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Hahah i co wredne suki? Mam swoje -10kg. Jebcie się. Wszyscy chłopacy, którzy nie chcieli nawet na mnie spojrzeć, teraz pozerają mnie wzrokiem. I co? Mogę teraz jeść kostkę czy dwie czekolady dziennie bo i tak to spale. Jestem zdrowa, chuda i piękna. Dziękuję Ci Ana no i wszystkim motylkom. Paaa😘

Brawo *^* , gratuluję osiągnięcia celu ^^🌹🌹
Widzicie to jest przykład z którego wy macie czerpać motywację. Szkoda że z Anonima ale i tak BRAWO🌹🌹 ^^ ❤ 🌹 ❤ 🌹

10.10.2017 r.

Jest 18:15, a ja już wpierdolilam około 200 kcal;’) czuję się przegrana. Ale na szczęście idę na siłownię pozniej, a teraz na spacer. Mysle, ze chociaz trochę to spale.

Jeśli chcecie ze mną popisać to macie nr mojego GG: 63601414


Mateusz Bieniek:
“Jak już z Brazylią wygrywamy w tie breaku, to fajnie by bylo z Włochami tez powalczyć i wygrać. Fefe nas przeorał w Spale, ale wydaje mi się że tędy droga.”

Karol Kłos:
“No nie szło, nie szło i poszło tak to bywa w tej siatkówce. My cały czas chcieliśmy i cały czas trener nas uczulał że to jest właśnie ten moment żeby jeszcze przycisnąć, jeszcze powalczyć i to się udało. Myślę że jest to miłe rozpoczęcie Ligi Światowej 2017. My naprawdę bardzo ciężko trenujemy nie ma taryfy ulgowej Przyjechaliśmy po długiej podróży a trener i tak nas przyciska. Ten mecz to takie delikatne wytchnienie po tych treningach a Tie break to trzecia godzina naszego treningu. Inni gdzieś tam padają a my jeszcze dalej.”

Źródło: Polska Siatkówka

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New (11 Oct 2017)!

Activist!Sid - Complete

Sid is the first omega in the NHL to announce he’s having a baby.


There Will Be Light - Complete

Flower + background Sid/Geno. Mental health issues. Anxiety. Marc-André has good days and bad days. The bad days are…bad.

What Once Was Written - Complete

They make a movie of Sidney’s life.

AU - Different Career(s)

Figure Skater - Complete

5 head canons. Sidney is probably one of the most famous figure skaters in the world. He is known for his technical skill, his natural talent, the ease with which he lands a Triple Axel, and dat ass.

I’m nothing Without You - Complete

Rock star!Geno. Mute!Sid. Yeah, I’m ready,” Sid signs, and then wrinkles his nose, narrowing his eyes at Kuni. “And don’t call him lover boy.”

Perry’s Corner - Complete

Bakery AU. Sid has worked at Perry’s Corner for what seems like ages.

Story of Sid the Retail Worker - Complete (Chat fic: @northisnotup @arcadeghostadventurer​)

The ‘Sid is miserable in retail and Geno keeps bothering him at work to flirt’ au.

AU - Different Team(s)

don’t call it a romance - Complete

Flyer!Geno. Sidney regrets ever volunteering for penalty box duty - or the one where Geno takes penalties to see Sid.

Ocean’s Apart - Complete (Chat fic: @theladyscribe)

Geno gets traded.

Right Kind of Wrong - WIP  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89, 10, 11, 1213)

In which Geno is a Flyer.

Splashed - Complete

AU of an AU. Claude Giroux + Sid/G. Outside POV. Flyers!G. Vet!Sid. First of all, Claude would like all parties involved to know, just for the record, that it was Geno who’d been tasked with looking after the pets while the Brières were gone.

Wasn’t Expecting You - Complete

Single dad!Geno. Zhenya sees Sidney Crosby dangling over the boards and promptly walks into a wall.

When In Prague - Complete

Sidney is a little jealous; he can’t pull off a leather jacket at all. He bought one once. Flower had laughed so hard when he’d seen him wearing it he had tripped over his own two feet.

