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Commissions are OPEN!!!!

Hi guys, I know you’ve been asking for a while and now that I am a soon to be graduate from UNI, I’m broke as hell!! and i am in desperate need to save up for a new computer. Also due to my home circumstances me and my mother will be moving soon as well. so A LOT is happening right now for me, and any commissions I make will be a great help in funding that stressful process.

I can also draw furry/anthro characters and NSFW (although it will be extra) i usually don’t have too big a problem but of course just send me a email or PM on what you want and we can discuss it from there.

background and extra characters are available for all tiers so if you want a rough sketchy background that’s fine! I’m not too sure on what else to cover, i probably missed some stuff worth addressing but again if you have any questions just Email me or direct message me etc.

Payment can only be done through PayPal (sorry) and my email is

but yeah, anything else you wanna know just ask! :)

thanks for reading and even if you cant buy from me right now or at all I really really appreciate it just being reblogged and spread around thank you guys so much. <3

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Jimin's Thighs


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