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Korean!Keith HCs

Disclaimer: I’m projecting a lot from my personal east coast Korean-American experience. oh, and NO K-POP/IDOL HCS. BECAUSE KOREANS ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH VARYING DIASPORIC AND ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN UWU PALE ASIAN AESTHETICS kthnx :) :) :)

These aren’t in any particular order btw. If you don’t necessarily hc Keith as Korean, that’s cool too! I shared some of these with @hakpng (who also has AWESOME Korean Keith hcs!!) so they might be familiar to folks.

  • surnames! 안키스 (Keith Ahn) or 설키스 (Keith Seol). I also love @hakpng ‘s hc of Keith’s Korean name being 박김수/ Park Kim Soo. so imagine: 안김수 / Ahn Kim Soo or  설김수 / Seol Kim Soo. beautiful. (also lol projection bc those are my parents’ surnames).
  • Keith isn’t as strongly connected to his roots (2nd gen immigrant kid ftw!) but he still wants to learn more about his history and culture.
    • always desperate to learn more about Korean history (wtf with that single paragraph in the thick U.S. History textbook about the Korean War) and even mythology. but there aren’t as many resources in English so he’s frustrated and often stuck scouring the web for hours.
    • he once stumbled upon traditional music and discovered that he LOVES IT SO MUCH! listening to 사물놀이 and 판소리 helps him calm down. the constantly switching rhythms, the raw power and energy of the music, the tales that are woven into performances; it’s all v comforting for him.
    • English is actually his first language. At home, his parents talk to him in Korean/Konglish and he always responds in English. it’s p natural for him to do so. 
    • He understands Korean and can read most of it (minus business/political jargon). He’s not as confident with writing and speaking it tho… he’s actually SUPER self-conscious about speaking. when he was growing up, he’d get made fun of by other Korean kids/extended family for not being “fluent enough” bc he never really spoke the language. all the teasing and shaming added to his insecurities about speaking.
    • BUT Keith loves the Korean language! he loves the warm, familiar feeling that sprouts in his chest when he hears it!
    • his parents once sent him to Korean language school at church but it was so overwhelming and Keith felt so anxious and inferior he ended up teaching himself the language (gradually, over the years, and immersion in the culture at home helped a lot).

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Sign Language pt.3

Yoongi x Reader / Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warning: inappropriate language

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) TBC

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The drive back was unusually quiet and awkward- or it seemed to the outsiders. To the two that were actually in the car, it was perfectly normal. One of them didn’t like talking while driving, the other didn’t talk. Literally. The only noise in the 20minute drive back was the music from the radio, and the shift in gear.

At the entrance, Yoongi pulled out his keys to open the door and stepped to the side to let her in first before closing the door behind himself. She walked in to the apartment and stood there awkwardly, watching Yoongi take off his shoes and put them in the closet. When he noticed her watching him, he jumped a little. “What’s wrong?”

Nothing was wrong.

She was just unsure of what to do since he was actually here in the apartment for once.

Yoongi noticed her lack of response and the awkwardness on her face, “Just do what you normally do, I’m going to take a shower.”

She blinked and nodded, but grabbed at his sleeve when he walked past. Yoongi looked at the small hand on his sleeve and stopped in his tracks, he didn’t wait for her to take her phone out of her pocket. Instead, he held out his palm for her. It took her a second to realize what he was offering.

“It’s faster isn’t it? I can understand fine.” Yoongi shrugged, forcing his voice to be leveled. There was something about the way she wrote on his hand… That made his heart pound like nothing else.

She took his hand hesitantly, and slowly traced out the word.


Yoongi blinked and echoed, “Eat?”

She pointed to him, and wrote ‘eat ?’

“Ah!” Yoongi never felt so stupid. What else could she be asking? “Anything is fine. Uh, anything quick and easy.”

Seeing her nod, Yoongi went and grabbed his towel and a change of clothing to shower.

