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How would Romano and the BTT react if they had a HUGE Crush on someone? Thanks, I love your blog!

Romano: He’s the shy type. He probably would try his best to ignore his crush, and act like he doesn’t feel anything for them, thinking that it’s just a silly crush and they can’t possibly be his soulmate or something. Even though he’s going with these kinds of thoughts, he still stutters when he talks to them, and his cheeks slowly grow more red, and he can’t look them in the eye without getting really really nervous. He definitely wouldn’t act on his feelings unless he was 100% sure that the person he’s crushing on liked him back, or if they were the one to confess.

France: Being the romantic he is, he’d definitely not be shy about his feelings. As soon as his crush blooms, he’d be set on getting closer to the person he’s crushing on. He’ll go all out when he decides he’s going to tell his crush. He’s not the kind of douche who tells them in front of tons of people and makes them feel pressured to return his feelings, he’ll probably take them out somewhere nice and quiet before he lays it all down.

Prussia: He’s a bit of an oblivious fool when it comes to this. He probably won’t actually realise it’s a crush he has until he’s unintentionally gotten close with the person he likes. He won’t necessarily be shy with his feelings, he’ll just take a while to understand them, and what he should do with them. When he does come out and tell his crush, it’ll likely come out as a bit of a confusing mess, because he’ll be trying to explain himself as he goes.

Spain: Similar to Prussia, he won’t actually realise he’s crushing until it’s major. He’ll not waste any time accepting it though, he’d get it and not hesitate to throw that fact in a casual conversation with his crush the next time he’s around them. He’s not shy at all. If his little casual confession doesn’t go well, he’ll probably not care and keep his hopes up that maybe one day his feelings will be returned.

How the 2ps kiss

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America

James Williams/ 2p Canada

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia

Yang Wang / 2p china

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p spain

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus

  • Feliciano: Lovino!
  • Feliciano: I sat next to the nicest man at Starbucks today! Yale. Spanish. Aspiring Doctor. Very Attractive. I showed him your facebook picture, your number, & hopefully you two will have a date planned out for next week!
  • Lovino: can't just give out my number to strang-
  • Feliciano: YALE FRATELLO. YALE.

ahh thank you! 

Russia / Ivan Braginsky

Ivan would be constantly gushing over them and how adorable they were, which would either frustrate them or fluster them depending on their attitude towards being called adorable. He would most likely always being hugging them while cooing about how precious they were and he would be extra protective over them.

Spain / Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Antonio, like Ivan, would constantly be cooing at how adorable they were. He would probably tease them just a tiny bit about how cute and short they were, but never in mean spirit of course. All the teasing he would do would be in good fun. He would find everything they do to be cute, whether it’s something as mundane as folding laundry. If they were easily flustered, he would call them his “bajo(a) tomate” (short tomato).

South Italy / Lovino Vargas

Lovino might tease them a lot about their short height, like holding things just out of their reach. He would silently find all of the things they did simply adorable, but he wouldn’t really say much about it aside from a small blush as their cuteness.

Denmark / Matthias Densen

Matthias would chuckle over their cute actions and might go into a long winded, dramatic speech over how lucky he was to have someone as cute and precious as them as his significant other. He would offer to give them piggy back rides at every given chance. Overall, he would absolutely adore them and their short height.

Lovino (S. Italy) has a guilty pleasure for musicals. When he’s convinced no one is around he’ll dance to their sound tracks, tangoing around the room while belting, “He had it comin’, he only had himself to blame. If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it, I bet you you would have done the same!”

Additionally, when Antonio (Spain) is lucky enough to catch him he’ll join in with back up or completing a duet. The most fun they’ve had is when they did a passionate rendition of “Tango Maureen” from Rent.

Hetalia characters as friends
  • N. Italy: The one who always wants to hang out.
  • Germany: The one who never wants to hang out.
  • Japan: The one you fangirl with.
  • Russia: The 'cute-but-creepy-asf' friend.
  • China: The friend who looks good in anything/everything.
  • America: The friend that eats too much but never gets fat.
  • Britain: The friend who's full of himself but rarely does shit right.
  • France: The slutty friend.
  • S. Italy: The 'asshole-but-secretly-a-cinnamon-roll' friend.
  • Spain: The hot foreign guy.
  • Prussia: The friend who yells everything.
  • Canada: You've never noticed him so he isn't your friend.

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I don't ever see people bring up the netherland's or Belgium's colonial, imperialistic or slavery based haitory when criticising them. Same with Portugal, Spain and Italy. It's ridiculous only Britain is scrutinised for their colonialism when most of west Europe colonised. You can criticise EE for their racism despite them not having a colonial history, if anything them bringing up British colonialism is THEM derailing the subject.

…………… anon you weren’t here last year when charlie hebdo happened and the french were called out for it for months, never mind that idk where you studied but where I studied you go in-depth with british, french, spanish, portoguese, OURS and even japanese colonialism to a degree so kindly bring your discourse somewhere else








‘I don’t want EE in my country because they’re racist so I’m allowed to dislike them’ when btw EE are racism victims in a lot of places other than the uk and a lot of their racism also derives from having been oppressed for the better part of their history (nvm that britain owes poland forever if only bc churchill basically sold it to stalin in wwii but) still sounds fucking racist and it sure as hell doesn’t make you less of a xenophobe than regular xenophobes

and honestly when it comes to what horrid stuff british ppl have to say about EE people 

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clear? clear.

now please drop this discourse because I’ve had it since last june and ^^^^^^^^^^^