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Into the Fire!

Your idol’s enlisted in the army and off the showbiz radar for a good two years.

Here’s the brutal truth - mandatory military service is a no-exceptions reality for most South Korean men. And yes, that includes our K-pop idols, our drama kings, our TV faves, athletes, and most everyone else. For about two years, that celeb you’ve been watching religiously on-and-off screen for, like, forever,disappears from the limelight to serve his country, making your fan life a little more empty and a whole lot less exciting… What’s a Fangirl to do ?

Military Men. Keep tabs on who’s in service in 2011:

Super Junior’s Kang-in and Leeteuk (rumored)

Epik High’s DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin

Rain (rumored)

-Sparkling Mag 2nd issue: FAN LiFE

(by Chinggay Labrador)

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