When he finished, a nice bowl of fried rice and egg covered spam was on the dining table. A soft smile found its way up his lips, as he thought, ‘I could get use to this.’

A full month had passed since the incident at MBC, and something changed between Yoongi and her. A subtle change that the two hadn’t notice, a huge change to those close to them.

“Kang Manger-nim!” Jimin grabbed Yoongi’s manager Kangwoo and dragged him into a door. “Them! Them? Them?!”

Kangwoo looked into the room, and gave a Jimin a puckered brow, showing that he didn’t understand his question.

“They… Since when were they so… Close?” Jimin rubbed his eyes and blinked repeatedly as if the two inside were illusions from his exhaustion, and that they would disappear once he comes to his senses. There, inside, was her and Yoongi.



Yoongi didn’t even like eating with him damn it???

“Ah, since like… A month ago? You just came back from Singapore didn’t you? Y/N has been making Yoongi lunch since like two week ago. I asked her the favor, that guy never eats when I tell him to, so I asked literally everyone in the building to help me make him eat. As you can see, the only one who succeeded was Y/N. She hasn’t been subtlety kicked out by Yoongi nor has Yoongi avoided her so, it shows that she doesn’t disturb his work. It’s a great relief to be honest. I’m off the hook for that part at least.”

“But… How come their eating together?” Jimin couldn’t describe the feeling in his chest, it wasn’t comfortable.

“That you’ll have to ask him personally.” Kangwoo shrugged, not minding it at all, “Ya, I gotta go.”

Jimin nodded, not even sparing a glance at Kangwoo running down the hall to wherever he was supposed to be. It was slightly bothersome, seeing them like that. Especially when Yoongi suddenly held out his hand, and she took it into her own.

Jimin almost scowled, setting a hand on the doorknob, but just as he went to open it, he stopped himself.

What was he doing?

Slowly, he released the doorknob. The metal felt strangely cold in the palm of his hands, and his mind flashed back to that time in the car. When he took her hand to warm it up, but she pulled away. Now looking into the studio, seeing at how she held Yoongi’s hand willingly, a bitter smile surfaced on Jimin’s face.

Taking a deep breath, Jimin pushed opened the door to the studio.

“I can’t believe you guys didn’t call me when there’s food!” Jimin interrupted, running over to the table at lightning speed and stealing the chopstick from Yoongi’s hand, he stole a bite before Yoongi could even say anything.

“Ya! Park Jimin!” Yoongi gave him a slap on the back, slightly displeased to see her being startled, but a smile appeared on his face at the appearance of his favorite dongsaeng. “When did you come back?”

“Mmmm, this is so good! How come you never cook this for me Y/N!” Jimin gulped down another mouthful, stretching his leg out to take the extra stool not far behind him.

She couldn’t help but smile at Jimin’s way of eating. He looked exhausted, his eye bags were a deep shade of blue, and his eyes slightly bloodshot. She reached instinctively to the right, only to realize she hadn’t carried her notebook up. Yoongi eyed her and smirked, holding out a hand, and giving a light shrug when she looked at him in astonishment.

Jimin peered up at her writing on Yoongi’s hand, and held back a comment.

“Next time. Rest more.” Yoongi read off his palm. “Me or him?”

She gave a disapproving pout, slapping his hand away lightly. Yoongi chuckled at her expression, and turned to face Jimin, “She’s right though. Still heading to places?”

Jimin sighed, “Yep. One last stop, radio recording tonight. Then I’m heading back to Busan for my 5-day vacation, you guys want me to bring anything back?”

She gave a light shake of the head in response to Jimin’s questioning look. Yoongi also shook his head, “Just enjoy your off time.”

“Okay!” Jimin laughed, putting down the chopstick. Throwing his arm over Yoongi and give him a squeeze on the shoulder. “I gotta go now, I’ll see you two when I come back.”

She waved Jimin off, watching him until he disappeared from the little window on the door. When she pulled back her gaze, she realized Yoongi was watching her. His head slightly tilted and resting on his palm.

