spaghetti tv


After binging through the tv show “Stranger Things” a few months back, I instantly felt the need to draw something based on it’s greatness. I doodled out all of it’s little characters, posted the drawing and went on about my business.

Then something amazing happened. I received a message from Claire Bush of Halifax, West Yorkshire. She said she had seen my “Stranger Things” print and loved it. She asked if she could make a cake based on my drawing. I couldn’t reply fast enough. First, I sent her a paragraph on how my my family loves CAKE!!!! Then I told her absolutely yes!

Yesterday I woke up to see these pictures in my inbox and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite as cool (and delicious looking). Claire of “Sweet Sugar Sixpence” Bakery made this cake for her son’s birthday (Awesome job Mom!). I bow to you Claire, you are amazing. Thank you so much!

last night i dreamed i was watching really old obscure spaghetti westerns on TV and one of the characters in one called somebody a “normie” and while scrambling on my laptop to find the name of this film so i could post about this on tumbler dot com i managed to infect my computer with a browser hijacker that disabled system restores and it was the night before i was supposed to leave on a long trip so i couldn’t take it in anywhere to get it fixed

this was more distressing to me than any combination of monster chase or naked college dreams because it was so painfully mundane that even after i woke up i had to convince myself it wasn’t real


If you’re still hungry and feel brave enough to try your hand at using a microwave, Master Bruce, there is a Reduced Fat Pepperoni Pizza with Double Stuffed Crust Meal in the freezer.