiler warning:


  • Someone: Ooooh I'm gonna be a zombie on Halloween! What about you?
  • Other person: I'm gonna be a kitty!Honestly this party is going to be amazing!
  • Me: *has flashback to the previous halloween where I threw a dance party on my own and was dressed like a banana with sunglasses. There was a knock on the door and I went to open it to where I was greeted by a super hot pizza deliverer. I began to flirt but they gave me a weird look and ran away. I shrugged put my sunglasses back on and began to dance with disco lights and booming techno music that I don't even like while stuffing myself with pizza and crying over fictional characters while being spammed with complaints by the neighbours* ...Um...
Aaron’s Top 5: Pokemon Champions

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Pokemon is my favorite franchise. I grew up with the anime and playing the games upon release. One thing I always looked forward to in the main stream games were the champions. The person you face after defeating the eight gym leaders/bosses and removing the threat of a gang/terrorists group. I’m here to list my favorite kings of the hill and conquering queens.

Guys, Gals and Non Binary Pals. This is Aaron’s Top 5 favorite Pokemon Game Champions.

Honorable Mention: 

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Diantha, XY


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Red, Crystal

I love the concept that came with Red being on Mt. Silver. Its like, ‘surprise! Here’s the real final boss!’ They did something similar with Blue, but the build-up was more ambiguous. It’s like a noire film where everyone talks about the great incident 3 years ago involving Team Rocket and how they were broken up. 

You get hints that Red, the person behind the overthrow of team rocket, is missing once you enter Kanto. The confirmation that he’s missing comes from when you enter Pallet Town and you visit Red’s house. His mother tells the player that he never came home and that she’s worried sick. 

You beat the Kanto gym leaders and climb up the Mt. Silver and then, boom. Here he is. The character who was the first protagonists, is now your final test.

A level 88 Pikachu. All three starters. A Snorlax that just pissed me off. I loved fighting this guy. Every single second of it.

…Too bad he doesn’t say anything.


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There’s going to be more Shakespeare spam over the next week or so while I work on this paper, so bear with me. If I can survive this class, maybe we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming for a little while. I miss talking Wodehouse with you guys, but there’s been nothing to say lately.


IM SORRY BUT I JUST NEED TO GET THIS OFF MY CHEST. Nine and Twelve are both still kids. We got to see them smile and act like their age for the first time in episode 11. Nine forgave Twelve and even thanked him for what happened in the last episode. They have been supporting each other for so long. When Twelve dies Nine loses it for the first time ever. Twelve might have believed that “neither one of them were needed by anyone before”, but Nine really needed Twelve. They needed each other. 


Chibi StarChild!Marco from Moami ’s Fic: Nightglow!

I absolutely loooove this fic, and I’ve seen the art people have made of it, and I just… Really wanted to have a go at it myself! A lot of them have him with white-ish lines and such, but me being me… I did it with.. notwhitelinesoops.

Well, everyone has a different vision of things! And I personally find it facinating how people see things differently. So I hope you guys like my version of NG!Marco? He… uh… never seems to have any clothes on? (maybe some pants in some pieces, idk) so that’s how I drew him as well, lol. Lazy colouring is lazy.

I seem to be doing tribute art to all of my favorite people in the JM fandom lately without thinking about it…? huh. I hope you guys don’t mind! All of this is from my twitter doodle spam. Since I’m sick, I doodle a lot over there to cheer myself up while I can’t work on proper things. But no worries, proper things will come soon enough! Just.. I’m sick a lot lately, blergh.  

OH! And I know I’m late, but ,HAPPY FRECKLES DAY?!? <3