She looked at him quizzically, unable to read his expression with his locks draped over his eyes.

“What do you want for dinner?” Yoongi asked as if what he said was, “The weather’s nice today”.

“Have to repay you somehow for this food.” He gave a quick glance at the dishes laid out on the table. “So? Anywhere you want to go? Or try out? Oh, and I’m not taking no for an answer.” He had it all planned out, he even mentally prepared himself to a restaurant on the other side of town, even though knowing her, she wouldn’t do such a thing.

Seeing that Yoongi was determined, an idea instantly popped into her head, except… She bit at her lips while she pondered over whether she should ask him or not, not realizing how that habit hers had bothered Yoongi.

“So?” Yoongi leaned in closer, his bangs were brushing against his eyelids, so he gave a light shake of the head to get it out of the way. He held out his hand, “You have an idea in mind right?”

She hasn’t exactly thought through her decision when Yoongi stuck his hand in front of her, but seeing the look in his eyes and seeing that he wasn’t going to put down his hand, she gave up trying to think of another place she wanted to go. She wanted to just walk around on the street and eat whatever was there, except just after she wrote the word ‘Street’ she realized that Yoongi probably wouldn’t like it. She quickly grabbed at his hand, but he had already read the word out loud.

“Street?” Yoongi pondered on the word, he didn’t know any restaurant with the word street in it. However, seeing her shake her head desperately and noticing how her hand hasn’t let go of his, he closed his hand over her small ones and thinked harder.

“Street… Street food? Like the one a few blocked down from my place?”

Her face instant grew pink when he had correctly guessed her thoughts, but she only held on tighter to his hand continuing to shake her head.

Yoongi gave a wholehearted chuckle and placed his free hand on the side of her head. “Don’t you get dizzy doing that?”

She stared at the table, feeling the warmth of his hand on her ear, and her cheeks turned an even brighter shade of pink.

“Okay, we’ll go there. Ah, don’t you have to go back to work?” Yoongi teased.

Her head snapped up at the comment and quickly looked at the clock, her lunch break was over.

Hiding his grin by quickly standing up, Yoongi watched her frantically close the lunchbox containers. She paused to look at him as she walked by.

Her gaze was one of uncertainty. She didn’t want to cause any trouble for him, nor did she want to make him uncomfortable. She knew he preferred quiet places over loud ones, and he probably shouldn’t be seen with a girl.

“Go. Just come back when you’re done, I’ll be here.” Yoongi smiled, he couldn’t help up raise a hand to give her head a light pat, fingers lingering in the soft strands of her long hair. He knew what she was thinking about, and he didn’t want to spend the time trying to convince her that it’ll be okay.

He’ll just show her with his actions.

She stared wide eyed at the place they were at. The exact place she wanted to be.

“There’s a lot of choices, so take your time and choose wisely.” Yoongi teased the figure standing slightly in front of him, “Just tell me what you want.”

She spun around on her heels to look at Yoongi, she was happy. Yoongi could tell by the way her eyes sparkled in the street lights, it was as if her eyes were talking to him. He never felt so fulfilled watching someone be happy.

Yoongi realized, this look of happiness and content was his new favorite of hers.

He hated the look of fear in her eyes, so when shock replaced it, he was satisfied. After a while, he saw the found of gratitude, which was another step up from surprise. Then, an awkward smile, casual greetings, friendly exchanges … And this, genuine happiness. In this moment, Yoongi realized how much he wanted to see her happy.

She reached for his hand, holding it in her own as she put more pressure than usual while writing the words, ‘Thank you’.

Yoongi fought the urge to close his hand around hers when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a motorcycle coming their way. He could have just pulled her to the side, but he didn’t. He closed his hand around her cold wrist, and tugged her into his own arms as the motorcycle roared by at a speed much faster than standard. Normally, he would curse at the driver, but today, he was thankful. He held on much longer than he should, not letting go until he felt a weak pull on his jacket.

