spain oh yeah!

  • kageyama: i'm gonna beat you to the gym!!
  • hinata: no way i'm totally gonna be faster!!
  • kageyama: i'm going to buy you a bunch of flowers imported from spain!!
  • hinata: oh yeah well i'm going to buy you a box of real belgian chocolate!!
  • kageyama: well then i guess i'll just have to marry the shit out of you!!
  • hinata: not if i can fuckin marry you harder!!

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Do you know which wedding that photo was from? He wore that outfit twice so I can't figure it out 🤔

i know at first i thought it was the one in hawaii but im almost positive it was the spain one. it makes more sense to be that one since all of harry and waseem’s other friends were at the one in spain too

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To the admin that is in UK, what stereotypes do you think english have of us?

- “oh yeah, Spain, I went to Magaluf/Menorca/mallorca/Tenerife/Barcelona/Madrid”
- Ole ole, torosssss
- we are always partying and drinking
- Spanish party only means Sangria for all
- They don’t even know what Sangria is
- Amigoooo

Dating The Rival || Cristiano Ronaldo's Sister Mini Fic


I had changed out of my Real Madrid jersey outside, not even wanting to be remotely near Gareth after our near kiss. Pique and Neymar had disappeared into the locker room going through the tunnel, so the pitch was pretty much empty. I knew that soon maintenance would arrive to clip the grass, and make sure that the turf was in tip top shape for the next game. But for now, I was alone, so I quickly stripped my practically snow white Real jersey, and slipped on the Barca jersey that was adorned with Blagurana colors.

Thinking about the encounter with Gareth made my stomach churn uncomfortably, and I couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt, even if I didn’t exactly do anything to or with Gareth. This wasn’t right, I couldn’t even stand next to him, he was tempting – but Neymar was who I cared for, I couldn’t even think about getting back together with Gareth.

Neymar cared for me too much, and he trusted me, and God knows I trusted him as well. But, there were so many downsides to our relationship; we couldn’t go public and Cris, my only family, hated him, and it didn’t make it any better that he was on Barca, the rival team.

In comparison, Gareth was practically everything I had wanted at one point in my short life. And most of all, he was willing to go public with our relationship, if we had one. Cris approved of him, and Gareth had cared for me even when we had a no strings attached relationship.

Why were things so complicated?

“Neymar?” I had called out, walking into the fairly empty locker room, “Ney, where’d you go –”

“Over here!” Neymar was tiding up his locker area, and I sighed in relief, silently thanking God that it was Neymar, and not Gareth sneaking u
the FC Barcelona locker room to talk to me. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah..” I smiled at Neymar intertwining our fingers sweetly, bringing his hand up to my lips sweetly, kissing it. “Where’s Geri?”

“Getting the car started. The guys took my car, so we’re riding with him. That’s okay, right?” Neymar asked me with eyebrows raised, and without a doubt, I nodded. Gerard was one of my closest friends at Barcelona, and I realized it was most likely due to our similarities in personalities.

“Yeah, totally fine.” I replied, as we walked out of the Camp Nou hand in hand, before realizing that we had to let go, so no paps would snap away and cause unnecessary controversies. I hesitantly let go of Neymar’s hand, and prayed that we could go public soon, the anticipation was killing both Neymar and myself.

Neymar gave my hand one last squeeze, before we both mutually unlaced our fingers, and he offered me a light shrug and a weak smile, giving me a quick kiss on my forehead, “Soon,” He whispered, “I promise.”



We had walked side by side to Gerard’s car, where he was waiting patiently, tapping his fingers absentmindedly against his steering wheel, humming along to some Flamenco music. As I slid into the front seat – Neymar and I had fought about who got to sit with Gerard, but ultimately he chose me. “Sorry, Ney,” he apologized, “Your girlfriend’s cool.” – I chuckled, turning up the music, and giving Geri a confused look, “Did Ramos get you into Flamenco? He dragged me and Iker –”

“– Iker and I – ” corrected Geri, and I slapped his shoulder, telling him to to interrupt me.

“ – He dragged Iker and I to a flamenco concert, but I couldn’t focus with Sergio practically screaming the words, and continuously kissing Iker’s cheeks.”

“Yeah, Shak and I went to visit Iker and Sergio the other day, and Sergio was blabbing on and on about how his favorite flamenco singer had released an album. And then him and Shak were freaking out because they both love that artist, and Iker and I were just sitting and drinking beer.”

“You had a conversation with Casillas?” piped Neymar from the back seat, and I laughed at the question, since it was so silly.

