I have a thing for fictional characters that can go from being a cupcake to the most deadly person you’ll ever meet.

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Spencer/Caleb in Capitol Hill before Spencer gets Ali's letter

This was so much fun to write. I’ve completed my descent into shipping trash. 

They’re balancing boxes of Chinese takeout between them, and Spencer’s regaling Caleb with the story of some intern in some politician’s office somewhere who’s got on her last nerve, and Caleb’s trying his hardest not to drop any food because her irritation lends itself to a seriously great impression of her newfound ‘arch-enemy’ and it’s hilarious.

“Stop laughing at me!” she scolds, but it holds no heat because after weeks and weeks of caffeine fueled late nights, it’s feels so good to look up from a phone and see a friendly face. Caleb’s promise of a Game of Thrones marathon and a night where she didn’t go cross-eyed reading proposal drafts had been the light at the end of a very long tunnel and she’d forgotten what it felt like to laugh.

They manage to maneuver themselves into Spencer’s building and since Caleb is still laughing at her expense, she feels no remorse dumping her half of the takeout in his arms while she fishes through her purse for the small key to her mailbox.

“Anytime now Hastings,” he calls from behind the armful of styrofoam, and misses Spencer’s smirk as she pulls out her mail, locks the box and strides right past him.

“This is why Laurel doesn’t like you,” he mutters when he catches up to her in the elevator.

“Her name’s Lauren, and do not get me started again or I’ll be thinking of her while watching Game of Thrones and end up thinking up ways to poison her kale smoothies.”

“You wouldn’t go for the smoothie, that’s way too obvious.”

“Protein bar?”

“Much better.”

By the time they reach her door she’s gotten it out of her system and smiling widely because a night of takeout and bingewatching is the best way to destress, and if Caleb’s with her, then even better. He’s still in New York, technically, but he’s been picking up contracts in Washington pretty frequently, and Spencer gets to see him at least a few times a month. She’s never told him, but every time he visits she looks forward to seeing him more and more.

(Every time he leaves, she’s a little sadder.)

“So how long are you staying?” she asked, kicking off her heels.

“I’m in for five more days, then back to New York,” he replied, grabbing some plates from a cupboard, moving around her kitchen with familiar ease.

“And the constant flying isn’t getting on your nerves?” Her tone is light, but Caleb has known Spencer long enough to be able to tell when she’s hinting at something.

“Spence…” He trails off, eyebrow raised, and she can’t hold in her grin.

“Look, I saw you talking to my boss earlier,” she confessed, “and she seemed pretty impressed with you.”

“We were just making small-talk because some people take forever to finish phone calls.”

Spencer rolled her eyes artfully, “Don’t deflect, you looked interested!”

There’s no use denying it, she’ll only needle him for ages. “I was interested, you guys are doing good work.”

That’s not exactly what she expected to hear, though Spencer can’t really pinpoint what it was she wanted to hear in the first place. She deflates, just a little, and out of the corner of his eye, Caleb notices.

“And maybe she hinted that there could be a spot for me there.”

Spencer can’t help the wide smile that breaks out on her face, and before she even knows details she’s imagining what it would be like to have Caleb in the same city as her all the time, to talk with, to laugh with, to bitch about coworkers and watch her favourite shows and-

Her mind works so fast that for just a second it crosses a line, a line she swore she would never cross. She made that promise to herself in a park on the other side of the ocean while watching a sunrise and it was hard then but it’s gotten even more difficult since. Still, she holds on.

“So when do you start?”

“Relax Spence, she didn’t even offer me an actual job,” Caleb laughs, but even he can’t hold back his excitement.

“If Rebecca said there’s a spot then trust me, she’ll give you the job,” Spencer replies, still grinning widely as she flipped through the stack of mail in her hands. Her hands stilled at a light blue envelope.

“Don’t sound too excited, I’m going to have to find a place here which means I might have to crash on your couch for a couple of weeks,” Caleb called over his shoulder as he got to the task of dividing all the food. It wouldn’t be the first time he crashed at her place, and though he gets a hotel room every time he’s in DC for a short time, he definitely wouldn’t mind imposing on her if she let him. They were easy and comfortable together, he knew to start a full pot of coffee first thing and she ate the toast he inevitably burned.

Yeah, this could work.

It could work so well that a full five minutes passes while Caleb lets his imagination run away from him. It’s only when the food is fully plated just the way they like it (he gets the extra spring roll, she gets the extra dumpling) that he realizes Spencer has been completely quiet for a while.

“Spence? Something wrong?” He turns to find her and she’s still standing there, but her hands are clutching a piece of paper, knuckles white, and she looks like she’s a million miles away.

“Spencer?” Caleb’s seriously worried now, she’s never this silent. For a wild moment he wonders if it’s her mother’s health, or her parents finally settling the divorce, and his hearts thuds in his chest the longer she remains quiet. Finally, she looks up.

“It’s from Alison.”

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Just Friends.

AN: A quick fic before doing my homework. Not really. It took two late nights. Yes, I totally use whomever name popped into my head. Third POV.

Warning: It’s pro Spaleb. If you hate it, skip ahead please ;)

“Hi Spencer, are you going to that party at Woodsen’s this Friday night?” Abigail, her friend, well more like the girl that work at the same place as her, asked rather loudly.

“This Friday? Hmm, no, I can’t. Sorry, next time for sure though?” She said absentmindedly while checking the report that her boss wanted.

Abigail rolled her eyes. “You always say that. Come on Spence, what is it that you have to do this Friday anyway?”

She found an imbalance on the report and quickly fixing it. “First, how may times do I have to tell you not to call me Spence? Second, my old friend is in town and I promise him that I’ll be free this weekend.”

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Caleb says that when he's feeling someone, he usually cooks them a meal, which he did for Spencer but what did Spencer do that gave us some insight into whether she's feeling him or not?

This is a great question by the way.

We know she’s feeling him, they’re in too deep now for either of them to be lying about their feelings but I think if I had to pick a moment for us to really realize that Spencer’s really in this it would be when she opened up to him about Sara/The bomb situation. She’s allowing herself to be vulnerable around him. It seems like when she’s struggling with something, she’ll try to deal with it herself until she can’t, as if she has to keep up this image of being strong all the time.

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I can't with Spaleb they're both so perfect this is my endgame couple I know they're going to be together though the entire series they're meant to be for sure and did you see their smiles and being so happy? I haven't seen either of them be this happy ever and to be honest they're always their happiest when they share scenes together but this has been magnified 100% what did you think of the new episode?

Hi buddy!

They really are perfect! They seem sooo happy together, and it really warms my heart! I totally agree with you: they are happiest when they are together. They care about each other so much, and they don’t let each other get away with anything, and they’re similar in all the right ways! They are so wonderful!

I really really loved the new episode! It was so great to see that they both felt really good about what had happened between them! Caleb was all worried that Spencer would regret it, which was adorable of him, but of course she thought it was perfect!

And their exchange about her always getting the first cup of coffee was SO precious! It looks like they’re planning on this being a long term thing! They really love each other, and it makes me so happy!

I also loved that Spencer only kept the text from Toby a secret because she didn’t want to mess anything up with Caleb, because they were both so excited about this new relationship. And he totally understood that. They really get each other. And I loved that they held hands again! The way they do that is so cute!

Thank you for the message darling! :) How did you like the episode?


“There’s one moment coming that when I filmed it I had to actually ask for a couple more takes. I told the director, ‘All I can hear in my head and see are the reaction videos of fans watching it and then screaming and possibly even hating me…’ so that was a little overwhelming. We’ll see what happens! I’m just not going to watch the reaction videos after that episode.” - Troian