“Ah sorry,” Yoongi coughed, “Scared me for a bit.”

She observed the flash of pink on his pale skin, and an idea raced through her head. She quickly shook it away, it was impossible. She reached for this hand to write ‘thank you’ once more, but Yoongi quickly interrupted.

“Thank you, I know.” His words came out fast, but not harshly. She didn’t exactly believe his words for being scared by the motorcycle, but seeing the way he talked, he did seem rattled. Then she watched as he began to trip over his own words. Min Suga, the rapper, tripping over his own words.

“I-uh-, that-uhhhhh…” Yoongi mentally slapped himself after finally being able to get his words out, “Where do you want to go first? Milk tea? Girls usually like that right?” He mumbled the last part out, remembering what his friend Hoseok had said when he texted him in the afternoon, and also what he found on the internet.


Hoseok was taking a break from his dance when he saw Yoong’s message: ‘Mhm’

No reply.

Hoseok frowned at his phone: ‘What? Why aren’t you talking?’

Yoongi: ‘What do you do when you take a girl to eat street food’

Hoseok almost dropped his phone: “WHAT’


Yoongi glared at the screen: ‘… Just answer the question.’

Hoseok felt a chill down his spine: ‘…’

Hoseok: ‘… Why street food, shouldn’t it be a nicer restaurant if you want to ask her out?’

Yoongi narrowed his eyes, suddenly rethinking his decision to ask Hoseok: ‘I’m not asking her out and she choose the place.’

Hoseok blinked in surprised, of course the girl Yoongi picks would be… Different: ‘…’

Hoseok: ‘First of all make sure she’s not cold or anything like that… It is winter afterall…’

Yoongi: ‘Aside from the obvious…’

Hoseok: ‘=_= if you’re so smart then why did you ask me’

No reply.
Hoseok: ‘Let her choose where she wants to go but have suggestions as well? Don’t complain about having to walk too much (you know you have that problem) and buy her stuff. Little stuff that she likes, nothing expensive, don’t scare her like that, and… Relax and be yourself?’

Yoongi almost smiled, he knew Hoseok was more reliable than Namjoon. He still rolled his eyes at the thought of Namjoon’s reply 10minutes ago which was: ‘What do you mean what do you do, just kiss her at the end. Not bobo, kiss.’ Followed by: ‘Wait is this for real?’

‘Okay, thanks Hobi.’

Hoseok: ‘So who is it?’

Hoseok: ‘Yoongi you can’t just stop replying after making me think so much!!!’

Hoseok: ‘I’m not helping you next time!’

Hoseok: ‘… Just tell me who it is I’m curious TAT’

Yoongi: ‘…’

Hoseok: ‘OMG your still here TELL ME’

Yoongi: ‘… I’m not anymore.’
Hoseok: ‘YAH!’

Finally throwing down his phone, Yoongi frowned at the music program on his screen. For the first time ever, he minimized the program and opened the internet to search up something completely unrelated to work. Slowly typing into the search bar, “Popular street food” Yoongi internal groaned.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this.

But he was.

Seeing her nod, Yoongi thanked the internet and walked forward. When they entered the fairly crowded area, Yoongi reached back to grab her wrist to make her walk in front of him. She looked back at him in confusion, and she finally noticed how crowded the place actually was. She felt panic rise in her chest.

“It’s too crowded, just walk and I’ll follow you.” Yoongi suggested, but her violent shake of head shocked him. “Why what’s wrong?”

She bit at her lips, not wanting to answer and avoided his eyes. But Yoongi already saw the fear in her eyes.

There was something she wasn’t letting him on, because the look in her eyes was the same one as the first time they met. One of pure terror.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Yoongi stepped closer, shielding her from all the people that walked by. His chest tightened at her petrified expression, and he watched her eye rims grow red slowly.

She didn’t try to explain herself, she blinked several times to force the tears back down, and reached for his hand. Yoongi immediately stretched out his hand, allowing his hand to be the canvas that she painted words on.