AU - No Hockey

Cops and Robbers - Complete

5 head canons. Sci-fi. Sidney Crosby must be the most polite criminal Zhenya has ever met.

Lecture This - Complete

Geno is no longer at the top of 

Restitution - Complete + Prologue and Interludes.

The Mad Max!AU. Mpreg. Sidney longs for freedom. Geno searches for home.

The Right to Dream - Complete

Superman!Sid. Lex Luthor!Geno. This is how Geno finds out Sidney is superman: he gives Sid a gorgeous ring, platinum band and kryptonite stone.

The Russian’s Ruthless Demand - Complete

“I’m not an asexual,” Sidney hisses at him, half scandalised and half outraged.


Bliss - Complete

“That’s just Sid and Geno. That’s how they are.”

Colorado Air - Complete

In which Sid and Geno are Sid and Geno, and Carter Rowney is introduced to what Sid and Geno are.

Cookie Jar - Complete

It’s hidden inside the secret cookie jar in a cabinet in Geno’s kitchen, because of course he would hide it there

Emotional - Complete

Established relationship. Light angst. Sometimes Sid cares more than he likes to admit.

Going to the Chapel - WIP

Changing POV. Sidney casts a guilty look at Geno, but he only shrugs.

“Know we couldn’t keep secret always,” he says, and continues eating, seemingly unconcerned that Sidney had just announced their marriage to the rest of the team.

In a Call - Complete

“An all-goalie team?”

“An all-goalie team,” Flower agreed, sounding just as awed now as he had the first time he told Sid about it. “Well, two, if you want to get technical. We need someone to play against, after all.”

The One With All the Yellow Crocs - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

Duper + Sid/G. Outside POV. They take care of their captain.

The One With No Lube - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

“Uhm, there’s no more lube,” Geno says, and sounds appropriately offended by this.

Weeding Ceremony™ - Complete

Outside POV. Secret relationship. The Weeding Ceremony™ is exactly what it sounds like. Rusty always finds it hysterical, because none of the rookies ever believe them when they say, “No really, every year, Sidney Crosby hosts a Weeding Ceremony™ on Geno’s behalf. It’s, like, tradition.”

What Dreams Are Made Of - Complete

As the saying goes, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.  


first-girl-in-the-NHL Sid - Complete

After three Cups, Sidney has proved herself enough.

Friends to Lovers/Pre-Relationship

(1)5 Exes and Sid - Complete + Interlude: Sid + Interlude: Zhenya (after Wednesday)

Non-linear narrative. 5 + 1. The one where Geno dates a lot before he realises the love of his life has been in front of him the whole time.

Accidentally Engaged - WIP

Geno didn’t actually mean to propose to Sid, but he’d been drunk and apparently gone down on one knee, and he’s in too deep now. He can never let Sidney find out they’re only accidentally engaged.

Cuddle - Complete

Sometimes Sidney just needs someone to hold him tight. That someone is Zhenya.

Cuddles - Complete (Chat fic: @squidbittles​)

In which baby cuddling is a thing.

Date Night - Complete

Date night does not start out as date night.

Flirt - Complete

“I’m flirting with you,” Sid says in the middle of Perry’s (obviously made up) story about the blonde with the long legs and the amazing tits.

Hot - Complete

Zhenya’s blood runs hot. It always has.

How to Train Your (Baby Penguin) Defenceman - WIP

Derrick + Sid/G. Outside POV. It starts, as most things do, Derrick has come to learn, with Sidney.

Jersey - Complete

Ovi + Sid/G. At some point, Sid’s jersey ends up on Ovi, and their respective PR representatives look ready to burst from glee as they hunt down the real photographer and make them pose together in their borrowed jerseys.“PR gold,” one of them says, the other nodding enthusiastically in the background.

Lottery Ticket - Complete

5 head canons. Zhenya comes into his money by pure dumb luck.

Work It - Complete

Sidney learned to pole dance as a flexibility exercise.


Mama Warned Me There’d Be Days Like These - Complete

Pens Ensemble. Found family. Pre-relationship SidGeno. They’re ice warriors; brothers in arms. What happens to one of them happens to all.

Sleepover Thursdays - Complete

Gen. Sleepover Thursdays starts with Sid.

