spaghetti out of the pockets

Jaune, badly flirting: S-so U-uh……d-do you come here often?

Pyrrha:…….At the school’s cafeteria?

Jaune, blushing: R-right! That was a stupid question! Of course you come here! It’s not like you starve yourself. *Awkwardly laughs loudly*

Pyrrha: ???????

Jaune, sweating nervously:

Yang: My god. You can actually hear the spaghetti flying out of his pockets.




Weiss: What the fuck did you just say?

i wanna tell y'all about the funniest historical quote in the WORLD. it’s attributed to Prince William Henry, a british royal who lived during the 18th century, and it was directed at Edward Gibbon.

Ed was a historian who is these days most famous for writing The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by all accounts a seminal historical work. it consists of six big fat volumes, and i do mean big. most of the full six-volume collections i could find had their total page counts listed as somewhere around four THOUSAND.

took him a while, too. the first volume was first published in 1776, and the sixth came out in 1789. i don’t know how long Eddie spent researching the period before starting work on the first volume, but i’d bet at least a few years.

and then along comes Prince William Henry, who, when presented with like the third or fourth volume in the series, had this to say:

“another damned thick book! always scribble, scribble, scribble! eh, mr Gibbon?”

like it just blows me away!! imagine putting that kind of work into something, and then along comes Prince Asshole and says that shit to your face! “scribble scribble scribble.” how fucking demeaning. here’s this fuckwit who’s never done anything in his life but sit on his ass, and he’s calling your Life’s Work “scribbling,” and you can’t even rearrange his face for him because he’s an honest to god member of the royal family!

and the prince probably didn’t even mean it in a demeaning way. that was probably just his idea of jocularity. maybe there was even a dash of admiration in it. “damned thick book” indeed. and now all poor Eddie G can do is to smile and nod and try to keep the spaghetti from spilling out of his pockets while Prince William’s courtiers laugh their asses off at his expense

and that is THE funniest historical quote that exists. thank you for coming to my ted talk

Criminal minds characters as vines

Aaron Hotchner: Good cop sad cop

David Rossi: when you trip and your spaghetti falls out of your pocket

Derek Morgan: Did you catch that?

Spencer Reid: scariest thing in the world

Penelope Garcia: Nicklestats

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau: my mum in a horror movie

Emily Prentiss: Don’t touch it cat

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Can you write HC about a cutie Makki in love with someone? Thank you so much! PS: i love your hcs :3

  • wants to hit himself in the face almost 24/7, internally does so because hOLY FCK HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO CUTE AND HE IS SO IN LOVE AND???
  • you could like fall asleep in class, snore and drool all over the desk and he’d be like “look at that angel”
  • tries to be cool and normal when talking to you but spaghetti is falling out from his pockets and he is like a verbal form of bambi on ice 
  • also does the tries-to-be-sneaky-and-sneak-glances-at-u-but-everyone-notices-and-so-do-u
  • but u don’t mind the attention from this sweet boi bc u also like him!!!
  • blushes so easily whenever he is close to you or talking to you 
  • anyone can see how much he’s fallen in love and can’t get up 

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I loved Ace when they were all suave and sassy and I love them even more as an absolute lovestruck dork who jumps through windows and thanks Audrey Hepburn like she is a higher power

Ace is the kind of fella that trips and spaghetti falls out of their pockets and I love them for it

things my bro’s lifting coach has done as sportacus headcanons

- frequently goes on lengthy rants about the benefits of peanut butter

- tossed 3 heaping spoonfuls of protein powder directly into his mouth followed by some water, then shook his head vigorously to mix them

-”have you just tried eating more spaghetti?”

-pulled a stick of celery out of his back pocket and just started eating it

-puts spinach on e v e r y t h i n g