‘Can’t I just’ She paused, ‘Hold your sleeve?’

Yoongi didn’t know what scared her, and seeing how she reacted, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. If he knew, there was no grantee what he would do.

Yoongi didn’t say anything, he simply grabbed her hand, holding it in his palm as he put both of their hands back into his warm pocket. He ignored the look of surprise on her face and started walking to where they were headed for in the beginning.

She’ll tell him when she’s ready.


Quit Your Job

Ozu East Kitchen was the shocker of this year and last year for me. Atwater has the tendency to creep me out just a bit, mainly for reasons unknown, so naturally I was skeptical when I realized I had to go to dinner there. But YOOOOOO; I’m still confused as to how dope the food was. The spot is owned by a former film dude out of Asia. 1, he’s COOL. 2, you get all the benefits of a creative with attention to detail masterminding the whole situation. It’s really cool being a creative; like myself. We’re mainly unemployed but thats ok bc you’re supposed to be. Also, our opinions, like, matter. Sorry man, if you work at H&R block or wherever, your girlfriend is NEVER going to let you have any choice in how many throw pillows you’re forced to have. You’re life is going to be taken over by throw pillows you didn’t even get to pick the color of. You’re going to spend an average of 90 seconds every morning and every night removing and replacing throw pillows. THAT’S OVER FORTY FIVE HUNDRED (4,500)  MNUTES OF FUCKING AROUND WITH THROW PILLOWS PER YEAR. You should probably quit your job, become a creative, and eat at Ozu East.

Ozu East Kitchen 

Tip: Kimchi udon shrimp is INSANE. But so was everything.
Tip: Ask about the beers, there is a major story behind what they serve here.
Tip: everything is light and packed with insane flavor. Less salt, less heavy, just BETTER.

When to come here: whenever you want amazing food. Can’t go wrong here. WOW.

Where: 3224 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–10PM
Wednesday 5–10PM
Thursday 5–10PM
Friday 5–11PM
Saturday 5–11PM
Sunday 5–10PM

phone: (323) 284-8773

trust-me-i-just-get-weirder  asked:

I loved your post on Hawaiian!Hunk like sheesh brah if I see one more stereotype... Something that's different from mainlanders is like if you pick something up with your toes or even just walk on hot sand they give you this look between impressed and disgusted, its kind of funny! And with food, the very concept of some local foods like loco moco (or really anything from zippys) is enough to give them a coronary! It would almost be funny to see the teams horror at a loco moco from hunk!

Ho howzit cuz! I know right? like barefoot or slippers, is how I exist, the garrison probably forced them to wear closed toed shoes, so hunk was like I AM FREE FROM THIS PRISON, GOODBYE SHOES I WILL NOT MISS YOU! Yeah, like hawaiians use their feet a lot more? to do things? like it’s kinda weird… Also i’ve noticed that mainlanders just don’t casually touch each other? and it really confuses me?? Like I can’t just tap someone on the shoulder to ask them a question or sit next to them with our shoulders touching? People always give me like really weird looks? And at one point I kinda got depressed during the school year because no one hugged me, or leaned against me, or let me put my head on their shoulder. And i was very confused? So i think Hunk would also be kinda like that? like lucky for him, lance is also very tactile but he can’t help but feel like the others hate him just because they won’t touch him. But slowly they get more comfortable with each other and nothing makes hunk happier than when someone comes over to him and just kinda lays down on him. It’s great. (ugh I’m so alone right now) 

OOO and about food, one day hunk finds something that is kinda like rice and HE FLIPS like, how has he survived this long without his precious rice, and he ends up eating rice with every meal again and the others are confused because is he eating rice with the goo??? and one day he makes a loco moco and even lance is kinda like, uhhhh that looks almost more disgusting than coran’s food. But it smells good? And they don’t want to make hunk sad so they eat it and are like… wow that’s good? how??? and hunk basically cries while eating it because he’s missed eggs and spam and rice so much