Murder Mystery - WIP (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Murder mystery!au. Sidney Crosby disappeared as a child. Troy Crosby refuses to believe he’s dead.


Canvas - WIP

The one where people change colour according to their emotions.

Demon of Consol - WIP + 1, 2, 3

Magical realism. Sid wants to make a sacrifice.

The Dud and the Mage - Complete

5 head canons. People are always surprised to realise that Sidney has no magic.

Into Death - WIP

Forever AU. Geno doesn’t remember the first time he dies.

Pious - Complete

Outside POV. Crosby is deeply religious, has been from a young age. Everyone and their mothers know that. But it doesn’t matter how pious he is, how beloved by the gods. Not in here. Not in Consol where the hockey pantheon rule.

Sing Along - Complete

Magical!AU. Sidney wakes up to the sound of his teammates singing. Because of a curse. Which, really, isn’t all that unusual, actually.

Sleeping Beauty - Complete

Outside POV. Sid isn’t just sleeping.

Mpreg/Kid Fic

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust - WIP

Outside POV. Stevie Downie is not a matchmaker, but he’s trying his best. Or the wish babies au.

Hollow - Complete

Mention of Mpreg. Light angst. All they want is a child.

Little Pieces - Complete

Mpreg. Abortion, miscarriage. 5 times Sidney couldn’t, or wouldn’t + one time he did.

Looking Back - WIP (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Time travel. Mpreg. Conor Sheary POV. The first time Conor meets his dad he’s fifteen and his dad has been dead as many years.

Miss Piggy and Estelle - Complete

Miss Piggy barks once and wiggles her little tail excitedly, and Estelle, while grinning wide and unrepentant, is shivering slightly. “Cold, Uncle Sid,” she tells him.

The one where they’re best friends and Sid’s pregnant - Complete

Mpreg. In which (single) pregnant!Sid wants his best friend!Geno to have sex with him to kickstart his labour.

The One With Estelle - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

“I’m best babysitter,” he says, because he fucking is. Zhenya is a champ at babies and small kids.

Pockets Full of Sand - WIP (1, 2, 3)

Fuck buddies, Mpreg. Sidney doesn’t think they should get married just because he’s knocked up. Evgeni strongly disagrees.

Pregnancy Test - Complete

Mpreg. They’re in a hotel room in Philly, of all places, when Duper says, “Mon Dieu, Sid, do we really need to watch another episode of Friends?” and Sidney blurts out, “I think I might be pregnant.”

Sophia Crosby Verse - WIP (1 - 18)

Mpreg. The Sophia Crosby verse.

Splitting Wood - WIP

Mpreg. Geno would just like all parties involved to know that it was Phil’s fault.

Under Water - WIP

Single parent!Sid. Teenagers. No mpreg. Sidney loves Lizzie more than anything, but being a single parent at eighteen is hard.

Wifey - Complete

Willy/Latts. Mpreg. In which Mike gets knocked up by a stranger but Tom wants him and the baby anyway.

Pre-Pens/Teenagers in Love

Checkmate - Complete

Matchmaker Ovi. Sanja is pretty sure he is going to be the best man at their future wedding.

Kindergarten Love - Complete

The Cory and Topanga AU. They’ve been in love since kindergarten.

Short Shorts

5 Headcanons - Complete

22 ficlets on various headcanons (one of which is Conor/Junior)

Another Day With You - Complete

In which the Penguins are annual Cup champions. Mostly because Sidney Crosby is the Keeper of the Cup and Geno is stupidly in love with him.

Comfort - Complete

Gen. Beau + Spaling. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

Footsie - Complete

Derrick + Sid/G. It’s game day, and they’re having team breakfast when Derrick feels a foot brush up against his leg.

Gliding On Ice - Complete (Collaborative: cheesewithmy, @northisnotup)

“Holy shit!” he says. “You did, didn’t you? You wrote Gliding on Ice about Geno!”

High School - Complete

Sid and Geno in High School.

Holding Hands - Complete

Zhenya is not the hand holding type, but he can be, for Sid.

I’d Lasso the Moon For You - Complete  (1 + 2)

Kris + Sid/Geno. Outside POV. Fluff. In which Geno buys Sid a mountain. As a token of their love.

