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Tim Wilmot (British, based Bristol, UK) - 1: Road to Uludag, Turkey, 2013  2: Piazza Yenne, Cagliari, 2, 2013  3: Cadeques, Spain, 2013  4: Cadeques, Spain on the Costa Brava, 2013  5: Dolorosa, Jerusalem, 2013  6: Alexandria Street 13, Egypt, 2013  7: Placa Catalunya, Girona, 2013  8: Alexandria Port Gate, Egypt, 2013  9: Rue Port Basse, Bordeaux, France, 2016  Paintings: Watercolors on Paper

Just one day !

The 27th of July 2016- a trip to Cadaqués

That day, we took a trip from Barcelona towards Cadaqués (only a two-and-a-quarter-hour drive). A tiny town in the Girona provence of Catalonia (Costa Brava), Spain. At the highest point, a wonderful white house hangs over the sea and the village. I’ve been there and i breathed the pure inspiring air. Inspiring for me that day as well as the famous paintor Dali years ago. He lived in that beautiful house which was his most stable home. As of now, the house is open to all tourists.

The sea there is as blue as the sky and the streets are narrow with a mediteraneen breeze. The way of life is very tranquil and people live in harmony far from the noise of the big cities.

If you happen to find yourself in spain, I recommand that you to visit this beautiful town.

Source : ALD. - Author : Manel Drareni