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(i cant stop thinking abt this so i thought you might have done this already lol) all might and inko eating at a restaurant and all might gets excited for a sec & buffs up but when he does that he hits the table and spills their drinks

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(he bought her another coffee b/c he felt bad, even tho she insisted it was fine)

[META] Papyrus Doesn’t Play Dumb (nor is he stupid)

I know I should be working on one of my other multiple meta & theory projects, but this is something that has been bothering me for a long time: the popular assumption that Papyrus pretends to seem naive and stupid around Sans because….who knows, but usually the explanation boils down to him being a condescending jerk.

My dash was flooded with this nonsense the other day and my fuse pretty much broke a few times. I had to delete a few posts after blowing up at some people on the subject. But then I realized I should probably explain my point-of-view in a stand-alone post, in detail.

First things first, the basic premise of my argument:

The popular taken-for-canon “Fool or Phony” Papyrus interpretation presents only two possible explanations for apparent inconsistencies with Papyrus’ character: either Papyrus chooses to play dumb around his brother and friends for no clear reason, or he’s dumb as bricks.  Both options are unconscionable and ultimately contradict what is presented in the canon.

This post won’t be covering every scene with Papyrus that relates to this idea that Papyrus must be either Fool or Phony, but I think I selected the moments in the game most frequently brought up when the idea is discussed. So be warned that this is nearly 4000 words long and contains 43 images.  My apologies to my followers on mobile. 

This isn’t going to be a rant on why this idea makes me cranky.  This is just going to be a counter-argument. Where I occasionally refer to Liar!Papyrus in colorful language, because I’m only human and I really really hate this character interpretation.

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honestly Leia should’ve been the one to confront Kylo on that bridge. we know he has daddy issues (“he would’ve disappointed you” he says to Rey) but until proven otherwise I’m gonna assume he’s a total mama’s boy. just imagine. imagine Leia strutting out to him on the bridge. “BEN CHEWBACCA ORGANA-SOLO YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HOME RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE GOING TO BE GROUNDED FOR LIFE, YOUNG MAN” and he just takes off the helmet and sniffles “okay mom” and awkwardly shuffles over to follow her out

Khonjin House Heights

So this ask -

It inspired me to find out of the rest of the cast’s height and I hope no one has beaten me to it.

Here’s the summary:

Khonjin: 4′4″

Gay Spagger: 5′4″ (with hat)

Gino: 4′3″

Khonjin’s Dad: 5′10″ (with hat)

Pent: 6′4″ (x)

Smack: fuckall

Now to explain how I did it (long math explanation ahead):

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Stream over~ o7

AZALEA earned a total of 2525 points for the Subunit Battle, surpassing CYaRon!! Guilty Kiss has yet to earn their nama points for the Subunit Battle ( ‾▿‾ )ゞ

So… see you on June 9th for the Guilty Kiss nama~ (:D)| ̄|_


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Just gonna go die inside because this comic made sanse when I sketched it and did the lineart but as soon as the colouring went in it looks a bit confusing and I’m so mad omg-

Basically Paps is gonna rampage, that’s a flashback with Sans… which hurts my soooul. But I’ll have more sad flashbacks later that hurt more so YOU GUYS CAN SUFFER WITH ME ANGST ANGSTY ANGST


“You need to smile when mama brings in the spaghetti! And now–oh no! Mama dropped the spaghetti! And now–you have to eat the spaghetti off of the floor!
No, the boy has eaten too much spaghetti!”

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