Prompt Memes - Complete

19x ficlets (100-500 words). Mostly sid/geno.

Snapshot - Complete

Troy + Sid/G. Outside POV. H/C. Broken Jaw.

Kitchen - Complete

There are times in Zhenya’s life that seem impossibly perfect, where there is no pain, no stress, no worries. Just Zhenya, and Sid. Always Sid.

Malkin 87 - Complete (Collaborative: cheesewithmy)

“Malkin 87,” Geno whispers, reverent.

Olli/Pooh - Complete

On the Way - Complete

Mpreg. Outside POV. It’s a surprise then, when Derrick suddenly stands from his seat, looking determined as he announces, “It’s mine. I did a pregnancy test. Beau dared me.” He elbows Beau when he opens his mouth to no doubt deny any and all involvement, and says. “It must have slipped out of my bag.”

Out of Luck - Complete

James Neal + Sid/G. “Fuck you, Sid! Like you wouldn’t get all up on this if you had the chance,” Nealer yells at him, and Geno makes a cut-off, strangled noise.

Reno - Complete (Chat fic: @northisnotup)

Non-hockey au. Geno is not even an ass man.

Scent - Complete

ABO. Mystery. Zhenya notices as they’re coming back from warmups.

Silver Fox - Complete

There’s grey in Sidney’s hair.

Summer Olympics - Complete

5 head canons.

Sid in Russia/KHL

Home - Complete + Geno’s POV

Sid asks them to buy out his contract.

When We Are Young - WIP (Part 4, 5, 6)

Teens. Changing POV. Pre-relationship. Sidney billets with the Malkins.

Smut (With Feelings)/NSFW

700th point shenanigans - Complete

Sid and Geno celebrate Geno’s 700th point.

Afternoon Delight - Complete

Part of Lottery Ticket. Established relationship. Role play. “Show me how hard team will work for me.”

Breathing Over the Line - Complete

Jamie/Tyler. See, Tyler has just won gold, okay? Gold, for team Canada and Sidney Crosby and Tyler had been on his knees for Sidney Crosby, drinking champagne out of the World Cup trophy, and he’s never felt quite so Canadian in all his life.

Give it to Me, Don’t Give it Away - Complete (Chat fic: @northisnotup)

In which Sidney seduces Geno with a lot of sex.

The One With the Sex Tape - Complete (1, 2, 3, 4)

Zhenya would just like to emphasise that the sex tape is all Sid’s idea.

Plus One - Complete

Sid/OMC + Sid/G. Negotiating kink. Light angst. “I want to see you get fucked by another man,” Graham blurts out. He sucks in a deep breath, staring at Sidney cautiously.

Sidney blinks. And then blinks some more.

“Right then.”

Scream a Little Louder, Baby - Complete

Horny + Sid/G. Outside POV. In which Horny becomes an accidental voyeur.

Sidney Crosby, Size Queen - Complete (Chat fic: @arcadeghostadventurer​)

Geno doesn’t think he’s come so much since he was a teen and discovered what his dick was for.

Soulmates/ABO dynamics

Activist!Sid - Complete

Sid is the first omega in the NHL to announce he’s having a baby.

A Little Prickly is Okay - WIP (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) (Chrono: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56, 7)

Soulmates. The soulmate au where your soulmate’s favourite pet name for you is written on your arm. Sidney’s spells kitten (in Russian). Geno’s is JERK.
Sid and Geno meet in an old practice facility in Helsinki when they’re sixteen and seventeen.

(They do not get along.)

Gladiator - WIP (1a2)

Dark verse. ABO. The one where the NHL makes them fight in an arena.

Immortal - Complete

Soulmates. There are people like Zhenya in this world, not many, and certainly no one as old, but he’s not the only immortal to walk the Earth. He’s not alone.

Omega!Sid AU - WIP

Omega!Sid. Sid thinks he’s an Alpha. He’s not.

Outside of Normal - Complete ( Coda 1, 2)

Sid/Geno/Ovi. Soul bond au.

