This was by far my favourite scene from this episode. Their friendship is important. Caleb isn’t someone who trusts others or opens himself up easily. He obviously loves and trusts his girlfriend [Hanna], but other than her he usually closes himself off from everyone else. Everyone else except Spencer now. Somewhere between all the ‘A’ drama and all the hacking and detective work he’s done with Spencer, he realized she’s another person he not only trusts but also wants to spend time with just talking and hanging around drinking tea and stuff. And she realizes it too. All he has to do is say her name and give her a subtle look, and she knows he’s asking for her not to leave. He’s asking her to stay because his girlfriend is in jail and he’s scared more than ever; and for once he doesn’t wanna be alone. And that’s just the sweetest thing. Especially because Spencer’s his girlfriend’s best friend, who they both love so much.