“He’s my captain on the Spain team, you know? Country before club. Or is it club before country? Or whatever, anyway we’re friends, outside of the rivalry in Spain.”

“Oh yeah.”

It was quiet for a few seconds, if you ignored Geri and I’s faint humming of the flamenco music, and I was ultimately the one to break the uncomfortable silence. “Geri, is Messi coming?”

“For pizza? Yeah, he went to pick up Toni and Thiago, he should be there in like an hour. Why?”

I had planned to tell Gerard and Messi about the whole Gareth problem, since I knew they’d help me for sure. I trusted them. I would’ve talked to Iker and Sergio – the two people I was closest to on the team besides Cris – but it was about one of their own teammates, they’d side with Gareth, and would tell me to break up with Neymar. I trusted them both so much, I was scared they would convince me to break up with Neymar. We desperately needed stability in this relationship, but ever since my last relationship, stability was something that was hard for me to come across, considering I was worried I’d be used again.

“I need to talk to you guys.” I whispered to Gerard, and he didn’t even reply with words, he just gave me a half smile, and in that moment, I knew that my secret would be safe, and he’d help me with the problem.


We had arrived at Gerard and Shakira’s shared apartment in the heart of Barcelona, and as soon as we pulled into the garage reserved for the apartment tenants, I immediately saw familiar cars, and I was surprised at how many players had shown up at the apartment. “This is it.”

Gerard unlocked the car doors, and Neymar scrambled out, helping me out of my car politely, “Woah, chivalry does exist.” I playfully teased my boyfriend, and he only blushed, and nodded his head shyly.

As soon as we entered the lavish apartment foyer, I noticed a familiar three person family enter the elevator, and I called for them to hold it, “Toni, Leo, hold the elevator!”

Leo and Antonella were in some sort of deep conversation, and I could hear Toni’s laughter from across the foyer, and I smiled to myself – they were the cutest couple! But as soon as they heard my voice, they turned, and Leo waved, pressing a button that kept the elevator doors open for a few seconds.

Gerard, Neymar, and I ran to the elevator, thanking Leo for keeping it open, and Messi merely nodded his head, telling us it was no problem. “Leo.” I whispered to the man next to me, and he looked over at me with a confused look.


“I need to talk to you and Gerard.”

“About what?”

“You’ll see.”

Leo was obviously confused, but instead of inquiring further, he just gave me a cute little smile, before looking over at Antonella, taking Thiago from her arms gently.

When the elevator bell rang and signaled us that we were on the right floor, we all piled out of the elevator messily. Shakira was already in the hallway, along with little Milan, and her cell on the floor. “Look, daddy’s here.” Shakira giggled to Milan, and the little boy clapped his hands in delight at the sight of his father, and Geri practically ran to his girlfriend and son, picking Milan up in the air. “Where you a good boy for mami?”

“Yes.” The little boy said with a cute child-like chuckle. He couldn’t speak much yet, but he could pronounce things like ‘yes’ and 'no’ and other required things like 'mami’ and 'papi’.

Geri peppered Milan’s face with kisses, “Good.” He then placed Milan down, and pulled Shak into a hug, kissing her chastely on the lips.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

“You are so cute!” I squeaked, obviously ruining the cute moment, but I didn’t care. They were the perfect family!

“Thank you, (Y/N),” Shak walked over to me – barefoot, mind you, but her toes were painted with a fabulous shade of gold – and gave me a hug, “How’ve you been, chica?”

I gave her a weak smile, “Stressed.”

Leo, Toni, Neymar, Gerard, Milan, Shakira and I all entered the apartment, and Dani and Marc got up from the couch to greet us. In addition to those two, I saw Sergio, Jordi, Ivan, and I think I saw Claudio lurking somewhere in the kitchen.

Half the first team was here, and I smiled as they all greeted us warmly, offering us slices of pizza. I turned them down, deciding I’d talk to Leo and Geri before I socialized with the others. “Leo, Geri? Can we talk now?”

Leo nodded and left Antonella, but not before giving her a kiss on the cheek. Gerard whispered something unknown to Shakira, to which she giggled, and Gerard then left.

Gerard ushered Leo and I into the guest room, and I plunked down onto the bed with a heaved sigh. Leo sat on my right, and Gerard to my left.

“What’s up?” asked Geri, and Leo turned to me, eyes widened with curiosity.

“….Well..” I sighed, “It’s a long story.”

“We’ve got time.” Leo laughed.

And then I explained.