Da ti pišem kroz par riječi kakva je, lag'o bi te
Da ju opišem, potrebno je par osmjeha i suza
Da ti pokusam očarat, usne pune smiješka i čuda
Crna kosa, elegantne linije lica, oči farbane monetovih slika
Njen glas, odaje jačinu te žene, leži joj svaka oktava lika
Drži svoj ponos i eleganciju na noti, al ljubav sve to prevaziđe
Znam da držiš grčku vatru u sebi gledaj gdje ju širiš, pazi se
Koliko god sjećanja izbijedile uvijek imas njene obrisne linije
Kad imas nekog takvog uz glas, glazbu, oči i usne, sve je mirnije
Zadržo bi te svako godišnje doba i učinio neprolaznim
Tvoje riječi, pozitivnu figuru, zvuk klavira nikad ne zaboravim
Nikad ne bi rek'o da smo se u Barnstaple-u upoznali
Možda nisam ostavio neki utisak ali stisak zagrljaja je govorio
Drago mi je da smo ostali u kontaktu inače bi te lovio
Nudim bliskost preko plošnih riječi to je sve što imam za sad
Odbrojavam dane do sljedeceg susreta da ne odbrojavam i pamtim unazad

Bliski pogledi dvije iskre, da slete na istu točku da sve spale i očiste
Priznajem, divim se tvojoj upornosti i sto si nepokolebljiva
Držiš do sebe ali i dajes jer vidi se da ti je dusa ko lepinja
Č*** jedina, iako nisi vjetar umem da te osjecam kao dodir
od svih pijanista da te opiše crno bijelim trakama uzeo bih chopen-a
jer klasik je klasik u našem slučaju romantizam je ta era
ne postoji loše kada je u fazonu da igra osim kick-ova i snera
ona je ono rijetko biće što se uistinu naziva čovjek
čekam da postaneš evergreen u glazbi i da osmijeh stoji uvijek
previše ode mladosti i previše je utučeno u naše lubanje
pišem o tebi da znaš da ćeš bit vječna, i da ostjetiš lupanje,
kad ovo svaki put čitaš, želim da samo zadržiš taj osjećaj
film se sam razvija, počevši od “makaze”, zagrljaja za rastanak,
preko kamere, Kavane u Novom Sadu pa do ovog časa za sastanak
a sad glavu gore, (zjenice u zjenice) lagano nasmiješi se
duboko udahni, nek te pozitivnost preuzme,(reci ćao) sjeti se…..i samo nasmiješi se


Još jedna o odrastanju

Odrasla sam čitajući slikovnice i gledajući Diznijeve crtaće. Sve bajke; sve sa srećnim krajem, nešto i izmenjeno, jer zašto bi deci bila predočena tužna istina života - da je srećan kraj zapravo iluzija?
Mislim da me je to i uništilo na neki način. Verovala sam da će prijatelji uvek biti tu za tebe i da ćeš moći sve da im kažeš, bez da te osuđuju. Verovala sam da prvi poljubac treba da bude i poslednji i da, kad nekog voliš, to traje zauvek, i sve je idilično, nema svađa, oboje vole isto - neizmerno, treća osoba je uvek zla i naposletku dobije šta zaslužuje. Baš kao i svako ko je loš, jer u bajkama, takvi se ne kriju. Istupe čisto, znaš da ti nisu prijatelji i samo treba da se boriš protiv njih.
Sećam se da sam sa četrnaest godina presrećna govorila roditeljima da imam šest najboljih drugarica koje me vole i od kojih ne krijem ništa, a oni su mi uporno govorili kako je to nemoguće i da ću biti srećna ako samo jedna od njih ostane kraj mene. Jednom smo se čak i kladile sa mojim tatom. Pričale smo mu da smo mi drugačije, da ćemo uspeti da ostanemo zajedno… Još uvek mu dugujem flašu vina.
Moj život nikada nije bio bajka o kojoj sam maštala. Lagao me je neko kome sam bespogovorno verovala. Prvi poljubac nije bio ni nalik onome iz mojih snova i ni u jednom trenutku nisam poželela da tog dečka ljubim zauvek. Treća je dobila njega. Ili sam u toj priči ja bila smetalo? Nije bilo dovoljno što smo se voleli i nije potrajalo zauvek. Za neke ljubavi si prosto premlad i takve nikada ne traju celoga života. Bar ne na javi, među ljudima. U tvom srcu će možda i dalje postojati. Svađe su normalne. Raspravki nema samo ako ti nije stalo. Niko nikada nije stao ispred mene i rekao mi: “Znaš, ne volim te. Iritantna si mi i učiniću sve da ne budeš srećna.” Svi su me grlili, ljubili i pričali sa mnom dok sam bila tu, sa njima. Maske bi spale tek kad bih otišla.
Jesam li naučila išta sa punih dvadeset godina? Je l’ to uopšte vreme kada mogu da kažem da sam ozbiljna, da sam odrasla ili i dalju mogu da imam svoje dečije snove, maštarije i nade? Pošto, povrh svega, još uvek verujem da će neko, koga poljubim prvi put, biti poslednja i jedina osoba osoba koju ću ljubiti ostatak svog života. Možda to bude sad, možda bude sa pedeset godina, možda čak i sa devedeset, ali biće. Još uvek se nadam da ćemo nas dve prkositi svemu i ispuniti ono zauvek koje retko kome uspeva i još uvek čekam nekoga ko će mi otvoreno iskazati svoju antipatiju prema meni.
Imam petinu veka. Znam da život nije bajka i da kraj prosto ne može da bude srećan. Sve što se završi je tužno, ali uvek mogu da pokušam da živim svoju srećnu bajku, zar ne? 

