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“What the hell is wrong with you two” - Patty when she walks in on them half-naked with a fire burning on the floor, probably.


HAHA SO UM I recently started a twitter account for my three cats.

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately in my descent into a crazy cat lady, so if you happen to be into Cat Picture Spam, head on over to @caglecats and gaze upon my precious daughters.

Meanwhile, here are the incredibly Extra profiles I made for them, since they’re hard for the layman to tell apart. But each is a precious and unique baboo.

The upperclassmen give Neil a gift he will always cherish

  • The Upperclassmen graduation is coming up in a few days and with them all going home for the summer they want to get Neil something to remember them all with 
  • However they couldn’t agree on what to get him
  • Dan thought new exy equipment, Matt wanted to take them to a court game, Allison was determined to get Neil more clothes, and Renee wanted to ask Andrew but knew he would just blow her off
  • So they decided that they would all pay close attention to Neil the last two weeks of class to try to get clues and pick a gift they all agree on
  • Throughout the days they notice how Neil draws on literally everything but never keeps the doodles when he is done
  • They’re best thing that the upperclassmen have seen
  • Most of the drawings they manage to catch glimpses of are beautiful dead eyes, smirking lips, bruised/bleeding knuckles and outlines of a defined muscled back
  • Lets be real these upperclassmen can be just as oblivious at times too (except Renee)
  • All of them don’t understand why Neil is an languages major instead of an arts major 
  • And from how they saw Neil use the journal Bee gave him constantly and never leave anywhere without it
  • They decided that they would all pitch in and get him a sketch book
  • However it’s not just any sketchbook, it’s a customized orange leather cover with an imprinted fox paw on the front
  • Around the top of the paw is written “Neil Josten” and the bottom has “Honorary Fox”
  • They think it will be perfect and Allison knows just the guy that is good enough to rush their order in time before they all leave
  • The Upperclassmen are ecstatic when it comes in the day before graduation
  • Mainly because they will be able to give it to Neil in time before he leaves with his mini vacation with Andrew
  • Finding out that Andrew is willingly letting the other monsters out of his sight is surprising
  • The ceremony is long but amazing with a bunch of overwhelming mixed emotions
  • When they finally get to meet up with Neil afterwards they immediately go to hand him the gift
  • “But I don’t understand, shouldn’t I be the one giving you gifts”
  • Matt basically squeezes Neil to death while Dan attempts to rip him off of the poor boy who looks like he can’t breathe
  • Renee just gives him a small smile and Allison is bragging in the background about how she did most of the work to get the gift
  • When Dan finally gets the giant teddy bear to back off, she urges Neil to open the gift
  • Slowly Neil starts to unwrap the gift and freezes when he sees the cover of the book
  • With slightly shaking hands Neil touches the cover gently and opens it to examine the new gift
  • The Upperclassmen are afraid that might have misread the little things that they’ve picked up on because of Neil’s reaction
  • Neil feels like he has a lump stuck in his throat
  • He wants to say thank you but he can’t
  • His thank you’s are reserved for a certain blond hair man
  • But he wants to show Dan, Matt, Allison, and Renee how much he appreciates what they’ve done for him
  • So he does the only thing he knows how the upperclassmen show their appreciation by
  • He tries to gather all of them up in his arm for a group hug
  • The group hug last for what seems like forever
  • When they finally pull back Neil looks them in the eyes one by one and says
  • “I’m glad you accepted me into the fox family”
  • Allison answers for them all when she says
  • “You were always meant to be a fox”

Idk where the idea that Jeanne and Luka wouldn’t get along came from since both of them are pretty big book nerds (Jeanne being a teacher and Lukas endless research)

They’d prob spend hours at a cafe or something; Jeanne talking endlessly about the truth about the witch hunts and Luka jotting down notes and inquiring about the comparison to his fathers’ notes.

Also bayo not so subtly groaning on the side with her now cold tea cuz it’s been hours and they’re still at it


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WHY RELEVANT: I was approached for a more official-ish TPG interview by two separate people around the same time, so…I did two! Funnily enough one was a text-chat, the other a skype call. I’m an awkward blabberdunce in both, but both interviewers are cool and you should check more of their stuff out (and my interview(s) I guess)

Audio Interview by David Danemen:

Text-Interview by Writer Bryce:

so I did a bit of looking

as it turns out, this UTTP Bendy hate group actually seems to be delusional

they keep talking to bloggers and referring to them as “Bendy,” so I checked ‘em out on YouTube – there are several videos by different users talking about how “Bendy the Dancing Demon is real” and he “lives in New Jersey or New York” and “must be found”

so, er

we’re dealing with some

pretty interesting people, folks

What the paladins were thinking about...

In episode 2 of season 1 the paladins are using head hole to project their minds so they others can see what they are thinking about.

What they are thinking about seems very superficial, especially Shiro, Pidge and Hunk. Though I think this is telling us a lot about these characters. They are all home sick and thinking of what is “home” to them, just in different ways, since they are different people.

We might think that Hunk is just hungry, he is the big guy right? I don’t think so. Hunk uses a lot of food metaphors (for example for the Blade’s station), food is important to him (see the “food goo incident” in season 1) and it’s also a thing he is really curious about when encountering new planets and their cultures (anyone who likes eating street food when travelling can relate here).

If I am not mistaking (are there any food experts around?) the jummy thingies on the left are spam musubi, a dish created by Japanese Americans on Hawaii. By the way, if you have any idead what the ship’s on the right are let me know ;)

Later in the show Hunk uses the power of fusion cuisine when dealing with angry restaurant owners and intergalactic diplomats. To Hunk home is being able to eat the food he loves (as somebody who lived abroad over longer periods of time and wasn’t able to do so, I really relate to this).

Keith is thinking about the shack where he stayed after dropping out of school. This seems to stress him being a “loner”. We know that except for Shiro he doesn’t have family or other important people (on earth). But considering that the shack most likely belonged to his dad and this is where they probably spend a lot of time together, if they weren’t living there, it makes sense that this is “home” to Keith. When Keith has the vision of the shack in his Marmora trial his dad even says: “You’re home son.”. To Keith this place is home and it suggests that he misses his father a lot more than he lets on.

Pidge is thinking about Matt, though we don’t know that yet and are left to believe that the girl in the image is “Pidge’s girlfriend”. Keith even says so to remind us of this.

But we soon learn this is far from true. After season 4 there can be no doubt that Matt is the most important person in Pidge’s life. There is no other person who can reach her the way he does. So, Matt is basically home to Pidge.

With Lance, it’s probably the most obvious: This group of quite different looking people is his family. Lance’s home is with his family. He mentions missing his home and his mom two episodes later. But different from Pidge there is not just one single person on his mind. I believe Lance needs the whole group to be together to feel at home.

Shiro never mentions any family or people he has on earth so maybe there just aren’t any. Though we learn that the Garrison is important to him. He calls Pidge’s dad the smartest man he’s ever met and we know that to professor Holt saw his team as a second family. So, for Shiro, despite the way they treated him at his return there, the Galaxy Garrison is home.

This gives us a lot of information what each of these characters is going for and what motivates their actions in the series. We know by now that Pidge was willing to risk a lot to go and find Matt and in season 4 she finally did. We know that Hunk’s view on the world is through food and it surely will continue playing and important role for him. We can also make predictions based on this, for example:

  • If the Garrison is ever going to come up again, Shiro would probably try to side with them.
  • If Keith gets a chance to find out what happened to his parents, he will take it.
  • If Lance fears for his family’s safety on Earth, he would do anything he can to protect them.

But as always these are just my thoughts. Thanks for reading!


what if we are not ready to see what is under the helmet?