27.09.2017. 07:52

Wpadłam na pomysl!!
Poprzez “zdrowe odzywianie” i duzo treningów spale caly tłuszcz i zostanie mi rzezba, czyli mięśnie. A jak się nie je, miesnie się spalaja. Czyli, logicznie myśląc… Mogę potem zacząć glodowke i spalic mięśnie, które mam juz nawet teraz wielkie, ponieważ całe życie ćwiczę.


anonymous asked:

Zjadłam dzisiaj 600/700 kcal w tym połowa to słodycze. Na spacerze spaliłam około 700 kcal i mam zamiar jeszcze poćwiczyć. Czy to, że zjadłam dużo słodyczy, ale je spale będzie miało wpływ na moją wagę? Mam ochotę zjeść cała tabliczkę czekolady, ale wiem, że nie mogę! Dzisiaj zjadłam za dużo i boję się o moją sylwetkę! Czemu te cholerne, ale tak pyszne słodycze muszą mieć tyle kcal?! Błagam, daj mi jakąś motywację, żebym trzymała się od słodkości jak najdalej ! ANA POMOCY ! 🙈🙏

Jeśli uda ci się wszystko spalić to nie odbije się to na twojej wadze♥ a CZEKOLADA jest ZŁA!! Ma strasznie dużo kalorii i 0 witamin do tego nie daje poczucia sytości tabliczka czekolady = 9 skibek chleba = 6-7 jabłek = 1,5 hamburgera

anonymous asked:

zjadłam troszkę słodkiego po obiedzie jak spale to to możliwe ze schudne czy raczej przytyje? jestem na diecie 500 kcal a zjadłam dużo

Raczej wyjdziesz na zero, ewentualnie trochę schudniesz, nie martw się jak czasem sobie na coś małego pozwolisz. To zdarza się nawet najlepszym ☺

Miłego dnia 💕

anonymous asked:

Jeżeli Np rano dużo poćwiczę i spale dużo kalorii a później zjem w ciągu dnia to jakby to będzie działało tak samo jak bym ćwiczyła po zjedzeniu ( nie wiem czy rozumiesz ale nie wiedziałam jak to napisać )

Najważniejsza jest regularność ale jeśli chodzi Ci o poranek to jest on moim zdaniem najlepszą porą dnia na ćwiczenia🌹 rano metabolizm jest dość mocno pobudzony dzięki czemu chroni organizm przed magazynowaniem zbędnego tłuszczu i stymuluje go do szybszego spalania kalorii 😁 jeszcze bardziej pobudza się metabolizm w efekcie przemiana materii zostaje przyśpieszona na jeszcze kilka dobrych godzin po treningu